Friday, October 30, 2009



So my brothers bestfriend whos a girl called Clare asked to borrow one of my bras one day.

I said Yes.

To let her BORROW it.

She didnt come around for a week, but the next time I saw her, She was wearing my bra.

She didnt say anything, And neither did I.
I figured she'd take it off before she left my house, and return it.

She didnt.

I asked my mum to ask Claire to return my bra.
Clare said Okay.

Another 2 weeks passed, And Clare came over to get stoned.
She was wearing my bra again.

I asked my brother about it, and he said it wasnt his problem, and that Clare was going to keep my bra because it made her boobs looked good.

SHould I go to Clares house and ask for it back?
SHould I get over it?
Or should my brother get it back for me, Seeing as Clare and I do not talk?

Advice please!!!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Top 3 Foundation Review

Top 3 Foundations
So over the past, say, 3 years I have been obsessed with foundations, because according to myself I have horrible, horrible skin that needs to be covered.
Well in truth, I have okay skin. I dont have acne, or I dont have like massive pigmentation.
My skin concerns are redness (across the nose and cheeks), and an oily nose (not tzone, just my nose). I also have large pores. I never used to have large pores, only in the past year have I noticed that they're fucking huge.
My facialists view on my skin is that the redness is due to dryness and my use of skincare targeted at oily skin. I have now stopped using products to reduce oiliness, because this only produces more sebum!!! Apart from that she says my skin is *breaths* perfect.. Crazy woman.
I always buy foundation that is medium - full buildable coverage. Long lasting is always a must because Im quite active. S0 here are my Top 3

#1 Clinique Superfit Makeup
Price: $49
Benefits: Oil Free, Long Lasting, Oil Control,
Durability: Long lasting. It does not go cakey at all!!! However it does rub off onto my shirt if I switch tops before I leave the house in the morning. (Rimmel foundation does not do this)
Pros: Its a Clinique best seller!! With good reason. This foundation doesnt just "sit" on my skin, it blends perfectly. It keeps my shiney nose less shiney all day and doesnt sink in my pores. Also, I have problems sometimes with foundations "oxidizing" throughout the day into yuk yellows of bright pinks, this stays the same colour all day :) Whenever I switch from my MAC Studiofix I find that my skin has about 80% less pimples!!! ALso it feels like your not wearing much on my skin :) Love it!
Cons: I have yet to find anything wrong with this foundation!!! Except maybe its a bit Pricey. Lol stingy much?

#2 Rimmel Lasting Finish Foundation
Price: $18
Benefits: Long Lasting, Transfer Resistant, Mineral Enriched.
Durability: The best!! I go to work at 11am, finish at 4pm, head over to the gym, bootcamp for 1hour, come home, ITS STILL THERE. However, This does cause a problem when you actually want it to come off when cleansing your face!!! Ive found Loreal Dermaq Makeup remover works really well.
Pros: Stays on all day, no matter what I do!!! And it just looks flawess. As long as I touch up with blotting papers (thankyou, Body Shop) every 8 hours, I can wear this for as long as I like (Longest Ive tried this is over a 2day bender I did one weekend, friday day, friday night, saturday day, and it was there saturday night when I took it off!!!! Whaaaat!!!). Also the colour is PERFECT. And the Price is awesome!!!!
Cons: In my experience you have to blend faster than usual foundations. If I leave it on my skin for too long it gets harder to blend... It doesnt mention anywhere on the packaging that its not Oil Free, which is a shame because I prefer if my foundation is oil free, makes my feel better :P ALso, after I put it on my face and I use my fingers to blend the last bits in, I wash my hands and I have to use makeup remover thoroughly to get rid of it!!

#3 MAC Studio Fix Fluid
Price: $48
Benefits: Oil free, Long wearing, Buildable Coverage.
Durability: Not as long as the first 2. Well it does stay on the skin, but it makes my nose shinier than the other 2, and tends to flake off in dry patches.
Pros: Looks fabulous!! I dont even blend this foundation. I just squirt 2pumps onto my fingertips and rub it all over my face and it just blends itself. Maybe Im just lucky, But it just looks perfect.
Cons: I do believe this foundation is the reason my pores are so huge, and even if its not, it does nothing to hide them!!! But its probably because I havent found the right primer yet. Id stop using it, but its just looks so flawless!!

