Sunday, August 30, 2009

Haul: 31/8 Lush

I love showing people what Ive bought! Usually I just tell my friends & family about it and they just get bored! Its so nice having a blog where everyone loves hearing what others have purchased! Thanks to all my lovely followers (almost 50! Cant wait!) xx

So today I bought a few goodies!

Here are the clothes

How cute is this dress!? Ugh I love it! It was $109 from Globalize (Best shop in the Universe!) Im planning on wearing this to the Royal Adelaide Show! I loooveee the show!

This is a dress from Supre, was only $30! Bargain!

It has a lower back, so Im going to have troubles finding a bra for this - Oh well, showing the back of a bra isn't tacky, right? Lol Well I hope not!

And some shorty shorts! $32 from Supre! Which adds another pair of Mini Shorts to my ever-expanding collection :)

I also went to Lush.. Everyone on here Raves about Lush, So I thought I might try out some of their products... I bought "A Crash Course in Skincare" Face Mask, "Eau Roma Water" toner and a "Think Pink" bath bomb and the Lovely Lady who was helping me out also gave me a sample of another face mask (forgot its name! Catastrophe something???), how kind!

Has anyone used these products? Whats your fav Lush product?

TAG: What Im Using

I found this on Lulabelle17 's blog - - and decided it looked fun! :) So here it goes

Shampoo - Loreal Elvive
Conditioner - " "

Styling products - Bed Head Headrush Shine Spray and Catwalk Fashionista Big & Bigger Volumizing Foam
Shower gel - Palmolive Pure Cashmere
Body moisturiser - Johnsons Dreamy Skin lotion and Nivea My Silhouette! gel
Deodorant - Dove (love this deo!)
Fake tan - Dove Summer Glow
Cleanser - Cetaphil
Toner - None
Exfoliator - Jurlique Daily Exfoliate
Primer - None
Foundation brush - MAC Studi Fix Fluid in NC15 and Rimmel Lasting Finish in Ivory
Concealer - Rimmel Recover in Ivory
Powder - Benefit Hello Flawless in Champagne
Blusher - NARS Orgasm
Bronzer - None
Highlighter - Napoleon Perdis Liquid Veil in Moscow Pink
Eyeshadow base - MAC eyeshadow in PHLOOF!
Eyeshadows - Be Yourself pallette (64 shades!)
Eyeliner - Rimmel!
Curler - some oldschool one?
Mascara - Loreal Telescopic (love this)
Lipstick - Eeep none!
Lipgloss - Red Earth in PK052
Nail colour - Maybelline Salon Expert in Sheer Dream (Gorgeous soft nude!)

Most of you have probably done this already, But those who havent I Tag You All :)


What Im Using.. On My Hair

I sorta love my hair routine at the moment! So Ive decided to share it with you all :) These are my staple hair products!

From bottom left (clockwise): Limited Edition Purple GHD, Bed Head Superstar Volumizing Spray, Schwarzkopf Silhouette Hair Spray, Bed Head Headrush Shine Spray, Catwalk Fashionista Big & Bigger Volumizing Foam, GHD Thermal Protector for Normal./Fine hair, De Lorenzo Rejuven8 The Ends, Remmington Big Shot Hair dryer, & Brushworks Baby Blondes hair brush :)

My Top 3 Products
  1. Limited Edition Purple GHD - Well ofcourse, Who doesn't have a straightener? Im inlove with GHD's! I only wish I could learn how to curl my hair with them.. The curl never holds! Ugggh.

  2. TIGI Bedhead Headrush Shine Spray - This stuff is so light! And gives your hair a healthy, yet glamorous, shine without weighing it down!

  3. De Lorenzo Rejuven8 The Ends - I have such problem ends! They split, break, fry.. This helps them out alot!! Id reccommend this to anyone with chemically treated hair :)

The rest are fab aswell! Just I dont have all the time in the world to Review them all :P

Hope you all enjoyed this! And maybe even found it helpful

Whats In My Bag

Practically everyones done this one! I love it! Its taken me so long getting around to doing this tag! So here's Whats In My Bag :)
My bag was FREE when I purchased a 100ml of Daisy perfume by Marc Jacobs; So with saying that, Its like half Marc Jacobs! Gosh! I wish! Lol The scarf thingo is from Dotti.

