Thursday, November 19, 2009

Before I Buy Any Beauty Products...

... I must finish these first!!!!
I waste so much $$ on things that I dont really need; And this posts proves it!!
This is kinda like a 10Pan project, but instead of individual products, Im grouping them together.

These are the foundations I must get through before I purchase another bottle/tube/tub!I dont really use concealor, so this lot might be tricky. But I have to atleast get rid of 2 of these. Why do I even purchase concealors though? Arggh.
Powders are so easy for me to use up!!! I bought the Mac Select Sheer pictured like a week or so ago, and I can already see the silver bit!!! But in my defence, it has been like 40+ degrees so my nose has been so terribly oily!!
If you look closely, you'll notice I have 2 of the same ModelCo eyeliners. Exactly the same colour. Why!!?!?!
Its too much to ask of myself to use all these eyeshadows. BUt I must atleast put a dent in my collection!!!

Im not even going to start with my mascaras. Half of them are probably dried out by now anyways!!!

Does anyone else buy things that they already have?? Or dont even use???


Cristina BarbieLuvsMac said...

i buy the sameeee shit in different brands and maybe colors lol

VanityMakeup said...

Love your collection.
What do you think about the 2glo concealer duo? I tend to use concealer more, but that's because I don't use liquid or cream foundation anymore.

lol, I go through powder so quick too!

I should really do this, but i'll do it next year - once I'm back from the Philippines. :D


Jordy's Beauty Spot said...

Is this your collection or just what you are trying to use up?
When people see my collection they ask the same questions "do you use all of this?!?!"
Truthfully, i do!
Of course not all at once or anything but i tend to rotate all of my makeup and all is loved, everything gets use.
People always think i am wasting my money buying so much but they just dont get it.
I'm sure you do.
It's not like i dont not use any of it!

Anonymous said...

Never bought something i allready have unless its a backup for when the original needs replacing. However i have bought stuff i dont use or barely touch which is very naughty so im trying to do something like this too atm :)

hannahbabeyxo said...

Im excatly the same I have so many of the same things but keep buying more thinkign I need it, Id love too use mine up before rebuying anything!

Good luck!


Sarah x said...

Hi hun I nominated you for a blog award here:

Cheryl♥ said...

I was thinking I need to do the same thing. I have sooo many eyeshadows and they aren't even dented I just like collecting them and knowing I have them for later use. LOL I need to get my moneys worth. And mascaras... don't even get me started on the amount of mascaras i have that I won't get through and have to throw out. Such a waste of money

Doma-Nikki said...

Yup im the same!! I have a ridiculous amount of eyeshadows and lipglosses in a variety of shades! But tbh i dont care cause everything i own, i get round to using at some point in the.. month?!! hehe!

I have found myself using them all alot more now though :o)

Nicole said...

the only thing i buy too much of is eyeshadows. i get really bored using the same ones over again.

what do you think about the clinique foundation - i am always thinking ahead of when i run out of my current one lol

Music said...

I've only been in UK for a short while and I've already collected loads, enough to open a little shop! Currently I'm doing my own "Post and Shame Challenge", trying to use up my mascaras and eyeliners.

P.S. I miss OZ, not the 40degree weather though! LOL

Music said...

Forgot to say, I found your blog when reading through comments section about Revlon Beyond Natural foundation. I'm so glad I'm not the only one who found it turned ORANGE on my skin!!!!

LOLanne said...

awww youre soo cute! im guilty of the same thing! i think a lot of us are ;)
especially when theres a sale, i end up stocking up on things i dont really need.

gL on your project pan :)