Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Natural Weight Loss

So there's loads of pills and fad diets, but here are some quick tips on how to loss weight the natural way.

These oval sized fruit have a magic ingredient called " resveratrol" - No I have no idea what it means, but according to researchers Resveratrol "has multiple modes of action that helps in trimming fat, in addition to its other curative properties".

Good old h20. It helps the your whole body functioning, as well as maintaining hydrated skin, and by drinking 1.5lts or more of it a day it will help you feel fuller for longer, therefore help you cut the calories!!! Also, good hydration of the tissues encourages enzymatic activity and therefore the burning of fat deposits

Licorice Root.
May be hard to find in the Supermarket, but go check out your local Health Food store. This helps satisifys the cravings you get for sugary sweets and prevents snacking!

St Johns Wort.
Unless you've been living under a rock you've heard of this. Mainly due to depressive illness. However, This herb also helps suppress your appetite and allows a sense of satiety. Back to the depression side, this will reduce the symptons of over eating linked to depression.

There are other natural rememdies, including Prunes. But I dont want to leave my weight-sensitive bloggers sitting on the toilets for hours!!!
Id also reccomend exercise, but actually 80% of weightloss is diet not exercise.
However, feeling good and being healthy is important, so try to maintain an active lifestyle by doing 30minutes of moderate exercise per day!

Ps. I picked Lily Allen as the celebrity before and after because I still believe she is in a healthy weight range. I could have choosen Nicole Richie or Hilary Duff, but they have stooped so low in the past! They may be "healthy" now, but I think its due to their fucked up metabolism from their skinny days rather than their actual diet.
Having a Give Away soon.
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Anonymous said...

I was watching a Tv show the other day and they were saying that lilly allen had hypnotherapy to help her eat less which is a fab idea as it obv worked!

Another good idea for healthy weight loss is to eat your meals on smaller plates etc and trick yourself to cut your portions down. The best diet i went on was 3 years away at uni lol i lost loads of weight there!

A giveaway sounds exciting!!!

Cheryl♥ said...

Love all the tips! I haven't heard of the grapes one even though I eat them all the time.

I also hate how Kim K and her sister are promoting those QuikTrim pills. Didn't Kim come out with a weightloss DVD? I find this so hypocritical... Ugg

LOLanne said...

oooh ive actually been doing 2 out of the 4 things you listed there (water + grapes) ... not to lose weight though, buuut at least i can now say im doing something "healthy" for my body lol


The_Perfectionist said...

hey girl thanks for your comment :) made me smile

James Anderson said...

Great post, how generous of you to give us this information.

Lorien BeautyLove said...

Thankyou, James Anderson :)