So In my bag I haveee:

  • Latest issue of Instyle Magazine (Grr I hate Katherine Heigl!)
  • Purse from Sportsgirl
  • Purse from Diva
  • Makeup Bag from Sportsgirl
  • Extra chewys! (always have some sort of breath mint - Im so self conscious!)
  • Curious by Britney Spears (Felt like this today!)
  • Princess by Vera Wang Body Lotion (used as a hand cream)

Compared to most people that do this Tag, I dont really have much in my bag! (Snap! That rhymes!)..

And here's whats in my Makeup bag :)

Benefit Hello Flawless foundation in Champagne, Burts Bees Honey Lipbalm, MAC eyeshadow, Red Earth lip gloss, & a ModelCo foundation/blush brush!

Pretty simple!

I Tag EVERYONE who hasn't done this yet!

FOTN: 30/8

Hi Everyone!

Im in Hospital at the moment.. How deadly!! Lol But dont worry, Its just a bit of a swine flu scare! They said Im all good though :) Here's what Im wearing.. :) xx

Friday, August 28, 2009

Supermarket Hair Products

I was at the hair dresser yesterday (blowdry pre-party) and I was discussing which supermarket hair brands were bad, and which ones were okay to use.

Do Not Use:
Any of them! Apparently most of the brands you find in your local supermarket aisle use a product called Silica which just coats the hair and inforces product build up without actually nourishing your hair!
However, She (as in Lydia, my hair dresser) mentioned that there are a few quality bargains! She suggested the L'oreal and Schwarzkopf; saying that basically their cheaper versions of the salon quality hair care is just technology that isn't as advanced as the higher priced ones.

But Im still not 100% convinced that Ill stop using the so called "bad" products - They just make my hair feel so lovely!!

Has your hair dresser mentioned the pros and cons of supermarket brands?

Whats your opinion - Is it worth spending practically double the amount to get "salon quality"?

Gelato Pink

Last night was my friends 19th birthday party and I was having so much fun - Until I had a "few" shots of Peach Vodka. I got sick and went home, end of story. Right?

So the next morning my annoying sister woke me up at 6am to ask to borrow my camera. I told her it was in my bag and that if she could find my bag, she could use it.

She found my bag, but my camera and phone were GONE!!!

I asked around but no one knew where my "lost" items had gone; So the most likely event is that they had been stolen. How frustrating!! Uggh.

Anyways Im all happy now though because my lovely mummy gave me some $$$ to buy a new one :) Not as awesome as my old phone (and I still dont have a camera) but it's cute!

Its the motorola V3.. Oldie but a goldie :)

Has anyone had their belongings stolen before? Did you find it, or was it lost for good?

Poor me. Lol xx

Pretty In Pink

How hot is the new GHD Pink Limited Edition box set!?

Not only does it feature a gorgeous pastel pink GHD, but also comes with several other accessories! The kit Includes:
- Limited Edition pink ghd IV styler; for unbeatable styling
- Versatile tote bag; to hold your hair and beauty essentials
- Heat resistant styler pouch; protection for your beloved pink ghd IV styler
- Hairbrush; perfect for your handbag
- 2 sectioning clips; for precision styling

As well as a $30 donation to the Breast Cancer Foundation; Which is very important seeing as 1 in 8 ladies (equivalent to 12.6%!) will suffer from the illness!

Luckily my birthday is just around the corner! I hope the promotion will last until the 10th of October!

Any others thinking of purchasing this?


Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Smokey Eye

I still have yet to perfect the smokey eye, so please don't judge too harshley! Lol Usually I wear nude shades with a pop of colour, but I felt deep and almost seductive today! Lol Hope you enjoy! xx

Excuse the un tamed eyebrows!

Products Used:
ModelCo Eyeliner in Black
Loreal Telescopic Mascara in Black
ModelCo Fibre Lash Mascara
Models Prefer Face Palette (Silver & Black)
Rimmel Recover Concealor
Ps. Any helpfull tips for blending properly?? eeep.

Haul 27/8 and Regrowth :o

Cotton on Underwear, Revlon Glitter, Bourjois eyeshadow, Revlon Bedroom eyes in Black, Models Prefer Palette. (Also, the black background is a Supre Low-back Dress and Forever New Bandage Dress) + Famous Mag, and NW Mag!

