Tuesday, December 14, 2010

soft on the eyes

i was bored at home today and decided i wanted to wear green eyeshadow, so i chose the third colour from this revlon "soft on the eyes" palette.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

when we're bored, instead of taking drugs, we make dresses out of garbage bags.
she swears that theres no difference between the lies & compliments, its all the same if everybody leaves her.

Herbal Essenses "Tousle Me Softly" Range Review

Touchably Soft Shampoo. Get a perfect start ti an imperfect look. Im tousled hair's first love with a refreshing cleaning. My formula, infused with wild violet and pomegranate, smell extra luscious and leaves you with a strong urge to tousle.
Touchably Soft Conditioner. If success is a sexy mess, then let your locks go loose and beg to be touched. Ill give your hair the conditioning goodness to tousle away, with protection from styling damage. My formula infused with wild violet and pomegranate helps keep strands soft, tangle free, frizz less and virtually perfect so the only thing left to do is mess it up.
Tousling Spray Gel. Im more than a spray gel. Im a messt-style master, with my light weight, targeted sprat and violet splash fragrance. Ive got the control you need to make your style as incredibly imperfect as you want and to hold it flexibly and frizz free. One spray and youll see how good it feels to be a little messy.
I always buy products that would mean I wouldnt have to use any heat styling tools on my already damaged hair. I love the "tousled" look, but my hair would always go frizzy and lank. With these three products my hair strands have a beautiful, soft wave to them!! How I achieved this look;
  1. shampoo twice
  2. condition (leave in for about a minute or so)
  3. towel dry
  4. blow dry my fringe straight
  5. spray the tousling spray gel into my lengths and lightly onto my roots
  6. roll into bun, crocodile clip in place
  7. leave to air dry
Voila!!! If its humid, raining, or Ive been running around, I put some smoothing cream/gel/hair product onto my lengths to tame fly aways. I haven't tried the products seperately, but I believe that this trio works magic! Love it :)

Maybelline Lash Stiletto/Voluptuous Review

Ive had my Maybelline Lash Stiletto for a few months now, and just the other week I decided to purchase the new Maybelline Lash Stiletto "Voluptuous". Here's my comparison between the two.

The top one (black) is the original Lash Stiletto and the bottom one (red) is the new "voluptuous" mascara.

The original claims that the brush "grips and extends" each lash and coats from every angle. It has an "elastic formula" that stretches lashes for "provocative" length. Pro vitamin B5 formula conditions and smooths for "black patent shine".

The Maybelline Lash Stiletto Voluptuous claims that "now long lashes dont have to be skinny" and that their "dual action" brush stretches as it thickens each lash for "dramatic length and volume". Their rich cream formula  "adds the most seductive finish".
 From the picture below you can see that the two brushes are different. The original is triangular (the pointy end helps you get to hard to read lashes) and the voluptuous is curved slightly and the bristles are thicker too.
I absolutely HATE the voluptuous wand! It could just be me, but it doesnt "grab" my lashes, and because of the thick brush and my thin lashes, I just get chunks of mascara on my eyelids. The brush that the original Lash Stiletto has, however, is amazing, and it gets to all my lashes. It has coarse bristles that are very narrow and they dont bend, so pretty much wherever you place the mascara, it will go!
Because I have no issue with the actual formula of the voluptuous mascara, Ive decided to switch the brushes. My original Maybelline Lash Stiletto has basically run out anyway, so Im just going to use up the rest of the voluptuous formula using the original brush.
To sum it up, basically, Id give Maybelline Lash Stiletto an 8/10 (nothing wrong with the mascara, but I still prefer my Loreal Telescopic mascara!), but I won't even rate the "Voluptuous" mascara. Id recommend the original, but I wouldnt recommend the "Voluptuous". I think Maybelline just got cocky when the original Lash Stiletto did so well and sold so many, that theyd try it with a different brush.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

new doona cover and face of the night.

wearing modelista "flash face" in london fashion week on my cheeks. some people only use high lighters to well, uhhh, highlight!! i, however, like the look of glowing cheeks :) so i brush it on my apples and cheek bones also.

quirky circus.

singlet; quirky circus, $50-$60. tommy h; $109. bag; tempt, $30. yes, i am wearing trackies in the pictures :)

little bo peep.

