Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Randon Much?

Pretty damn random!!!!
Back 2 Mac
Ive finally done it!! Brought back 6 empty/unused products to MAC and got myself a free lippie :) Got it in Myth. I really, really wanted it in Hue after hearing such great things about the colour on blogger, but its only sold at "pro" stores.. DOdgy! Oh wells. This colour is gorgeous. Wore it today with my Cremesheen Glass in Boy Bait over the top.

Eye of the Day
Im really not that into colours. So here's just a look using Mac Phloof! and Inglot Pearl 161. My lashes dont have my usual Loreal Telescopic, they have Bourjois Volume Glamour, I definitely prefer my Loreal!!! Rimmed both top and bottom lash lines in MOdelCo Eyeliner :)
The colour is far more intense but its so hard getting it to come up right on my $100 camera!!
This is my youngest cat Noonie!! I know, I know. Noonie can mean something "dirty". But if you keep your head outta the gutter its kinda cute name? .. Maybe?? ..


Sarah said...

Ohh this is gorgeous!! Love the silver under the bottom lashes too :)
And he is cute as a button!!!

Sarah said...

Hue is sold online at maccosmetics.com.au so I am not sure why they do not sell it in regular stores. That is so random! Myth is a lovely lipstick though!!

Cute cat :)

Glamour Diaries said...

They really only sell Hue in pro stores? Weird. Here in Canada and in the states its sold in regular stores as well. I've never tried Myth yet but maybe I'll get it on my trip to Monreal! Hue as been my all-time favorite go-to lippie.


Nicole said...

hue only sold at pro stores?? i bought mine at a regular store back in july :(

myth is a nice color too though :)

LOLanne said...

i never heard of the word "noonie" before sooo i actually thought it was cute when i read it here ^^ i looove your cat's stripes... very tiger-like :)

im a make up noob sooo i actually never knew that you could exchange 6 empty/unused products for a new one before! yayyy lol

btw, i loooooove your eye colour!!


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