Clearly my Regrowth is hot as! Lol. How shamefull of me walking around with regrowth this bad! But Iam determined to grow my hair out! Im so self conscious when people look at my hair though - But hopefully Ill pull through! I just keep thinking about nice,shiney, healthy hair when it's all grown out! Yay!

Has anyone attempted to grow out their hair? What was the result? Epic fail or Glorious conquer?


Haul: 25/8

Yesterdays Shopping Trip :)

Simple Black Tee with a Small Front Pocket from Bardot, 3/4 Length Cardi also from Bardot + 2 make up palettes from Gloss.

The two palettes I bought are really great! The bottom one has 48 colours! and the top one has cheek, face and eye colours! They were both less than $10!

The so called "Recession" hasn't exactly changed the way I shopped at all, however I never go past a bargain! And I don't believe in the whole "You get what you paid for" idea. I think there are a lot of great low cost brands out there! You just have to try and buy to sort the actual too good to be true brands vs the quality bargains!

I also gave one of my close guy friends this as an apology because I said something really mean and it was all tense for a few days! He forgave me and we hugged it all out :)

Ps. The green bag is a personal joke!
What has everyone bought lately? Any good bargains!?
Love love. xx

FOTD: 26/8

It was meant to be 20 degrees today, So when I woke up I was all happy at the warm temperature so I decided to dress like it was summer!

This is what I wore

Bardot Cardi $79.95 Supre Singlet $12 Supre Shorts $?

It ended up having a top of 16 degrees and it was over cast all day! Despite waking up with sunshine through my window! Damn the weather man!

Friday, August 21, 2009

2009 Goals

This year Ive been partying, shopping, and not much else! So before the end of the year I have to cross off a few things on my To Do list!

Get 100 followes on Blogger! - Woo hoo! only 60+ to go! I love you all. Means so much to me! Honestly! :) Thankyou.
Drivers lisence - I should've got this 2 years ago! Im so slack - Cars are scary though, you wouldn't want to be in a car with my driving! Eeeep!
Grow my hair out - This means regrowth. Lots of it. Hopefully my will power (or lack there of) will keep me motivated!
Save $1000 - Ugggh. Its impossible! But I'll try !!
Have a "Toga Party" like they did on True Beauty - Looked really fun! I wanted to be there!!!
Spend a week without buying a magazine!
Actually start going to the Gym! - Ive tried so hard to be a Gym Bunny, but there's always something that stops me; TV, Cold Weather, Hot Weather, Friends, Not In the mood, etccc.

What are the Top 5 Goals you all want to achieve this year?

Tigi Haul

There was a "Buy 2 get 1 Free" Deal for TIGI Hair Products at my local hair dresser, and ofcourse I just could not refuse to walk past without buying something!!!
So I decided to pick (From Left) :

From Left: Bed Head Headrush Shine Spray, Bed Head Superstar Volumizing Spray and Catwalk Fashionista Big & Bigger Volumizing Foam.

Bed Head Headrush Shine Spray $FREE!
What It Claims: Shine like a star with TIGI Bed Head Headrush Shine Spray. It is quite literally shine adrenaline for your hair!
TIGI Bed Head Headrush will ensure that you are the most glittersome girl at the ball with this light-weight shine spray. It will give your hair extreme gloss and all over sheer shine coverage!
My Opinion: I LOVE this stuff!! It does EXACTLY what the label says it will! I have thin/dry/damaged/oily/split-ended (thats a word, right?) hair that cannot hold heavy weight hair products, so whenever I find something that HELPS my hair AND makes it look and feel better, I stick with it! Ive been buying it since the start of the year religiously, sale or not. It gives a slight hold to my hair, yet still movement, and a looveeely shine to it! Not oily! Love love!!!

Bed Head Superstar Volumizing Spray $29.95

What It Claims: TIGI Bed Head Superstar Volumizing Leave-In Conditioner will pump up your hair! Features and benefits: Conditions, detangles and adds volume, Provides UV colour protection, Adds body without build up, Protein complex repairs and adds moisture and light styling hold.

My Opinion: When I first used this I thought it was nothing special, just an ordinary leave in conditioner, but after I just read the added benefits (UV protection and hold) I started to love it! This spray is so light you would never have though it could have so many benefits! Im hooked :)

Catwalk Fashionista Big & Bigger Volumizing Foam $29.95

What It Claims: Tigi Catwalk Fashionista Big & Bigger Volumizing Foam will have you living big, letting your passion for fashion show through! Features and Benefits: Adds volume to any hair type, Resists humidity, Keeps colour safe.