So basically, Clinique Superfit foundation is the overall high achiever. Rimmel Lasting Finish stays on your skin, not your clothes. And MAC Studio Fix just looks perfect, little blending needed.

Whats everyones foavourite foundation? And why?

Saturday, October 24, 2009




UPDATE: Oh god I feel so trashy right now. Lol Sorry for this awful post!! Ive just never had my hair so messed up so bad!! Its really embarassed!!! My friends keep telling me my hair is okay (but they say that the fringe really is a bit stuffed up!!) but like its how I feel that matters, I just dont want to be like in public view cos I feel like people are judging me!! Lol Hmm anyways, thanks so much for the support girls!! I was afraid everyone would be like "Calm the fuck down" Lol cheers x

Friday, October 23, 2009


I jumped on the bandwagon and bought myself my first underaged lipglass!!! It really is such a gorgeous colour!!! Like a nice soft nude, with a bit of pink :)
The only thing Im worried about is that its kinda small.. Especially for $34 I paid for it.. I go through lipgloss like toilet paper.. Honestly, I use atleast one tube/pot per week.

Also, today I signed up for "Miss Military Bootcamp" at my gym!!! Starting next week :) 2 x 1hour sessions per week, for 6 weeks. On top of that, Im doing a kickboxing class once per week for 45mins, and my personal training for 30mins every friday aswell!!!! Gosh, Im gonna be sooo exhausted!! Hopefully Ill shred some kilos before summer! FIngers crossed :)

So Im a tad lost of what to post today, So I thought Id show you my lipgloss collection.
And a few more!! v
Ohh, and bought two things today from priceline,
A Models Prefer Pallete for the eyte and cheeks. Was only $6.99. They have such an awesome collection of palettes for such cheap prices!! Love this brand!!! I think this is the perfect pallette. In the right hand corner theres 4 gorgeous colours to create a smokey eye look, and in the bottom left and corner there's 4 additional colours.
Im not too sure about the dark pink, but the light pink is gorgeous :) I couldnt help myself and I put some on on the bus on the way home :)
ALso, after hearing a few excellent reviews on how the Avene Thermal Spring Water helps reduce redness, I decided to buy a small bottle of it. Havent tried it yet but Ill do a review on it soon!!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Sexy sexy Haul!!

Good afternoon my lovely bloggers!!!
So I went shopping today buttried on somne clothes and decided that everything I chose looked awful on me, I decided to give clothes a rest and just buy some nic and nacs. First store was Inglot.
In my last post I explained how the lady had colour matched me COMPLETELY wrong, so after receiving advice from all you ladies, I decided Id try my luck (and their refund policy) and go try to exchange the powder I bought from there the other day.

The assistant was so lovely and exchanged it!!! Very happy :) Turns out the previous assistant who sold me the far too dark #15 face powder was just lazy, as they had no #13 stock. But anywho, Went to the Marion store and got my #13

Kerastase, Chemist and Pink Ribbon
I also got a few other random things.
From left, clockwise around to Right, I purchased:
Nail hardening treatment... Shallbe revieiwing this!! Cannot be bothered checking the name, but it was only about $9.
Kerastase Nutritive Mask. This is a instense moisture mask for fine, damaged hair. Ive purchased this before and was very happy! Ive just finished a tub of their Protein mask (its the dark green container) and so decided to switch it up and go for a moisture one, because too much protein is a bad thing! It makes the hair brittle! SO remember to switch it up :) Was bout $53.
Kerastase Notcogenist. This is just a hair treatment where you spray it in and leave over night. Its a night treatment because everyone knows that the whole body repairs itself better during the night :) I purchased this because I wash my hair every second day, and so the night before I wash my hair Ill spray this in and hopefully it will make is less dry, or frizzy, or just more managable. Not looking for any miracles here! Was about $50 aswell.
I also purchased two lipglosses - One is my staple lipgloss, face of Australia lipgloss. It used to be about $5 but they've up the price to $10!! HARSH!! Nah its still excellent quality for such an affordable price.
The other lipgloss is just one I picked up from the Breast Cancer foundation table. It was only $5 and the lipgloss itself is shitty as. BUT its not about the lipgloss! Its about raising awareness (pretty sure everyone is aware of breast cancer though!) and donating some $$ for research so we can help find a cure, or more prevention, for this horrible disease (That has run through my family, my aunty AND her 30year old daughter got it, within 5 years of each other.. :( its jsut horrible... The daughter, my cousin, cant have children.. theyre looking into adoption)

