Monday, November 9, 2009

Surface Piercing

Last Thursday, being the 5th of NOvember 2009, I spontaneously decided to get a new surface piercing (I have another one on the back of my neck, called the "Nape Piercing").

Last Night. It started bleeding at work, and it felt like the balls were like sinking into the skin, making massive holes in my tummy!!
This Morning. I did a sea salt soak last night (Sea salt mixed with boiling water, put on the skin using a cotton pad), and then I had a shower this morning trying to get the blood off of the piercing!! I didnt touch the piercing itself, cos that would just make it worse!!!
As you can see it became horribly infected not even a week after the piercing took place!!!! I went into Essential Bueaty in Rundle Mall today to get a piercer to have a look at it. She shrieked in horror and said I had to take it out. So I hoped onto the bed and she removed it, and cleaned it. She offered to put a different one in.
I decided not to get a diff one in there because the piercing itself is already pretty fucked. Im just gonna wait for it to heal, and then maybe get some Dermals.
The lady didnt charge for it to be removed or anything!! Was so nice of her... But I think it may have been because it was the other Essential Beauty that pierced it wrong, so she felt bad.
This from today, an hour after she took it out. As you can see its soooo bruised!! It doesnt hurt, but its uncomfortable. Im going to be using Protat Sea Salty spray just to help the healing process along!!!

Fingers crossed it doesnt SCAR!!

So What Went Wrong?

According to the lady who took it out, the bar was way too short. Im not suprised by this. The guy who pierced it used a regular tongue bar (which is just straight) and bent it with PLIERS into the shape of a staple (which is what surface piercing jewelery looks like). I should have said something to him, but I guess he knew what he was doing.

ALso, not many piercers will actually pierce the navel area using a surface piercing bar, they use Micro Dermals instead. This is because the tummy is an area that moves alot, and so theres a high risk of piercing rejection.

I was also concerned when my piercer didnt properly steralize the jewelery, he didnt even wipe my tummy clean with a steralized cloth!!!! I should have picked up on these things, and Im kicking myself that I didnt.

Honestly, When you get a piercing, go to a REPUTABLE piercer. I bought this all on myself!! Essential Beauty has a pretty crappy rep as piercers, which is probs why their piercings are so cheap.


Sarah said...

That sounds pretty dodgy of Essential Beauty! I am so glad you went and had it looked at ASAP. I hope the bruises go away soon and it doesn't scar :) Bio Oil is good for scars if you do not already have it!!

Anonymous said...

I was excited to see the title of this post on my dashboard but sad that its turned into a look what went wrong affair :(

The piercing looked really cool in the first image but when i saw the close up it looked obviously swollen and thought it was possible the bar was just too short in there, as you usually need an extra big bar to allow for initial swelling but i CANT believe he didnt even use a proper surface bar or even sterilize your skin before hand!!!

Your poor bruised tummy, def keep with the sea salt soaks and im sure it will heal up fine but any issues maybe consider Dr's for some antibiotics!

It actually really annoys me these bodge piercers! Why people would want to do a piercing without the proper knowledge of nescessary jewllery and risk of scarring and infecting people is sick! Like you say, you didnt know the step by step procedure and that he had put the wrong shape of bar in- he is supposed to be the expert, why should you have to doubt him!!

Tbh it might be better to let it heal up alltogether and go back to this more reptutable place next time if you want to get it redone because whats to say this guy pierced it right in the first place or even deep enough.

Im interested to see your nape piercing though! Does it not ever get caught on your hair or clothes?

Im sorry you got screwed over :(

Eugenia said...

oo im so sorry.. i really hope it doesnt scar either and hope it heals ASAP!

Cristina BarbieLuvsMac said...

omg that looks bomb as fuck!
(minus the infected ness :( )
did it hurt? im sorry i think ima have to copy you. its been a year since i periced something lol

tenxx said...

ahh looks so good, yet so painful.
sucks that it went wrong.

yeah the crystals were expensive but the lady is lovely and just starting her business & i really wanted it so i went to her :)

xSplendidStar said...

Woah that looks painful >_< hope it heals soon!

Btw you got a really nice stomach :)

Jordy's Beauty Spot said...

Hey Lorein, ouch ouch ouch that looks so painful.
I really like your belly button piercing though, i suppose you got it done at a different place?
i would love to see a picture of the piercing on the back of your neck. Thank you for letting me know what to watch out for though because i really want to get my belly done and will make sure that my piercer does all of the things you told me to watch that they do.

and yes. MAC is my favourite brand because the products are such good quality. The only downer is the price. I wish it was a cheap over here as it is in America.
Thank you so much for the comliment. Chanel lipgloss is very tacky and therefore drying if used on a regular basis. However, the lipgloss has to be tacky to be as pigmented as they are. I guess it just comes down to what is more important to you; condition of your lips and perfect longlasting colour.

That Hannah chick always has something to say and i am not sur ehow to block her. I guess everyone has a right to share their opinions.

Jackie said...

i have had micro dermals there for about a year and i looove em!!!

Anonymous said...

I did the same thing! but didnt take it out for a month cause i kept putting oitment on thinking it would heal.. my scars are horrribllee and im going tomorrow to get dermals put in to cover the scars! it took a two months to fully heal but if i touch the are you can still feel where the bar would be as if its still a hole