My Opinion: Ive only used this products a few times this week but Im hooked! It smells like lollies and looks so hot on my beauty table!! So Ill stop being so superficial and actually rate the product itself - Its inside what counts, right?! Its great, really. It doesn't weight down hair, doesn't leave it looking greasy or straw like. It gives it movement and shine. I love this.

Everyone should definitely give these products a try!

Is anyone else obsessed with the Tigi ranges???


Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Love it or leave it?

Maybelline Colossal Mascara $18
"Creates 9X the volume, instantly. Patented MegaBrush + Collagen formula plump lashes one by one. Dramatic Volume with no clumps."

Washes off easily.
Separates lashes; No clumps.
Vibrant colour.
Lengthens lashes.
Longwear, with no smudges.

I found it difficult to build a 'dramatic' look.
Creates nowhere near the 9x volume it had claimed.

Would I Buy it Again? It won't be a makeup staple, but it is great value for money!
For all of you that have tried this, What are your opinions?
Whats your Holy Grail mascara?

Kate Moss

So in the September issue of Instyle magazine there was a 2 page spread of Kate Moss's 10 most memorable fashion moments. Kate Moss has been my fashion icon for over 5 years now.
These are a few of my fav Kate Moss moments!

The only thing that disappointed me was that there was not even one picture of her trademake jean shorts!
However the pictures they showed were, ofcourse, stunning. She's such a beautiful woman; Possibly not the best role model, but atleast she's stayed true to herself and her style! Its Kates world, and we're all just living in it!

Which celeb is your fashion/beauty icon?

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Get Set!

Liquid Veil in Moscow Pink $30
What They Say: Crave a hint of colour? Try this super lightweight, barely there tint.
My Opinion: I love(love, love, love, LOVE) this stuff! You can use it either under foundation or just by itself. It gives the skin a luminous glow (which is what this range is for) and adds my dimension to my skin. It also has which as Pomegranate extract to protect the skin as an added incentive to buy this. However, when they suggest "barely there tint" I giggle to myself. It has a LOT of pigment, and is quite "glittery" (hard to find a better word!) So I haven't worn this alone; Id feel like a Christmas Tree ornament!

Memory Foundation in Light $30

What They Say: A tinted moisturizer that creates younger, dewier skin.

My Opinion: If you have combo skin this isnt for you! This is for people with normal to dry skin (or mature). The cover is just the same as any tinted moisturizer, and besides the fact it had no staying power it did give a nice glow to my face. Its pretty good value too!
Not a fan of their foundations - Only because they're a bit too pink-based for me!

Sweater Set $39

What They Say: Gorgeous cheek, eye and lip colours for your softer side.
My Opinion: The colours really are gorgeous! You can create a lovely soft and well blended pale eye, or you can switch it up to night time and use the dark brown to make a classic smokey eye! Brilliance! However, I only use the one light pink lip colour, so it's disappointing to waste the other two! Its most probably just because Im pale as (MAC NC20) and the other colours seem to "deep" for me. The blush is a nice coral/peachy shade that blends well and feels like silk! The colour is subtle, but Im sure you can build it up to make your cheeks really pop! All in all, it's a great handbag staple for on the go makeup application! Has everything (but mascara) that you'd need to look your best :).

Still To Try:

  • Primers! ($39) Ive tried thePre- Foundation primer and it made my skin flawless, but didn't seem to prolong my foundation wear time! So there's a new pore minimizing one that Im just dying to try!
  • The Concealor set ($36) Looks great - However doesn't have a green tint! And I NEED green to cover my rosey red cheeks :)
  • Baked Powder ($30) Its a dual blush - Definitely would like to try it out as a highlighter!!!

I love Napoleon; Definitely in my top 10 fav make up brands!!! Always have quality products and great colour range! (Minus their foundations, sorry!)

Whats everyone's favourite make brands?

Ring ring!

I got a new phone today:) Ive wanted the LG webslider since forever, but it only came in blue or red, until I found this gorgeous pink version a few weeks ago! Features
  • QWERTY Keypad
  • 2mp camera
  • Speakerphone
  • FM Radio and MP3 player
  • Bluetooth
  • Numeric Touch Screen

So considering this is 2009 these features are pretty standard! But the mobile itself is fair cute! And was only $179 (I almost always buy mobiles under $500 because I wreck them within a few months! Uh oh!)

