Sunday, November 29, 2009

Haul : 29/11 Part 1

  1. Sportsgirl Animal Instinct Cosmetic Palette
  2. Crabtree & Evelyn La Source Hand Therapy
  3. Diva Manicure Clutch
  4. Sportsgirl Smooth OPerator Lipbalm
  5. Sportsgirl Get Cheeky eye and cheek shimmer
  6. Sportsgirl Give Me Some Lip lipgloss in 16 candles
  7. Sportsgirl You Glow Girl shimmer balls
  8. Diva Bobbie pin tin and clips
  9. Lush Snow Fairy shower gel


The Snow Fairy Shower gel smeels so good! Think candy gloss and bumblegum! num num num!!! I only bought the smallest size (100g) because Ive had bad experiences with the shower gels from Lush. They dry out my sskin terribly. So fingers crossed this wont!! Ill do a review on it later :)

Cost: $9.50

The main reason I went into Lush was to buy some of their bath bombs, I absolutely love these! Everyone thinks Im pretty immature for being excited about having a pink sparkly bath, but its just so indulgent!!
L to R: Mr Butterball (Vanilla and Musk scented, and leaves skin soft, apparently), Flosty Glitter (My #1 Fav! It smells mainly of Lavender but with a bit of candy tossed in, it makes the bath glitter and adds a light soft pink tone to the bath!), Jingle Spells (apparently this is detoxifying! I might try this as an anti-hang over cure haha)

Cost: $ 5.50 / $7.50 / $ 6.95


Below, is the Get Cheeky cheek and Eye shimmer, and I havent used this yet, so I cant really say much! I love items like this because you can swirl a brush across all the colours, or you can use different colours on the eyes to create different looks. Already I can see myself using the bottom(smallest) colour as a high lighter, and I can compare it to MACs Phloof! eyeshadow :)

Cost: $14.95

This is the You Glow Girl Blush Balls, Ive yet to try them so I wont give my opinion on the product. I will however, say that the packaging is cute, and it comes with a sponge, although Ill use a brush to apply it. I got this free when I purchased the Get Cheeky cheek and eye shimmer.

Cost: Free!

Here's a swatch of the Sportsgirl Give Me Some Lip lipgloss in "16 Candles"(top) and its easily to compare it to Dior Addict lipgloss in "Clutch Pink" (bottom)

Cost: $8.95

Before I left the store I noticed a silver bucket on the display table with cute little rectangular palettes!! There were a few to choose from but I chose this one. Its the Animal Instinct Cosmetic Palette, and for under $10 I could not just leave it there! It has 2 lipglosses, 2 eyeshadows, a blush, and a few little brushes for application on the go. I mean under $10, how could you not? Will do a FOTD with this soonish :D

Cost: $9.95


How gorgeous is this? I love the leopard print coating!! It may just border on tacky though haha but it was under $10 so how could I refuse an accesory as cute as this!!

Cost: $9.99

The inside has a pretty pink lining, and has everything you need to give yourself a mani! minus the nailpolish! Im growing my nails at the moment and am constantly snapping off the ends, and instead of ripping them off with my nails, with this Ill be able to cut them off professionally!!

Also, Ive tried it out, and you can fit eftpos cards and stuff in there!! So you can definitely use it as a card holder :) A very cute, stylish card holder mind you!

I also bought a cute bobby pin tin (ugggh tongue twister much!) The only thing I dont like about it is that the lid isnt attatch, like when you slide it, instead of it stoppingat the end, you can slide it all the way off..

Cost: $4.99

So thats Part 1 of my haul! I dont want to bore you shitless with the other half, so Ill do it tomorrow.

These items would be great as Christmas pressiesn for the girl that has everything!! :)

Ps Any recs for a good eyecream?

Has anyone else tried the Sportsgirl cosmetics?

Or any other beauty products from clothes stores that venture into the world of Beauty?

Love of Loath?


tenxx said...

i use the blush balls & the bronzer balls aswell, i love them both, they aren't really heavy but they have a lovely shimmery effect!

JustJenny said...

i always swatch like every make up product in sportsgirl
but never brave enough to buy it
the black eyeshawdow looks amazing

x-krissy-x said...

Ohhh I saw that Animal Instincts palette the other day at Sportsgirl and I just stood there for ages admiring the silvery glitter packaging inside. It really is lovely! And I'm happy to see more bloggers reviewing sportsgirl makeup...its really motivated me to go out there and try it!

Nicola said...

thanks for the comment on my blog, i love that little clutch, i want it!! as for the apricot scrub, i've got combination skin & use it as much as i like, not quite daily but every other day works a treat on me!!!

Thanks for reading my blog!
Nicola xx

Anonymous said...

I love flosty gritter, you cant beat a pink glitzy bath! :D

Lorien BeautyLove said...

@ Krissy - Hopefully youll read this, prosb not though, but It wont let me comment on your blog!!! Ugggh. Get a comment box :D x

Cheryl♥ said...

Such a great haul! I really need to order some LUSH online and check out what all the fuss is about. I like how your plan on using the detoxifying one as a hang over cure! LMFAO. I love it haha

Christina Tal-Qurru said...

You need to try Jingle Spells with So White! It will be the most amazing bath you ever took! I did it last night with Catastrophe Cosmetic face mask. AMAZINGGGGG

Stevie said...

Ohh Lush is such a glamorous place. I love the glitter soaps. I rarely wear eye makeup so this was a cool post. thx.

Jordy's Beauty Spot said...

This is a really cute haul Lorein!
I have tried some of the Sportgirl cosmetics. I have oneof their pressed powders, some of their brushes and a few of their lipgloss'.
They are fairly good quality for their price but nothign compared to mac in my opinion...
P.S i LOVE your new hair :)

Anonymous said...

Best body wash= Smackers shower gel in Strawberry or Watermelon.
They are so yummy :).

Geeky Mac Boy said...

I have never heard of Sportgirl until checking out your blog tonight. Maybe that's because I'm from America and it being only sold in Australia?

I'll tell ya waht though that lipgloss of their sure is gorgeous and those blush balls are VERY interesting and unique too :-)