Thursday, November 19, 2009

EOTD: Purple + My Opinion on my new Loreal Infallible foundation

#I wore my new Loreal INfallible foundation. And so far I do not like it. It may just be the Laura Mercier primer, that I dont usually wear, thats making the foundation looking funny. But even the texture of the liquid itself is so weird!! Its really runny and goo-ey, unlike StudioFix which is a lqiuid, and runny, buts its more creamy and can sit in a "glop" on my hand, whereas Loreal INfallible sorta justs runs into a little puddle. Its sunken into my pores alreayd! God. (Ps Ive worn it for a whole 30minutes, so Ill give you a proper review after wearing it for a day)#

Outside. Flash. Full Face.
Inside. Flash. Open.
Inside. Flash. Closed lid.
Webcam. CLick to Enlarge (looks way better bigger!!)
Left: No Eyeliner. Right. With Eyeliner.
Inside. Flash. Open.

Outside. Flash. OPen.

All outside!!!!

Overboard of pictures lol But it wouldnt photograph the way the colours actually come out!! Sooo frustrating!


LOLanne said...

i used the loreal infallible before upgrading to mac's studio fix fluid... it is really runny buuut i think once you get used to it, the staying power is pretty good.

and woooo to your eye make up!! your inner corners look sooo wide cuz of the highlight... so pretty :)


hannahbabeyxo said...

Your eyes look amazing!



thanks for the heads up i was actually thinking of trying out that foundation... Your eye make-up is beautiful! It really brings alot of light into your beautiful blue eyes. It looks angelic =]

Anonymous said...

Your eyes look so pretty!!

I hate it when cameras dont pick up colours though!!!! I tried to take a picture of someting red yesterday and it came out orange- wtf :/

Music said...

Loving the eyes! :D

Re: my challenge, I thought the purpose is to try to use things up, that's why I have to be ruthless with the rules. If you have 70 over glosses then perhaps you shouldn't be allowed to buy more until you have finished at least 10 in a go! LOL.

P.S. I actually have even MORE eyeliners in the storage place in other town that I didn't include on the picture. Otherwise even MORE eyeliners. Hehehe..

Geeky Mac Boy said...

Oh wow that eyeshadow of yours is dramatic looking in the dark room pic :-D

Jeni said...

I used to use infallible, then i tried one called truecolour which was awful!

MAC Studio fix is my choice now, but it tends to dry out my skin :s

Great blog :)