Thursday, November 19, 2009

Express Reviews: Pimple Treatments, ModelCo Lash + Brow Growth Stimulator, Kerastase Noctogenist Spray.

Alrighty, Long reviews aren't really my thing. So basically Ill give you my humble opinion on various products, followed by ratings out of 10 for the following:
  • Value for Money
  • Quality of Packaging
  • Quality of Product

ModelCo Lash + Brow Growth Stimulator


Claims: " LASH + BROW Growth Stimulator is your beauty secret weapon for voluptuous lashes and fuller thicker brows in just 14 days! This unique wonder product restores thin lashes and over plucked brows with a deep conditioning blend of vitamins and proteins that prevents damage from free radicals to the hair follicle while simultaneously working to maintain healthier hair growth. "

My Opinion: 14 days? Nah. I used it every night for almost 2months and it did not imrpove my lashes. Not the length, volume, or health. However, There are reviews saying good things about this product (thats why I purchased it in the first place) so I still encourage people to try it out if they wish, and see if it works for them!!!

Value for Money: 0/10 (cos it didnt work for me) 6/10 (if it had worked, its alot cheaper than the other $150 versions out there!!)

Quality of Packaging: 8/10 (Simply, modern)

Notes: Only use at night. If you wear it during the day, you cannot apply mascara on top!! It clumps lashes together!!

Caution: Avoid getting it in your eyes - Stings like a bitch!!!

Kerastase Noctogenist Spray

AUD $46.50

Claims: (from back of product) " Overnight revitalizing treatment, renewing effect - For fine, dull, tired looking hair. Throughout the night, the enriched formula nourishes and portects the hair fibre. In the morning hair is refreshed, light, radiant and feels renewed. Spray over lengths and ends of dry or towel dried hair. INstantly absorbed and does not weigh down hair.

My Opinion: It really does leave the hair soft and silky in the morning!!! However it didnt perform any miracles, its more of a smoother and detangler. It smells delicious, and the spray is light and absorbs quickly.

Value for Money: 6/10 (if it weren't so expensive Id buy it again!! However, Ill be trying out cheaper versions.)

Quality of Packaging: 5/10 (not that great, the supermarket brands look just as good. However the brand itself entices my to buy products like these!! Id much rather Kerastase on my dressing table rather than Tresemme - Ps I love Tresemme!)

Note: Its tempting to use too much product because it feels like their isnt enough product on the hair, I used way too much for the first 2weeks and it emptied out half the bottle!! I only use 3-5 "spritzes" now and it feels just as good as when I used 10+ !!

Pimple Problem?

L2R: Garnier SOS Pen, Nivea bye-bye Spot, Clearasil Blocker Pen.

Garnier SOS Pen


Works well.


Cant wear under makeup, causes flaking.

Dries out skin.

The weird smell gets to me.

Nivea Bye Bye Spot


Works well!! Had a pimple and put some of this on it at 4pm and then later before bed, and noticed a dramatic difference the next day!!!

Nifty packaging. Kinda "Stylish" for a pimple treatment!!

Does not leave skin dry.


You have to "press" the pen onto your skin, and if you have a sore pimple, it kinda hurts!! I mean you dont have to like push down hard or anything, but its still a tad rough!!

Clearasil Blocker Pen


Cool concept. Like a twist biro full of pimple fighting stuff.


Doesnt actually work. (For me)

Dries out skin.

Cant wear under makeup, causes flaking.

Which One Would I Re Purchase?

Nivea Bye Bye Spot Pen.

Looking for a natural solution? Try pure Tea Tree Oil. Works soooo well!!! Not as convenient as these 3, because you have to use a cotton bud and dip it in the oil. Maybe Im just lazy :)


Cristina BarbieLuvsMac said...

yay i love reviews! :)
great post

Nicole said...

i have been getting blemishes like crazy!! so i think i definatly have to try the nivea bye bye spot since it seemed to work best for you

Anonymous said...

I never knew Nivea had that product! Im definitely going to go hunt it down!

JustJenny said...

i have the model co
and it works quite well for me
but once i stop using it
it goes straight back to my normal lashes
and OMG the sting is incredible, thats the worse thing about it for me
when i put it on it sometimes hurts and my eyes water and the product just runs off
i try to use it every second day and wait like a week and i get results
pretty wierd
but thanks for the review!

Dylana said...

I just started coming across beauty blogs and I really love them! Yours is great! Keep up the good work!

Lovely blog!

nessQ said...

With your nivea pen, have you tried applying it to the back of your hand then using a Q-tip to apply it?
Maybe that'll work :)

Anonymous said...

That was reallyyyyy helpful :):)