Thursday, November 26, 2009

I Wish...
...But This Is Reasonable
I like the idea of a little box of studs somewhere random on your body.
Maybe my hip?
I love surface piercings, I believe everyone should get one :)
But, in saying that, I know that I hate tattoos, yet it seems everyone has one of those.
Each to their own! Share your opinion on tats/piercings!


Anonymous said...

I used to always admire those corset piercings, some look so georgeous but then i imagine the pain and healing of all the bars eep!

I also went through a stage of wanting surface bars on my hip bones but the thing about them is that i would freak about catching them all the time.

I love tattoos on others but am picky because some look sooo tacky. I think i would love to have them but i cant imagine finding a design that i would be happy to have on my body for the rest of my life as you cant predict how you would feel about it in 20 years time, at least piercings you can remove once you get bored of them!

hs2rts; miss. annebabes said...

i love piercings, i think they're so hot. i want to get 2 dermal piercings on the nape of my neck.

& as for tattoos, i want to get one too but it's true, everyone seems to get one these days like its a fashion statement. totally disregarding the fact that a tattoo should have some sort of meaning not just so they can say ' oh yeah, i have a tatt'

Phoebe said...

I really want a tattoo but don't want it forever... is that a little heart skin tattoo on the pic?
I only have my ears pierced but really want more!

LOLanne said...

ouchhhhh omg! i've never seen a corset piercing before :S


geli-pet said...

i want a tattoo but a big part of me don't want to coz i feel like i'll need/feel the need to donate my blood someday in the future :D

as for piercings, i like 3 piercings on my left ear, at present, i have 2 on my left ear, one on my right :D

i want one on my belly but i've got a big belly so nevermind hahaha, won't be exposing it anyways :P