Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Haul:31/12 + OOTD

I went into Rundle Mall today to see if Lush still had their sale on, and they didnt! Omg so upset! I was so smart thinking that if I waited a week they'd have awesome sales, trying to get rid of their Xmas stock like last year, but everything was gone!!!
I really wantted to try the Star Melts after reading countless reviews from other bloggers!

I was dragged into Priceline by my friend, and thank godness, because they had a 50% sale off ALL Bourjois products!!!
Bourjois really is a hit and miss brand with me, I LIKE most of their products, but dont find them that GREAT. These items are their eyeliners, mascaras and foundations.
However, I LOVE LOVE LOVE their blush pots!!
They're too gorgeous.
The packaging, the mini brush, the mirror, and the gorgeous pigmented colouurs they have.
34 Rose D'or

03 Brun Cuivre

Swatches and Reviews will come shortly :)
Ive also wanted to try out the Bourjois Pressed Powder after reading a review on someones blogger (forgot who's) and considering it was 50% off I thought that this was the time to buy! Even though I have a trillion powders I need to use up.
I purchased the Compact Powder in 71 Beige Clair.
Its yellowed based, and is very similar to my MAC Select Sheer/Pressed Powder in NC15 colour wise.

The Only thing I don't like about this product (so far, I havent actually used it enoughh to give my over all opinion) is the puff!! Ill be using a Suede MAC puff instead :)
The blush pots were only $10 each, and the powder was $11.50!

Then we went to Myer, and went straight to the back of the Beauty section to check out the Chi Chi collection. I ignored all the high end beauty counters because Im loaded at the moment and Im trying not to spend it all!!

Chi Chi
In Jordys blog she uses Chi Chi products sometimes, and they always seem to look lovely, so Ive been meaning to test out some of these products for a while.
I purhcased 3 items

Burning Up Blush $20 something? (lost the receipt)

Miss Personality e/s $16ish

Centrefold e/s $16ish (The flash like ruined the actual colour, swatches will be coming)

Sugar Baby
I also got a bath & body kit from Sugar Baby which was on sale
was $12/95
sale $9.07

I got this mainly because of the cute makeup bag :) Its pink and sparkly lol and like considering if you bought a makeup bag like this from Diva or Sportsgirl your gonna spend $10+ anyways, so in my head I was getting the free Body Wash, Hand Cream, and Body Creme.
Haven't tried these out yet, but will review them soon :)

Lastly I got the Island Glow Tan Enhancing Shimmer Oil from Sugar Baby
There was a huge table filled with these mini items (there was tan, lotion, etc) and they were only $4.95!
Haven't tried it yet, but I smelt it and its delicious! like coconuts! num num num

I have another haul from the Boxing Day sales, I didnt buy ANY clothes what so ever, because al the sizes are 10+ and Im a 6-8 (AUS) and they're always sold out. So Ill be loading up that haul, plus a shoot load of reviews!

Okay, its like 40degrees today, I walked to the bus stop (3mins away) and I was sweating like mad! Thankgod I didn't actually dress up. Its way too hot for that.
I didn't even straighten my hair, firstly cos its too hot and it'll go frizzy no matter how much product I use (and I don't wanna use product cos I gotta get my hair lovely for tonight) and secondly because I'm trying to have 5 out of 7 days per week NON HEAT days :)

Omfg its New Years Eve!!! I don't know what I'll wear, it's SO hot, and they say it may even rain? Like WTF? Im not in Darwin anymore... Crazy crazy.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

December Favourites

Top Row - Tea Tree Oil, Kerastase Noctogenist Treatment, Face Shop Makeup Base, Clinique Superfit Makeup
Middle Row - Vera Wang Princess, Fabulous Triple Tough Nail Vitamin Boost, Revlon Polish in Fuschia Fever
Bottom Row - Media Makeup Brush, Prestige Total Intensity Eyeliner

Media Makeup Brush
I got this when I started a makeup course earlier this year (went to like 3 lessons then left for personal reasons). Its like a small contour brush, but I use it to blend my eyeshadows into each other. I dont use it to apply any e/s or anything, just blend. It feels SO soft. LIke gorgeously soft. Ive never felt a softer brush!

Fabulous Triple Touch Nail Vitamin Boost
My nails used to be short, they used to crak, peel, break, they were just DISASTOROUS. I tried a bunch of Sally Hanser products cos Ive heard good things about that brand, and things like "Diamond Strength" intruiged me to purchase them, but nothing worked! I bought this for half the price of the Sally Hanswer products, this was only $8 from a chemist, and I noticed a difference in a week!! Whenever I stop using it my nails begin to act up again, so its definitely all about maintanance. Cant give enough kudos to this product!