Sunday, November 14, 2010




balayge n. a technique of painting highlights onto hair.
i would be a happy woman if my hair looked like these.
absolutely gorgeous.


im changing up my blog. its not longer "beauty love" it is now just sexycheckers. im planning on turning it into more of a personal blog, along with my attempts at makeup, and beauty reviews. there will be poems and quotes, random pictures, random dialogue, and basically anything else i wish.

i hope my followers will still read my blog, fingers crossed. xx

eotd + fotd


Wednesday, October 20, 2010

white paty cont.

white party face of the night

[shit editing much? ahaha]

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Urban Dictionary

NAME: lorien
Someone who is wonderful in every way, has a sence of humor, and is very short. people adore her and want to be with her at all times. Every guy that see's her wants to be with her. She sometimes gets into fights with her friends, but quickly resolves them in a correct mannor. In general, she is a pretty awesome girl. If she has a lover, he is really lucky and should be able to see that. If he can't, HE'S AN IDIOT.
"Wow! She is such a Lorien."

AGE: 20
the number before 21 and after 19. generally used when counting.

Bag of Weed, costs $20.00 dollars and is enough to make 4 fat joints.
I know this dealer that sells 20's.

The number of years you spend in jail for assault with a deadly weapon.

The age which is slightly less worthless than 19, and slightly more worthless than 18. The age at which you are considered to be well into fully legal adulthood, yet the government still deems it necessary to babysit certain aspects of your life. Despite the notoriety of turning a new decade, turning 20 doesn't mean a damn thing.
Last night, bobby smoked exactly twice as many joints as he could count on both of his hands. How many joints did bobby smoke? answer: 20.

The hottest age for a girl.

Bag of marijuana, also referred to as a DUB sack.

The old age and death of a typical anime character.
BIRTH MONTH: october
People born in october are fun loving and energetic, and care very much (sometimes too much) what other people think about them. They love having friends and are outgoing in certain scenarios, but not in others. They may have trouble finding who they realy are but once they click, their personality explodes. October is the best month to be born in.
October, the 10th, and obviously the best month of the year, and is so for several reasons.
2. Birthstone is Opal
3. Zodiac signs Libra and Scorpio
4. Most likely conceived between Christmas and Valentines Day (giggity).
Someone With A Mind Blowing name, just like the wind. Usually Hot, and long brunette hair..some would say with a dark side, usually loves music and enjoys a great night out.
Pink used to be a fine, okay color, mixed from red and white. Unfortunately when trends took over, they took pink with it, and made it into a marketing device of pure evil.
the former "girls'" color  
now worn by confident guys
BIRTH PLACE: adelaide
pretty much the best place in the world to live.
adelaide is the capital of south australia, and has a small population. it is very pretty. there r lots of good restaurants, and gorgeous parklands. like other cities, it has its slums (salisbury, elizabeth), but ther r heaps of good suburbs such as burnside, beaumont and leabrook.
hot guys live there.
"I'm going to Adelaide tomorrow"
"How long for?"
"A day."
"Too long mate."
"I'm going to Adelaide tomorrow"
"What are you not going to forget?"
"A bus ticket."
"My HIV vaccination, my ugg boots, my footy and my bullet proof vest."

a small town in the middle of nowhere, once believed to be the capital city of South Australia (pronounced sowf ostraya).
It is a central breeding ground for mono-cellular pond slime,
that proliferates to the northern suburbs extending into the eastern suburbs and more recently new estates in southern suburbs.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

ootd + fotd + eotd

review blazer
sportsgirl tshirt
bardot jeans
rubi shoes boots
sorry sorry sorry, for the lack of posts!!

Thursday, September 9, 2010


loving the whole no makeup look but whatevs haha

dress - supre $30ish
dress - myer miss shop $100ish
shoes - betts $63  (on sale)
dress - supre $25
shorts - supre $40