Are the stickers a bit tacky? Lol
Be honest! :P

love love.

Haul #2

More goodiies! These are from today, just a quick trip into town and managed to spend over $50. Ugggh shops are so enticing! But I love it :)
From left; ModelCo Skin drink, Samy Anti-Frizz Serum, Lee Stafford Dry Shampoo, Maybelline Colosal Mascara, Australia triple eyeshadow, Grazia magazine.
ModelCo Skin Drink
I use this whenever I cannot be bothered with slathering body lotion all over. Its $32 so its not something I use daily. Its basically spray on moisturizer! Its packed with lots of goodies such as Ginko, Papaya, Green tea and Bamboo - even the smell makes you believe you're doing your skin some good!
Samy Anti Frizz
I tried using it this morning when I was blow drying my hair but practically half asleep - I used way to much product! Oops. So Ill use half the amount tmoz and give a quick review! It smells really good though! Like candy!
Lee Stafford Dry Shampoo
I couldn't find the Lee Stafford Hair Growth Treatment that everyone's been raving about :( So I bought this instead! I have such a collection of dry shampoos, theyre great! Because I have fine hair it's hard to do upstyles that actually stay put! So I can use this when my hair needs a bit of help :) Not to mention my over active oil glands!
Maybelline Colossal Mascara
I was in priceline and it said 15% off Maybelline, which brought this down to just $15. Now, I have my HG mascara already (Loreal Telescopic) but I decided why not try this. There have been adds and raves in every magazine and online forums, So hopefully this will live up to the expectations! Fingers crossed!
Has anyone tried this yet?
Australis Eyeshadow
Okay, so purple is in this season! So I decided to buy this. As Ive said before Australis is excellent quality at affordable prices! Im wearing the deepest colour today and its making my blue eyes pop! So lovely.
Grazia Magazine
Yawn. This magazine is boring. Hehe Im addicted to celeb goss and makeup! So this magazine just isn't for me :) Oh wells.
Whats everyones fav magazines? xx

Mini Haul

Yesterday I went job hunting (with not much success, silly recession!) and I bought a few goodies :) So I bought (Clockwise from left)

Cotton on Singlet
I love this! I actually bought it in a large so that I could wear it with a dress, and accessorize with either cute leggings or a nude cardi and vintage jewellery. My fav part is the peachy lace detail.

SHOP magazine
Im totally addicted to magazines! Whether it's fashion, gossip, or beauty; I practically buy every issue of every magazine out there :) My fav mag is the Cosmo Hair and Beauty specials (I think they have a new issue once every 1 or 2 months).

Schwarzkopf Silhouette Hairspray
Honestly, I just bought this because its bright pink! Turns out it's pretty good hair spray too :)

'Little i' Peppermints
As above, I bought this for the cute packaging!! It even has a little mirror on the inside when you slide the lid open! Now thats innovative thinking :)

Savvy by DB
This duo eyeshadow was under $5! Bargain! Im actually starting to warm to Savvy. I do think they should spice up their packaging a bit, I mean their current dark purple/brown isn't too lovely.. Saying that though, these shadows blend nicely.

Australis Season Jewels Palette
I love Australis! They've done nothing wrong in my eyes. This palette has 8 'in season' eyeshadows and 4 lipglosses; There's a really cute light pink lipstick/gloss that I adore! And it was under $10!

Monday, August 10, 2009


Hiiii Im on holidays at the moment! So I can't get to a computer :(
When I get back can't wait to see what everyone's written in their Blogs :)

Ps. Will respong to everyones comments asap :) xx

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Shortie Shorts

So today was the warmest day Adelaide has had for 3 months!!! So I decided to celebrate this (because I loveeeee warm weather!) by applying a spot of fake tan, thank you Nivea Summer Beauty, and cutting up a pair of Dotti jeans into short shorts!

