Thursday, November 12, 2009

Update: Nape Piercing, New Top, Clarins, EOTD

Okay so I promise that next month Iam going to be posting weekly. Probably like 2-3times per week!! I have a massive list of posts that I need to write. Reviews, hauls, etc. And they'll all be done by the end of this month!! Pinky swear :D
Anyways my excuse for the lack of posts is because Ive been working heaps because the girls at my work are at uni and cos its the end of the year, they all have exams!!! I mean this week is a 7day week for me!!! like 45+ hours!! Good news is, is that Il have tones of $$ to spend on hauls :)

I bought this top from Bardot this week. It was like $69 or $79.
It is almost impossible to get on!! because it has a zip up the back, but it stops like 5cm from the bottom!!! But its way cute :)
I bought this cute gift set from Clarins. Fingers crossed it will help my gigantic pores. And if it does, Ill give you all a review!! There's no point about writing about products that dont work ay...
Anyways, it was $52. It comes with a full size Hydra Matte moisturizer which is worth $52 by itself!! So the other 2 items are practically free!!! The item on the left is the pore minimizer itself, and to the right is the "Pure and Radiant" mask.
Heres just a pic of my eye makeup today. Sorry about the bad quality, I find it impossible to actually get good photos?? Ive tried ike everything!! Like going outside, to changing the brightness, different angles. Ughhhh. BUt the eyeshadow is wayyyyy more pigmented! However the picture does show my lack of blending skills :P
Also, Some bloggers wanted to check out my nape piercing, So here ya go :)

It scares the shit outta people when they see it!! because I look so innocent and sweet then I have like some weirdo bar sticking through my neck lol The boys at work are like obsessed with touching it, and so I think its like resurfacing... But Nape piercings aren't designed to last forever, only a few months, a year or two at best. Ive had mine 6months, and counting!! Im going to get it repierced if it does grow out :)

Do you like piercings? Or not a fan?

Whats your fav? And do you have any?


Anonymous said...

Wow i love the piercing, it looks so tiny and cute!! :)

I love piercings as you know but i cant be bothered with the process of getting them done and the hassel of healing them these days so havent had any new ones in years.

Plus that top looks georgeous on your figure!

❤ »Twee. said...

Omg at the nape piercing damn that must hurt? >.<''

It looks painful =X
I would be to chicken to get that done XD

My Fav piercing would be nose ^_^
Getting it done soon, but right now I only have 7 ears piercing.

PS: I like your lashes :D what Mascara are you using love?

Gaby said...

I love the top! It looks so cute! And your piercing! But aren't you afraid it gets stuck in your shirt or your hair? Me, I have 4 piercings (=

Nicole said...

i Really really want my septum pierced. i get the same reaction you get when i tell people that. their like..YOU want your septum pierced??! Lol but i think they look really cute on girls

Cheryl♥ said...

I love body piercings, but I don't like facial piercings. Maybe a tiny lip stud or nose piercing (TINY) but that's as far as I'd go. I have a bunch of ear piercings and I use to have my belly button pierced, but my body rejected it... I guess it wasn't meant to be. I absolutely loveeee your top!!!!

Cristina BarbieLuvsMac said...

love them but i get so nausous right beforeee,
i gave my belly, lips and earss. and i really want the one u had in the privous post and the other side of lip or cheeks

Pyxiee said...

I have my navel done, and it hurt so much!! I love having it done but don't like anyone to touch it. I think I'm far too much of a wuss to have any more piercings!
I'd love to hear abt the clarins stuff - my pores are huuuuge xx

lucyCUPcakes said...

Nape piercing looks cool =]
I like kinda kooky piercings like that. I have a few piercings but nothing exciting: tongue, lip, nose, navel, nipple and ears.
I really like the look of dermal anchors at the moment, but I'm too scared to get one! Haha.

rosierosierosie said...

i love piercings. i have my nose and ears done, and until a month ago my bellybutton. my friend from school has her cheeks done and i love it! im always tempted to get it done hah.

Skye said...

0o0oo0 love the top
and that Clarins stuff looks g0od
and ur makeup just gorjuz

that piercing looks hot ive only got my ears and nose done,i had alot of trouble with my nose getting infected, but some tea tree oil fixed that up..

Id love to get my tounge and lip done,but i just couldnt pull it off.

take care hun =D

LOLanne said...

the nape piercing will definitely scare me too if i see it in person :P it's something soo unexpected... after the initial "shock" though, i see myself asking to touch it lol
i don't really have any "exotic" piercings... most of my piercings are in my ears... two on each ear lobe thenn got my right cartilage pierced (it's closed now though cuz i had trouble sleeping on my right side because of it)... i have my belly button pierced too, which is basically the most "exotic" piercing i have... im boring haha

loooove the top on you!! anddd i know how you feel about taking pics of eye make up... my pics ALWAYS end up looking washed out :(


heids said...

I am a fan of your nape piercing! It has a petite look to it unlike some of the other bulky barbells. Is it titanium (or..?) Also, are they balls on the end or flat? I am trying to decide..

Lorien BeautyLove said...

@heids - thanks for stopping by :) i tried replying to your blog, but it doesnt have a comme thingo!
anyways, the bar isnt titanium, ive never had a reaction to the normal metal, so i figured i wouldnt spend $$ on "Special metal" i didnt really need :) however, if you have had reactions, def buy titanium!!
and the balls are balls, not flat :)