Sony Vaio

How sexy is my new laptop!!! Typing away on it right now!!! The small keyboard is def something I have to get used to but its so freakin gorgeous!!!! Was $999 and the nice(HOT) sales assistant gave me a free carry bag lol But its ugly as.. Its like black with Yellow stuff on it.. and its like wetsuit material... vomits. Lol but its FREE!!
Its like the perfect size to fit into my handbag :)
So now that I have my own computer again, I can go on whenever I liked. Which means I will be responding to each and every comment I get! Not to mention reading blogs daily!!
Also, Ill have alot more posts. Not just hauls, but reviews on my fav products and what not.
Love love.
Ps. I love all my followers!! I never thought anyone would be interested in reading what I write! But thankyou so so much. <3

Friday, October 9, 2009

Wish List + Haul 19/10 + OOTD

Its springtime here in Australia, which means Im able to get out of my dull winter clothes and buy a new summer wardrobe!

Sportsgirl Lust Haves.

  1. Twist Bandeau $19.95
  2. Floral Bralet $69.95 - SOLD OUT! ugh.
  3. Printed Bandeau $79.95 - Sold out aswell.
  4. Sienna Floral Dress $129.95

Peeptoe Shoe Lust Haves.

  1. Miss Hyde Park $299 - 14cm heel! :)
  2. Miss Palm Beach Tan $275
  3. Diamond Stud Shoulder Bag $119
  4. Folded Clutch $89

Dotti Lust Haves.

  1. Chantilly Broiderrie Dress $69.95
  2. Starlet Strapless Dress $69.95
  3. Diamonds are Forever Tulip Skirt $59.95
  4. Kitsch Cami $49.95
  5. White Studio Bag $39.95
  6. Sequin Frame Purse $29.95
  7. Distressed Tube Leg Jean $69.95

ALSO For all the AUSSIE girls out there,
I thought Id add links to my favourite online clothing stores!
Peeptoe Shoes

Yesterday I went shopping in town and bought a few things.

  1. Body Butter $5
  2. Inglot Pressed Powder $30
  3. Australis Lipgloss $12
  4. Revlon Mini Nail Polish $6
  5. False Lashes $12 (on sale at Priceline)
  6. 3 for $20 Undies from Cotton On Body
  7. Funny Lipgloss from Inglot $5 each
  8. Ipod Classic in Silver $324
  9. Dior Lipgloss in Clutch Pink $48
  10. St Ives Anti Blemish Scrub $4
  11. Grey Shorts from Cotton On Body
I only purchased the travel sized St Ives scrub because Im always sucked into beauty products that everyone raves about, but they end up doing nothing for my skin!!! So Im going to try this out for a week before I purchase the full size!!
Eeep. Forgot which colour I purchased but I am so mad! Arrgh.
So I went into Inglot the Rundle Mall store, and asked if I could have some help choosing a Pressed Pwoder in the right colour.
She held one up to my skin tone and was like "Yeah this is it."
And Im like cool.
Then she went back to the stand and was like "Uhh, actually, Do you want to go a bit darker?"
And Im like "How much darker?"
And she just tried the foundation on my neck and was like "Yup! This is perfect! Matches your neckline"
And Im liek okay whatever, Like shes the professional, right?
I purchased it. $30. No biggy. $15 cheaper than my MAC powder,
Went out that night and my sister was like "Wow you have like a black face"
Ughhh. So I looked in the mirror and I had like some bad fake tan thing going on!!!!!!!
So I needyour opinions, please girls!!!!
Do I have any right to return the powder? Seeing as she sold me the wrong colour? Or is it my fault for trusting a professional and taking her advice, and then it back firing on me?
Should I just leave the powder alone, and take it as lesson learnt????
And here's just an outfit of the daaaay. Lovely lovely.
Im wearing the Revlon nailpolish in this piccy :) Its gorgeous ay!