There is one little problem with these semi-home made shorts.. I had to cut through the pockets so they'd be short enough! So this arvo I was walking from my neighbourhood visiting a friend and only had my lipgloss and Mobile. So I put on my lipgloss (I do this religiously.. my boyf gets annoyed cos my lips are always "sticky".. How suss.) and then shoved the lipgloss in my pocket and kept walking, then something hit my leg and I was like WTF!? and looked down to see my lipgloss. Anyways, so great story right! Haha :)
Oh and I have run out of the foundation I used for when Im "tanned" - MAC NC20.. Yupp! thats right, NC20 is tan on me! Im defnitely albi :)
Ps Once again sorry about the pictures! My camera goes fuzzy without a flash, So I always have to use flash! Ughhh and the flash makes my face like whiter than it usually is. Oh wells! :(
Pps Thats my bro's room.. Uggghh is anyone jealous of the mirror he has!? I wanted one :(

I havent had my HG mascara - Loreal Telesopic - For almost a month now! Due to my 'lack of funds' aka NO JOB! So I sneakily added it to the shopping trolley because I know my mum has a hard time saying No to me infront of other people (The check out chick.. Who giggled when my mum accidently swung her keys in my face lol :( ouch). Hopefully Im not the only one that uses my mothers weaknesses against her for my own benefit! :( Oh wells, This is the best best BESTEST mascara in the whole entire world! Ive used it since I had decided to rip of false eyelashes, and with the false eyelashes came some of my real ones! This mascara makes it seem like that incident never happened! Thanks Loreal :D
Here's some other things I got:

Clockwise from Top Left: Swisspers, Vanilla Cupcake with Lovehearts (was only 70cents!), Cadbury Cherry Ripes, Loreal Telescopic Mascara, Schwarzkopf Oil Nutritive Repair Butter Treatment, Woolworths Select Body Sponge and the Cosmo September issue!
I also got a new Belly Ring! :) Its a gun with blue diamantes!!! Pow Pow!


Ps Going to do a review on the Schwarkopf hair treatment tomorrow! Ive always tri the Schwarzkopf shine treatment in the same range and didn't particular like that one, so hopefully this one will be a tad better! Stay tuned :)

Skincare/Jurlique Review

My skin was perfect until up about 5 years ago! So since then Ive been trying every skincare brand out there! Its not until recently that Ive been 100% happy with my daily skincare regime. Here are the products I use;

Clockwise from Top Left: Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser, Body Shop Chamomile Gentle Eye Makeup Remover, Jurlique Daily Exfoliate 4.3oz, Jurlique Daily Exfoliate 1.4oz (Free! with purchase of the 4.3oz version), Jurlique Intensive Recovery Mask, Jurlique Soothing Herbal Recovery Gel, Jurlique Calendula Cream.

So Ive been introduced to Jurlique; This company's products are plant-based, I decided to use this after using Clean & Clear foaming facial wash, toner, and oil controlling moisturizer. I didnt mind Clean & Clear's moisturizer, however the other 2 products broke me out so bad. My skin was so tight! And my whole forehead was covered in pimples :( It was horrible. Ugh. Bad memories! However, Jurlique has definitely turned all that around for me! I've also had one of their Aromatherapy Facials which was so indulgent. Love love.

Jurlique Daily Exfoliate
Okay, when I first purchased this I was hesitant about using this daily. However this product is so gentle! It smells and looks edible. It looks like you're pressing you're breakfast cereal onto your face lol. It does take a few days to get used to the "Press, Release" motion compared to most exfoliants where you scrub your face silly. This is a product that is great for all types of skin! Especially sensitive.

Jurlique Intensive Recovery Mask
Id love to be able to say GREAT things about all of the Jurlique products Ive purchased but honestly, this does nothing special for my skin. It feels wonderful but when I gently take the mask of with cotton pads after the dedicated 10mins, my skin looks the same. For $55 I expected a bit more! I can just say that atleast I didnt get the ($90) larger tube! Phew! However, Ill be using this tube till the end! Facial masks are lovely and relaxing! 10minutes all to myself :)
Jurlique Soothing Herbal Recovery Gel
At first I thought that this raved about product was just another item I didn't need. Instead of buying the product the lovely assistant at Jurlique (Rundle Mall, Adelaide) gave me a weeks supply of samples instead. Oh she was clever! Im hooked. For $70 for the smaller size (which I have) it may seem expensive, but you only need a tincy tiny bit! It makes my skin feel baby soft! And has also helped with my un even skin tone. Loves it!

