Monday, July 26, 2010

haul: bardot + general pants co

im sorry, but i love the name of my new green denim shorts by one teaspoon!! "original trash whore" haha. im not usually one to buy shorts in .. strange .. colours, so im a bit lost in which to wear them with!! any suggestions?? black top, white bonds chesty, etccccc, but i want t make them look stylish.. anyway, theyre amazing, from general pants co, and only $99.95 !!! loveeee <3
below: plain crop tank from general pants co also, for $29.95 by agent ninety nine.
below: new bardot bodice, $79.95. i fell in love with this the moment i saw it, i wasn't even going to try anything on considering i had no money, but i just had to.
below: bardot jeans, $149.95. forgot the actual name of the jeans!! but ive wanted a pair of bardot jeans for a while now, and these are definitely a great pick for my first pair :) bardot jeans look amazing on everyone imo! i cbf putting them on and taking a photo, but there will be ootd's with my new clothes :)

haul: review blazer and blouse

i have never claimed to be stylish in any way what so ever, but i bought a cute blazer and top from Review and decided to try it on with other clothes i had at the time (im on hospital still, so i dont have my full wardrobe!!)

ps. please forgive some of the dodgyish photos, my camera is no good without a flash.

below: review blazer, review top, supre skirt (only $40! how cute is it)
below: review top, supre black shorts.
below: review blazer, review top, supre jeans.
below: review blazer, plain grey tee, hurley ripped jeans
below: review blazer, supre gathered singlet in navy ($18), supre shorts ($32)
i find the blazer amazing, ive had it just over a week and probably have worn it about 3 times already!! most blazers dont fit me (i have a small frame) and thise one seems to nicely :) i wouldnt have mind it if it was a tiny bit smaller, but its still gorgeous! perfect for day or night.

i love receiving all your comments every now and then when i come home to check my blog, so thankyou all so much! i will return the favour when im home and well :) xx

Sunday, July 25, 2010

festival shoes are love.

i just love festival shoes.
these are only $20 from rubi shoes :)
mind you, you only get $20 worth of value!
might have to invest in some "vans".

eotd + fotd. few weeks ago

firstly, id like to say thankyou to the comments everyone left in my other posts :) i had a feeling that because i had abandoned my blog for a while that people may have lost interest!! secondly, i do still read all of your blogs, but dont have time to comment but this will change the second i get out of hospital, and i will be getting back to everyone. i absolutely adore all my followers and readers! thankyou so much <3

so here's a smokey blue/white eotd i did a while back, the blue wasn't the colour i wanted, i wanted a way more darker navy blue, but i could only use what i had!! i know my technique and blending needs work, im defs practicing though :)

the first photo in the picture below is without any mascara or eyeliner. i think next time ill line my bottom lashes with the blue shadow, but when i get a better navy blue!
here are the products i used :) not including my foundation, because i just used my HG rimmel foundation.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Review: Australis Duo "Sunkissed Glimmer"

Packaging i find the packaging rather cute, but kind of cheep looking. black and pink are my favourite colours, so thats a bonus for me.
Quality the thing i dont like about this product is the brush that it comes with. i mean its considerate of the company to add a brush, but its useless, and ends up in a streaky result. so i just use two of my own separate brushes :) but other than that, the highlight and contour are quite good quality!
Price about $10 - $15
My Opinion considering the price, its very good value for money!! i love the contour alot, but the high light seems to pink for my skin, and its hard to blend them properly together which looks fine in normal light, but if youre out in the sun you can see a line, but its not all that noticeable!! overall, i love it :) basically.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

inglot palette haul

i haven't been to keen on inglot makeup because i purchased their pressed powder and first the mua colour matched me completely wrong, but i returned it and got a more suited colour, but it oxidizes really badly with my skin. also, their lighter shadows (the $20 ones, not the ones from the palettes) are so sheer. however, their darker $20 e/s are beautiful, so i decided to check the selection out once again with my friend :) i ended up with two gorgeous palettes !!

the first is an eyeshadow palette,
i went for 10 square e/s for only $85 (thats $8.50 for an excellent quality e/s).
my opinion: love all these colours!! they are so beautiful, and the texture is indescribable!! the packaging is very cute also :) the palettes are magnetic. im definitely heading back there for another 10 palette, hopefully one day i'll have all the colours!! ohhh, but there is a con: the $20 single e/s and the palette e/s aren't the same!! so if you fall in love with a colour from the single e/s range, you might not be able to match it with a palette eyeshadow!

the second palette i chose was a blush palette,
you can choose 4 blushes from a huuuuge selection of bronzers, blushes, highlighters, etc. for only $60.
my opinion: you can see that the hot pink on the left is quite matte, but the other three do have large chunks of shimmer, which is beautiful!! i love all the 4 colours, the one second from left is a peachy/corally colour, likewirse the one second from right, and the one on the right is a very baby doll pink (i liken it to MACs "well dressed"). cons: when i brush my blusher brush over any of these colours quite alot of powder forms, so i dont think they will last very long  !! but only time will tell :) my next inglot blush palette will be a mixture of bronzers and high lighters.

instead of explaining the inglot "freedom" system, i just got a pamphlet from the store and took photos of it for you all :) i definitely recommend these palettes, as theyre great quality and affordable!

july 23 update + fotd + ootd + eotd

hello everyone!
sorry for my lack of posts lately .. im in hospital at the moment which sucks !! but im doing fine and ill be out in a few weeks :) anyways, i have been taking alot of photos for you guys !! and i have a massive (clothes) haul and a smallish inglot haul and other random stuff :) hope everyone has being well :)
The Body Shop Moisture Foundation
Inglot Pressed Powder
Inglot Blush
Inglot e/s
Loreal Telescopic Mascara
Maybelline Lash Stilhetto Mascara 
(don't like this, so just using it up!!)
Australis Mineral Inject Lipgloss in Lambada
Review Blazer
Valleygirl Crop Top
Supre Jeans
Rubi Shoes Knee Hi Boots

(Sorry for the crappy ootd pictures, its difficult taking photos of your clothes!!)