Monday, November 30, 2009

FOTD: 1/12 Sportsgirl Animal Instinct Palette

On Sunday I bought the Animal Instinct Cosmetic Palette from Sportsgirl, and I havent yet tried it, SO I thought Id do a Face Of The Day using the products from the palette!!

Here's the palette itself:

The 2 colours on the left are the lipglosses, the 2 colours in the middle is the blush, and the 2 colours on the right are the eyeshadows.

Also on my face I used the products below to create a subtle base.
L2R: The Face Shop Make Up Base, ModelCo Face Base Skin Primer, Revlon Skin Lights, Vani-T Krush Minerals Liquid Foundation.

Face Shop Make Up Base in 01 Green
Ive tried other green correctors such as MUFE Corrective Makeup Base and Maybelline Redness Corrective Concealor, but this one is so easy to use compared to those 2!!! The texture is really smooth and it leaves your face looking remarkably less flushed, and has a velvet matte finish! Love it!!

ModelCo Face Base Skin Primer
This is about $10 from ModelCo counters in DJ's, I used this every. single. day. last year, but then got turned off because I bought a bad one which left my skin with white fur balls all over it? It was weird? Anyways I couldnt return it because I chucked out the receipt like WTF? ANyways learnt my lesson, keep receipts. ANyways, Onto the product itself, its wonderful. It says its a hydrating face primer and can be used instead of moisturizer, but I tend to slap on my moisturizer and then this ontop and it makes my makeup last significantly longer and doesnt make my face feel tight like other primers!!

Revlon Skinlights Instant Skin Brightner in 01 Natural Light
I guess this is like an Illuminizer? Ive had this one tube for about 1 year now and its still as good as ever, however its one of those products that arent great, but arent bad, so I use it for a week straight then forget about it. But its gorgeous, I definitely reccomend it! Its not GLITTERY its more shimmery and toned down, so you can use it by itself or mix it in with foundation, or put it where you'd like to highlight i.e. cheeks, eyebrow bone, etc.

Vani-T Krush Minerals Liquid Foundation
Ugh. Just horrible. It looks so tacky and the skin and its hard to blend compared to other foundations I use. I do not like this at all. The colour was matched incorrectly and the lady who served me was just a plain old BITCH. Its too expensive, doesnt last long, shitest mineral makeup Ive ever used ay. Ill give it a point for being a mineral makeup, and the cute packaging, but apart from that NUP.

Its kinda Spring-time inspired :)
Listening to Rihannas new album!!
Stupid in Love is the best but saddest song.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Haul : 29/11 Part 1

  1. Sportsgirl Animal Instinct Cosmetic Palette
  2. Crabtree & Evelyn La Source Hand Therapy
  3. Diva Manicure Clutch
  4. Sportsgirl Smooth OPerator Lipbalm
  5. Sportsgirl Get Cheeky eye and cheek shimmer
  6. Sportsgirl Give Me Some Lip lipgloss in 16 candles
  7. Sportsgirl You Glow Girl shimmer balls
  8. Diva Bobbie pin tin and clips
  9. Lush Snow Fairy shower gel


The Snow Fairy Shower gel smeels so good! Think candy gloss and bumblegum! num num num!!! I only bought the smallest size (100g) because Ive had bad experiences with the shower gels from Lush. They dry out my sskin terribly. So fingers crossed this wont!! Ill do a review on it later :)

Cost: $9.50

The main reason I went into Lush was to buy some of their bath bombs, I absolutely love these! Everyone thinks Im pretty immature for being excited about having a pink sparkly bath, but its just so indulgent!!
L to R: Mr Butterball (Vanilla and Musk scented, and leaves skin soft, apparently), Flosty Glitter (My #1 Fav! It smells mainly of Lavender but with a bit of candy tossed in, it makes the bath glitter and adds a light soft pink tone to the bath!), Jingle Spells (apparently this is detoxifying! I might try this as an anti-hang over cure haha)

Cost: $ 5.50 / $7.50 / $ 6.95


Below, is the Get Cheeky cheek and Eye shimmer, and I havent used this yet, so I cant really say much! I love items like this because you can swirl a brush across all the colours, or you can use different colours on the eyes to create different looks. Already I can see myself using the bottom(smallest) colour as a high lighter, and I can compare it to MACs Phloof! eyeshadow :)

Cost: $14.95

This is the You Glow Girl Blush Balls, Ive yet to try them so I wont give my opinion on the product. I will however, say that the packaging is cute, and it comes with a sponge, although Ill use a brush to apply it. I got this free when I purchased the Get Cheeky cheek and eye shimmer.

Cost: Free!