Kerastase Noctogenist Over Night Revitalizing Treatment
Its a teeny tiny bit pricey, okay, very pricey, and I seem to go through this like toilet paper, but it leaves my hair so soft and it smells DELICOUS and classy. Ive noticed my hair is softer and easy to manage. Will do a review if you like :)

The Face Shop Makeup Base Corrector in Green
I have redness on my cheeks and nose, but I put this all over my face cos it acts as a moisturizer and primer too! It tones down my redness without looking to green and washed out. The texture is lovely and soft, its a cream, and its a light mint green. I really love this. Ive tried different Green correctors (MAkeup Forever, and Maybelline) but they always show the green waaaay too much! I love this stuff because it blends wonderfully and leaves my skin feeling refreshed. I can have no makeup days when I use this.

Clinique Superfit Makeup in 16 Bare (N)(VF)
Ive gone on and on about this stuff, and whenever I switch foundations then come back to this I realise how much I love it. Just everything about it is lovely. Ive done a review on this already, its in my top 3 foundations list aswell. Definitely give this a go if you have combo skin!

Would you like me to review any of these products?
Just ask!

Target Haul

I love these shoes!! I got them in a size 8, and there was a choice of colours between silver, black and red. I chose Red because they remind me of Dorothy from Wizard of Oz :)

The makeup I got was the Covergirl Waterproof Mascara, and Bourjois Blush in 16 Rose. Ill do a FOTD using these 2 products tmoz for Christmas day :) Also will be doing a Review on both products soon :)

Bourjois Blush in 16 Rose
Such a gorgeous colour!! I wanted to get one of the Limited Edition ones, but it was either a choice between a WAY pink like MAC Well Dressed blush, or a bronzey colour. 16 Rose is like a bronzey/peachy colour. It doesn't go on as dark as it looks in the pics. It has slight shimmer to it which is a must have for me with blushes :)

Covergirl Lash Blast Mascara in Very Black/Waterproof
I neeed a waterproof mascara for Chritmas tmoz cos we have jet skis WOOP WOOP so pumped!! I can't believe I don't even own ONE waterproof mascara!! But I dont really use waterproof mascara because Ive heard it dries out your lashes if you use it too often as it isnt meant for every day use.
My sister swears by this stuff, and it definitely separates her lashes. However, tomorrow Ill be coating it on do get a bit of volume and maybe length too. See how it goes.
Was $17.95
Sale $14.36 (20% off at Target)

Merry Christmas Everyone!!

And for the Aussie girls, Victoria Secret Show is on tonight!! Forgot which channel but its on at 8.50pm :)

Monday, December 21, 2009

Haul: Clutch, Boxer Shorts, Dotti Top

Tiny tiny haul!!!

Im getting my nose done next year (3 weeks!!!) so Im like pov as at the moment!
I went shopping today, and bought 3 things that I couldnt resist!!!

Playboy Silk Shorts

Dont know if you've noticed this or not, but half of my lingerie is Playboy!! Some may think its tacky/cheap/slutty but I think most of their stuff is gorgeous!! Not the best quality FABRICS, but the desgins and patterns are great!! Reasonably cheap stuff, so I couldnt say no to these shorts :)
Cute little diamante playboy in the corner *whistle whistle*

Dotti Top
Just a plain sorta slouchy top. Planning to wear this at Christmas lunch with jsut a pair of denim shorts. Gonna dress it up with some major BLING.

Valley Girl Clutch
Love this!! It was so cheap I couldnt resist it! I love the new look box clutches, but they never fit my Powder, Lipgloss, Phone, and $$!! So I always have to go for medium sized clutches, big ones look over powdering and I feel are sloppy!!! Its pretty shit quality though, I was holding one in the shop and in the 5minutes I was holding it and opening and checking it out a thread came loose!! So I got a different one ahahha

Hahahaha and all together :) If they werent PJ shorts I reckon it'd look pretty mad as an outfit!

So thats my tiny haul!
Sorry for the lameness of my last few posts, but Im sure some of you are looking forward to seeing my new nose? I am.. Its like not just anew pair of shoes or whatever, its like a totally new NOSE. Insane....

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Giant Ass Pimple!

Okay, I know this is gross, and shouldnt be aired(??) on Blogger,
But check out my HUGE pimple!

Its one of those ones that hurt really bad!!!
But anyways its made like a 1cm diametre around the actual pimple turn like a purpley red colour!!! How intense!!!

I need cures!!! Anyone has any solutions?
What are some good face masks for congestion/acne?

Ive just used a Clarins Pink Clay Mask on it, followed by some Tea Tree Oil (normally my savior), and before that I even tried popping it, but it wouldnt pop? Its that huge it doesn't even have a head? I think it hasn't even come up yet.. Like some alienated underground pimple.. Suss..