Haul: 10/10

How pretty is this top??? And yes, Its a top, not a bathing suit or anything! :)
It was$79.95 from Globalize!! I love it so much! Makes my boobs like wonderfull hehe

I also bought two things from Priceline.
Rimmel Renew and Lift Powder Foundation, about $15.
And the Loreal Double Extend Mascara which was on sale from $27 down to $23. I bought this because I absolutely love love LOVE Loreal Telescopic mascara but decided I needed a bit of a change. Havent tried this yet but Ill tell you all how it goes! :)

Thursday, October 8, 2009

OOTD: 9/10

Some pictures! Dont know which skirt is better. Ugh and scuse me cutting out my face! No makeup and my skin is reacting badly to this silly weather!

Which skirt do you like more???? Uuuugggh.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

September Favourites + Mini Haul

Hello there!
I can't believe I have not even written up ONE post this month! Ive just been super dooper busy with work and friends.
My first October Post will be my Favourite items from September!!
[click to enlarge pictures]
  1. Heels
  2. Twilight Series! I only have the last 3 books because I saw the movie for the first book and so decided to pick up where I left off! and OMG the books are sooo much better than the movie!!!! Loved them:)
  3. Chichi Body bronzer. Love this. its freakin' gorgeous! Looks great in my room, and great on my body. I use it on my legs and chest when I go out. It gives it a slight faux tan look and some sparkle :)
  4. Dolce and Gabbana perfume. Its winter here in Aus and so this is so gorgeous. In summer I prefer light scents, nd this perfume is so not light! Its gorgeous to feel sexy on cold winter nights.
  5. Rimmel Lift and Renew Powder foundation. This is my HG powder foundation - Better than MAC! The only thing that doubts this powder is the colour selection.. ONly 4 or 5 colours to choose from in the range! Dodgy.
  6. The Body Shop Vanilla Oil Perfume. Smells soooo good! Theres a Lush version too that Id die to try out but its like$60 whereas the TBS version is like$20. Ill stick to what I know and love for now :)
  7. Starry EyesLiquid Eyeliner. Yay! All glittery and gorgeous! From Sportsgirl (their coool makeup collection!) I love coated my top lids in this on weekends! Sparkle my way throughout the clubs. Its a tad childish, but who am I kidding! Im no adult :) Ugggh speaking of that, my bday is soon. the big 1-9-!!!!!! ahhh.
  8. Face of Australia lipglosses. $4 each! Great value, great product! But they've been discontinued! Ugh this ALWAYS happens to my HG lipglosses :(
  9. NARS blush. Yum yum yum. So sparkly and gives a gorgeous glow, be it day or night!
  10. Benefit Valley of the STars. Great little kit. I mostly use the eyeshadows when Im at my bfs house cos he finds it weird when I bring a bucket of makeup to his house to get ready to go out. He wants to seemore of my "natural beauty" AHAHAH laughable.
  11. This is a "vintage" necklace! Lol My mum found it whilst cleaning out her room the other day and decided Id love it. Which I do! Apparently its cheap metal but I pass it as gold. Lol

BELOW As you can see below I use HEAPS of the Rimmel powder! Still going!

Im really disappointed because Ive been using the ModelCo Lash + Brow Growth Activator and it hasn't given me any results yet! I started using this product on the 20th of September, it says that I should see results after 2 weeks, it has been just over 2 weeks now, and no improvement in my lashes have been noticed :( So I shall be doing a FULL review on this product in 2weeks to see if there's a substaincial change in my eyelashes at the 1 month mark.
Yesterday I also bought a few things :)

  1. MAC powder sponges(???) - about $8. I use these instead of the sponge that comes with the Rimmel foundation.
  2. Rimmel Stay Matte foundation - Was about $15, got a free powder with it! Haven't used it yet but cant wait till the weekend so I cna give you all a quick review.
  3. The Body SHop Shea Butter Shower gel - $12.95. Ive used this the past few days, Ive managed to skip moisturizing after the shower and my skin doesnt crack as it usually does! Not sure if it comes down to the moisturie properties in this shower gel or just plain luck! It smells yummy :)
  4. Rimmel stay matte powder foundation FREE with the purchase of any Rimmel foundation. Love freebies! Ive been using this in the morning after applying my liquid foundation. It doesnt seem to make my makeup last any longer though. But I loveee Rimmel foundations!
  5. Room oils from Dusk - $6 each. Bought Vanilla annnnnnd some other one. Lol sorry too lazy to look! I think everyone should either have scented candles or oils in their bedrooms. Makes it so much more homey :) And my boy loves to come into my room when it smells yummy.