Jurlique Calendula Cream
The last of Jurlique skincare regime, but definitely not the least! Since I was about 6 years old up until I was 13 I had eczema. I don't have it anymore, But I have redness on my cheeks and nose (I really pale - Mac NC15, So any irritation shows through!). This has calmed it down! I don't look like Im embarrassed all the time! :) It looks extremely thick when you bring it out of the tube, but when you warm it up betwee your fingers before you apply it to your face it sinks into your skin in under 5mins! Definitely a fav.
God sent! Love this stuff. Its something you'll either love or hate. Because of my sensitive/combo/annoying skin this has become a saviour to me. Even since I was 13 Ive been using this on and off. Ive used everything from the expensive "high end" skincare brands, such as Clinique & Biotherm, to cheapo stuff like Clean & Clear, Neutrogena and Formula 10.0.6 but Ive always returned to Cetaphil! And it's only like $15 for a huge bottle that lasts f o r e v e r.

The Body Shop Chamomile Eye Makeup Remover
I pile on my eye makeup alot! And cetaphil does it's best to take it all off, but its a challenge. So I pour some of this remover onto a cotton pad and gentle wipe away the remains! My facial skin is very sensitive and makeup remover wipes and most other makeup removers hurt my skin :( So this is definitely a fav!

Burt's Bees Lip Balm
For my lips! In winter they just get so dry and sensitive, its horrid! This Honey lip balm does wonders! And it's only $6.95!

Tea Tree Oil
For my pimples! The ones I told you about just before. I bought the Clearasil spot pen and it did nothing but dry out my skin - But left the actual pimple! So then I tried Neutrogena 8hour pimple cream after hearing great reviews, and although it took away the redness and reduced the size, It left my skin dry and tight. So I was looking through my pantry and so a tiny bottle of Tea Tree oil, read the label and found you could use this for pimples! So I got a cotton bud, dipped it in the oil and put it straight into my skin. Ouchie! Stung a tiny bit, But the next day the pimple was GONE. Honestly, it vanished. Its also nice knowing that Im not putting on any un-needed (Is that even a word?) nasty chemicals on my face.

Mr. Peppie came to say Hi! :)

My Skincare Routine:

AM Routine
Wet a flannel with warmish water and wipe over face
Apply cetaphil and rub gently
Wipe off with the flannel
Pat dry skin with clean towel
Apply Jurlique Soothing Herbal Recovery Gel
Apply Tea Tree Oil with a cotton bud to any pimples
** Most people use the Herbal Recovery gel at night, But I prefer to use it during the day because my makeup just glids over my skin so easily!

PM Routine
Wet a flannel with warmish water and wipe over face
Apply cetaphil and rub gently
Wipe off with the flannel
Apply TBS (Body shop) Chamomile Makeup Remover to cotton pad and hold over eyelids, then gently press away
Squeeze out 1.5cm of Jurlique Daily Exfoliate onto fingertips, Warm Between fingers, then apply to face using the "Press/Release" motion (Sort of like patting someone on the back but far gentler - lol)
Gently remove with flannel
Apply Jurlique Soothing Herbal Recovery Gel (Ughh long title!) to dry/attention seeking areas
Dab cotton bud into Tea Tree Oil and apply to pimples
Warm Jurlique Calendula Cream between fingers, Dab onto skin
Viola! Finished :)

Has anyone tried the Masks from the SK-11 range? Id love to try them! But theyre too expensive to try and not love :( What about LUSH? Ive heard some bad things uh-oh but also some great things too! Hmm.. Trying to hunt down a GREAT skin mask!

Monday, August 3, 2009

Out with the Old, In with the New

So this is my first blog! How exciting haha :) Well Im Lorien.. 18 years old and from Adelaide (Australiaaa). Iam currently a "school leaver" to put it nicely - school was definiteeellly not for me! Believe me I tried! Besides I need to work so I can have $$ to spend :)

So a bit about me.. I adore makeup and STUFF.
Stuff as in anything pretty and shiney that attracts my attention! For example the other day I was in town just to meet my friend then go to hers & decided to pop into Diva for a quick browse. I only had $50 for the whooleee weekend but decided that I absolutely HAD to buy this cute coin purse.
But then I realised that my purple clutch/wallet from Dangerfield clashed with it! So I decided to pop into Sportsgirl and buy this cute wallet I've had my eye on for a while..

.. & the good news was that it was on sale! From $29.95 to $19.95 !! Bargain 8)

Anyways! Ill be updating this blog with loads of info on my fav. items at the moment, cute buys, bargain buys, makeup I "dislike", etc etc..