Here's a swatch of the Sportsgirl Give Me Some Lip lipgloss in "16 Candles"(top) and its easily to compare it to Dior Addict lipgloss in "Clutch Pink" (bottom)

Cost: $8.95

Before I left the store I noticed a silver bucket on the display table with cute little rectangular palettes!! There were a few to choose from but I chose this one. Its the Animal Instinct Cosmetic Palette, and for under $10 I could not just leave it there! It has 2 lipglosses, 2 eyeshadows, a blush, and a few little brushes for application on the go. I mean under $10, how could you not? Will do a FOTD with this soonish :D

Cost: $9.95


How gorgeous is this? I love the leopard print coating!! It may just border on tacky though haha but it was under $10 so how could I refuse an accesory as cute as this!!

Cost: $9.99

The inside has a pretty pink lining, and has everything you need to give yourself a mani! minus the nailpolish! Im growing my nails at the moment and am constantly snapping off the ends, and instead of ripping them off with my nails, with this Ill be able to cut them off professionally!!

Also, Ive tried it out, and you can fit eftpos cards and stuff in there!! So you can definitely use it as a card holder :) A very cute, stylish card holder mind you!

I also bought a cute bobby pin tin (ugggh tongue twister much!) The only thing I dont like about it is that the lid isnt attatch, like when you slide it, instead of it stoppingat the end, you can slide it all the way off..

Cost: $4.99

So thats Part 1 of my haul! I dont want to bore you shitless with the other half, so Ill do it tomorrow.

These items would be great as Christmas pressiesn for the girl that has everything!! :)

Ps Any recs for a good eyecream?

Has anyone else tried the Sportsgirl cosmetics?

Or any other beauty products from clothes stores that venture into the world of Beauty?

Love of Loath?

Twilight Inspired Makeup

Im sorta inlove with the Twilight saga. I mean yeah the movies are sorta shit, but thats only because the Books are sorta brilliant.
Honestly, If you havent read them, please do!! Even if you've seen both movies, the books are definitely still worth reading, you totally get sucked into the plot.
There was a time a few months ago where all I did was read the books, day after day until I finished the saga (sucks so bad! I wont ever find out how Renesme grew up! ) and I would go into town to my fav coffee shop and just read, my family and friends would be like "You going to see Edward, Bella and Jacob again?" and Im like Yeah.


Here's my interpretation of the saga.
Caution: Pic Heavy
I chose vamped up eyes, with a touch of red pigment, pale rosey-glow cheeks, and soft nude lips.
I started off with a basic base, I didnt even use a primer, Just applied Loreal Infallible Foundation, and lightly dusted it with powder using a brush similar to MACs 187 Duo Fibre Brush
Next I swept a black eyeshadow over the entire lid. I sprayed Nation Face Mist onto a Brush to make the colour more intense.
I applied my mascara now, so that my eyes were more open, so that I could adjust where I put the white eyeshadow. accordingly
I then added a white eyeshahow from just above the crease, to the eyebrow.
Then I blended (tried to - I still suck at this!! Tips???) (pictured, a smaller version of MAcs 168 Angled Contour brush).

I followed this with applying black eyeliner around both top and bottom rims of my eyes, and blending them into a thick layer.
I gentle dusted some pale pink blush over my cheeks and blended it all the way up my cheek bone. I finished off with some MAC Mineralized skinfinish in Soft and Gentle, and MACs Myth Lipstick.


Loreal Infallible Foundation in Nude Beige 605

Loreal Infallible Powder in Natural Buff 662

MAC Mineralize Skin Finish in Soft and Gentle

MOdels Prefer "Day and Night" Pallette Blush

Rimmel Kajal Eye Pencil in Jet Black

Beauty Treats Pallette - Black shadow, and White Shadow

Natio Face Mist

Covergirl Lash Blast Mascara in Very Black


MAC Lipstick in Myth

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Review: Crab Tree & Evelyn La Source Hand Therapy

Crabtree & Evelyin La Source Hand Therapy Cream is Specially formulated with natural shea butter to soothe and help protect hands.

My Opinion:
Well Ive purchased this about 5 times in the past 18months, so that sorta speaks for itself, right? This hand cream is amazing; Ive tried other hamd creams, but theyre either too sticky, or dont even hydrate my skin. This product leaves my skin feeling silky and smooth, I always get comments on how soft my hands are when using this! Ive tried Avon handcream which is beautiful aswell, but Crabtree & Evelyn is far easier to purchase and it smells alot better, and lasts alot longer!!! I recommend this to anyone who'd like silky soft hads!

The Good:
Easily absorbed
Non-greasy feel
Hydrates beautifully
Smells divine

The Bad:
It doesnt contain a SPF, hand skin is rather delicate and is always exposed to the sun, so having a SPF is rather inportant in a hancream!