Ps. After Christmas Im going to start writing proper Blogs again. Will be doing hauls, My Rhinoplasty, Reviews galore (Clarins, Kerastase, MAC, etc), So keep reading :)

Friday, December 18, 2009

Sara Underwood

Sara Jean Underwood
Playmate of the Year 2007

Shes my first girl crush :)
No, I am not lez, but I have no shame in admiring how gorgeous she is!!!
Her boobs were REAL, but now shes got a boob job :(
But anyways, Shes gorgeous!!!
Sorry if these are too X rated for anyone hahaha

Whos everyones Celebrity that they admire?

Thursday, December 17, 2009

RIP Marbles

My beloved Marbies died last sunday.

I haven't posted about it yet because I guess I wasnt ready or something?

She lived for 13 years, quite long for a cat!

She died of Kidney failure :(

For months I was agonising over the fact that she was losing weight. Id feed her as much as I could, but she would just vomit it all up.
Last Sunday she came home with black snot all around her mouth, I bought her over to the water bowl and she tried to drink it but she couldn't.
We took her to the vet, and they said that she couldn't eat or drink any longer, no matter what we did, because she had Kidney Disease and her mouth was all blistered.

Dont feed your cat dry food because this causes kidney failure, not exactly how smoking causes cancer, but it makes the kidney work harder because its all dehydrated.

Anyways So Im 19, and so she was with me since I was 6!

I love her so much, I couldnt control myself when she was getting put to sleep.

She was the runt of her family, and that just made her that much more special.

I feel so empty and hollow when I think about her, but also I remember all the times she made me happy, or all the times I was crying and she was there.

I know that I might seem stupid, but literally whenever I was upset she somehow managed to be there??

She was so gorgeous. Still is.

Rest In Peace Marbles.

Visit your Sister Sooty in Heaven :)

The Last Pictures....

Wednesday, December 16, 2009


aka Nose Job!!!!!

Yuppo, Im getting a nose job :) haha
Thought Id share my experience with everyone! From beginning to end :)

Ive been to my 1st consultation, and I was like yup needa change my nose,
and first he said that I didnt need to, and he said that I shouldnt take out a loan or anything drastic like that cos I dont really need it.


Then he was like taking photos of my face.
And I hate this, hence why I dont do many FOTDs.
Im just so super sensitive of my nose, always have been since I was like 13?
Its not like massively huge or anything, but its "prominent" as my sister would call it, or "The Norman Nose" like my "Funny" red headed cousin Simon says.
Simon says.


He then started saying that I had a hump on my nose hahaha And I hadnt even noticed this EVER before he mentioned it! Lol and he said stuff bout the tip of my nose, and how we'll shave it down a bit so itll be smaller


So my second appointment is going to be on the 5th of January NEXT YEAR
Only like 3weeks away!
Then my SCHEDULED RHINOPLASTY is on the 12th of Jan!!!!

Soooo fucking exciting!!!!

If anyone would like any questions answered about it all, feel free to ask :)

Itd also be fun to share your opinion, not only bout Rhinoplasty, but other cosmetic procdures.

Do you believe PLastic Surgery is okay if itd make a person feel better about themselves?
Or do you think that Plastic Surgery should be kept to people who really need it, due to fire accidents or what not?

Oooo and tell me if anyone you know had ever had plastic surgery! How it looked afterwards, the recovery, etc :) x

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

FOTD: 16/12

I found it super hard today to take a photo that I liked.. So I dissected them instead

Webcame Piccies
I know these arent the best quality, but .. yeah

I used "Ready To Use" false lashes. Basically theyre like falsies, but theyve already got the glue on them. I found that they dont stay on as long as the ones where you glue them yourself.. But its definitely a mess free application!

Loreal Infallible Foundation, Liquid and Powder.
Not a fan of this foundation. Looks great in photos though!

Relvon 09 STerling Rose Palette
I found ythis the other day! Goodness knows how long its been in my kit for!!! It doesnt have a lid? haha I must have dropped it and then been like whatever.
After using this again, Im hooked. You can blend them all together, or use them by themselves.
I used the black colour today, but my fav is the top light brown one by itself!

NARS Blush in Deep Throat
Thats the kinkiest name for a blush!! Love this blush, but Iam sooo heavy handed when Im rushing, so I have to learn to SLOW DOWN, cos I can go from glowing to PROSTITUE in seconds.

JAC Eye Glitter
Woop woop. Used this at the end, but got no pics to show you cos it Rubbed of the black eyeshadow! Lame. What should I do with this? I cant wear it on its own.. But it doesnt blend with other eyeshadows? Maybe Ill use a cream e/s as base, then this on top? Maybe maybe..

Loreal Infallible Foundation in Nude Beige 605
Loreal Infallible Powder in Natural Buff 662
Nars Blush in Deep Throat

Revlon ColorStay Eye Palette in Sterling Rose
Rimmel Exaggerate Eyeliner in 261 Noir
MAC e/s in PHLOOF!
Australis e/s in Navy Blue
Loreal Telescopic Mascara

ModelCo Ultra Lipgloss in Watermelon