Saturday, November 28, 2009

Review: Crab Tree & Evelyn La Source Hand Therapy

Crabtree & Evelyin La Source Hand Therapy Cream is Specially formulated with natural shea butter to soothe and help protect hands.

My Opinion:
Well Ive purchased this about 5 times in the past 18months, so that sorta speaks for itself, right? This hand cream is amazing; Ive tried other hamd creams, but theyre either too sticky, or dont even hydrate my skin. This product leaves my skin feeling silky and smooth, I always get comments on how soft my hands are when using this! Ive tried Avon handcream which is beautiful aswell, but Crabtree & Evelyn is far easier to purchase and it smells alot better, and lasts alot longer!!! I recommend this to anyone who'd like silky soft hads!

The Good:
Easily absorbed
Non-greasy feel
Hydrates beautifully
Smells divine

The Bad:
It doesnt contain a SPF, hand skin is rather delicate and is always exposed to the sun, so having a SPF is rather inportant in a hancream!


You can purchase Crab Tree & Evelyn products from David Jones, and selected Chemists.
Whats everyones favourite hand cream?
Does anyone have any recs for a handcream with sunscnreen?


Anonymous said...

I have never used a hand cream, apart from when they dried out randomly last year, am i bad?? :/

geli-pet said...

though i haven't tried this, i'd like to suggest it :D
some people suggested skinfood hand creams to me.. :D

Sarah said...

I have so many hand creams it is not funny but I may need to purchase this one now too!

My favourite is Jurlique Rose Hand Cream but I also really like Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Hand Cream, Mecca Cosmetica Velvet glove hand lotion and Lush Lemony Flutter Cuticle Butter for my cuticles. I just looked through all of them and not one of them mentions having a SPF (and I had honestly never even thought about it before reading your blog!)

I really need to find one that does, especially living in Australia.. I don't want my hands to age :(

Anonymous said...

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