You can purchase Crab Tree & Evelyn products from David Jones, and selected Chemists.
Whats everyones favourite hand cream?
Does anyone have any recs for a handcream with sunscnreen?

Friday, November 27, 2009

New Hair

Finally got my hair coloured! Yay back to my barbie locks :D
I got extensions (a weave) cos my dumb hair wont grow by itself.
I had to pin back my fringe because, as always, the hair dresser doesn't know how to style it - its not their fault!! believe me, its my hair, its like retarded and wont do anything you want it to do!
Am I the only one who gets frustrated at the hair dresser, and you want to just take the hair dryer and style your own damn hair?

Ps how sexy is my work tshirt woo-hoo!

Thursday, November 26, 2009

If you want a song that reminds you of that perfect boy, that you let slip away, click Here.

The Way It Shouldve Been...

Sick of people listening to his shit like he did nothing wrong.
I Wish...
...But This Is Reasonable
I like the idea of a little box of studs somewhere random on your body.
Maybe my hip?
I love surface piercings, I believe everyone should get one :)
But, in saying that, I know that I hate tattoos, yet it seems everyone has one of those.
Each to their own! Share your opinion on tats/piercings!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Natural Weight Loss

So there's loads of pills and fad diets, but here are some quick tips on how to loss weight the natural way.

These oval sized fruit have a magic ingredient called " resveratrol" - No I have no idea what it means, but according to researchers Resveratrol "has multiple modes of action that helps in trimming fat, in addition to its other curative properties".

Good old h20. It helps the your whole body functioning, as well as maintaining hydrated skin, and by drinking 1.5lts or more of it a day it will help you feel fuller for longer, therefore help you cut the calories!!! Also, good hydration of the tissues encourages enzymatic activity and therefore the burning of fat deposits

Licorice Root.
May be hard to find in the Supermarket, but go check out your local Health Food store. This helps satisifys the cravings you get for sugary sweets and prevents snacking!

St Johns Wort.
Unless you've been living under a rock you've heard of this. Mainly due to depressive illness. However, This herb also helps suppress your appetite and allows a sense of satiety. Back to the depression side, this will reduce the symptons of over eating linked to depression.

There are other natural rememdies, including Prunes. But I dont want to leave my weight-sensitive bloggers sitting on the toilets for hours!!!
Id also reccomend exercise, but actually 80% of weightloss is diet not exercise.
However, feeling good and being healthy is important, so try to maintain an active lifestyle by doing 30minutes of moderate exercise per day!

Ps. I picked Lily Allen as the celebrity before and after because I still believe she is in a healthy weight range. I could have choosen Nicole Richie or Hilary Duff, but they have stooped so low in the past! They may be "healthy" now, but I think its due to their fucked up metabolism from their skinny days rather than their actual diet.
Having a Give Away soon.
Please leave suggestions for Prizes in my comment box to the right!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Tiny Target Haul

Went to Target today to get a blow up pool cos of the weather, I had like a huge list of things I needed to buy in the Beauty Department but they were SOOOOO under stocked!!! They didnt have my usual Australis Mineral Inject Lipgloss in Lambarda, but they did have it in Contempary, which is a nude. Lambarda is my HG lipgloss, its a candy pink!!!
Here's the hand cream I bought. Its called Cherry Bomb and it smells lovely! A Tad generic though.
I bought 2 pairs of undies, they were like $10 each??? And a cute bra, was $25ish but it was on sale for $14 :) Yay. Its gonna be my bed time bra, cos it has no padding or anything, and the straps dont move, so theyre not push up at all, so I def wont be wearing this around people!!!
I think what I might start doing is take pictures at the end of every week of what Ive brought that week, instead of taking pics as soon as I buy something lol
That means instead of lots of little hauls, Ill have various larger hauls :)

Thursday, November 19, 2009

EOTD: Purple + My Opinion on my new Loreal Infallible foundation

#I wore my new Loreal INfallible foundation. And so far I do not like it. It may just be the Laura Mercier primer, that I dont usually wear, thats making the foundation looking funny. But even the texture of the liquid itself is so weird!! Its really runny and goo-ey, unlike StudioFix which is a lqiuid, and runny, buts its more creamy and can sit in a "glop" on my hand, whereas Loreal INfallible sorta justs runs into a little puddle. Its sunken into my pores alreayd! God. (Ps Ive worn it for a whole 30minutes, so Ill give you a proper review after wearing it for a day)#

Outside. Flash. Full Face.
Inside. Flash. Open.
Inside. Flash. Closed lid.
Webcam. CLick to Enlarge (looks way better bigger!!)
Left: No Eyeliner. Right. With Eyeliner.
Inside. Flash. Open.

Outside. Flash. OPen.

All outside!!!!

Overboard of pictures lol But it wouldnt photograph the way the colours actually come out!! Sooo frustrating!