Thursday, March 4, 2010

OOTD + FOTD + Haul

This is my first ever attempt at wearing a maxi dress! I love them, even though it was a few cm's too long and I had to keep it hitched most of the day with my hand, but they're really comfortable and you don't have to worry about the wind lifting your dress up or anything!
I took my FOTD at the end of the day (4pm) and my hair went crazy cos the wind, but I didn't really do much at the start of the day with it anyway! I literally woke up and shoved it in a crocodile clip :)

Bourjois 10 hour sleep affect foundation
this is a sheer foundation to me, and I don't usually wear sheer foundations or TMs, but my skin was behaving itself today!
I got my hair done the other day (though you can't tell because my hair is so dirty! I haven't washed it since I got it done on Tuesday.. It is currently Friday.. hahaha ewww I know! Anyway, Sarah at If The Shoe Fits... has wonderful, shiney, healthy blah blah blah blonde hair, and she uses the John Freida shampoo and conditioners to maintain it, I'm not sure if I bought the same ones as her (there's like a few different blonde shampoo/conditioners to choose from in the range!) but I bought:
I haven't used them yet (haven't washed my hair duhh) but I've been smelling them non-stop!! They smell gorgeous, like salon brand type scent.. Really nice, and I'm sure once I'm using them just the smell will make me think I'm doing something good for my hair haha They were about $15 each from Woolworths, which is kinda expensive for supermarket shamp/conds!

I also went into Kmart today to buy The Hills Season Five Part 1 on dvd for $19, but they had sold out! After a day! So frustrating!
So I went to JB Hi-Fi instead, and bought it for $25 :)
So excited to watch it!
Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

Monday, March 1, 2010

Haul + OOTD

was $28
sale $10

was $9
sale $5

 not on sale $28

From Sportsgirl I bought a kabuki makeup brush for $16.95, it's lovely and soft, but sometimes cheaper brushes tend to start soft, then they go all stiff and lose all their bristles/hairs!! So fingers crossed this stays gorgeous!
 I usually carry around a mediamakeup powder brush (the handle fell off! ugh) so this will be not only cuter, but more space-saving and convenient!

So excited!!! I also bought Season Five of the Girls of the Playboy Mansion, and I cannot wait to watch it! My whole weekend is gonna be booked up just watching the episodes :)

OOTD March 2nd
grey top - sportsgirl
white top - valleygirl
black skirt - supre