Thursday, February 25, 2010

Rimmel Haul

I received some Priceline vouchers in the post the other day. Basically I had like $20 to spend because of the points I have gained from buying from Priceline :) I decided to spend the vouchers as quickly as possible because usually I like wait forever and then forget about them and by the time I find them again, they're invalid!

It was my lucky day! Because Rimmel had a "Buy 2 Get 3rd Free" promotion going on, so the 3 items I bought were:
L to R: Rimmel Exagerate Liquid Liner in Black (HG), Shock Gloss in Clear and Moisture Renew Lipstick in Nude Delight.
Also, if you spent $25+ you also got a free Rimmel makeup bag with 3 extra products!
So in the makeup bag, which was all totally FREE, there was "Lasting Finish Nail Polish in 240 Bling", a "Glam Eyes Mascara in Black" and also a "Soft Kohl Kajal Eye Liner Pencil in Black" !!!

All together now :)
When I got to the counter with my 3 items, and the beauty case with 3 extra items, I only had to pay $8!!! So I got like six items for 8 bucks! So good!

Has anyone tried these items?

I have a Rimmel Kohl White Liner, and I use it on my waterline but it's pretty stiff so it's difficult to get on, and when I do manage to apply it, it doesn't last that long!!

However, I absolutely love love love the Exageratte liquid eye liner!
I've used it for about 5 years now on and off, and it's just one that I can always go back to and have no problems using it! The applicator is great because it gives a nice strong solid line, and if you apply it harder it will be dense, and with a soft hand the line will be leaner!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

OOTD + Forever New Dress and Playsuit

How insanely awesome is this picture!! I walked out of my room at 7am to wash my face and it was dark, came back and the sun was like BAM!! I also took a picture of my OOTD in the sun cos it looked pretty!
Skirt from Pilgrim, Playsuit worn as a top from Forever New.

Forever New Playsuit
(Buy one sale item, get the other half price!)
I bought the green dress with the daimantes (below) from Forever New, and then the lady at the counter said that I could get an extra sale item with an extra 50% off!!! I couldn't say no, I wanted to buy another dress, but they didn't have ANY styles in my sizee ugh. I tried on the playsuit, but I actually thought it was a dress!! It actual looks like a dress!
Forever New Dress
On sale for $99.95. In my opinion it looks kinda tacky like on a coat hanger and all, but when I put it on it looks so nice!!! This is one of only two strapless dresses that I wear!!! It has major suport and it cinches in at the waist and it's just lovely! It's not something I'd usually wear, but yup!!!
I couldn't be fucked trying it on, but yeah. It sucks though cos I thought it'd match with the green clutch that I bought the other day, but it totally clashes! grrr.

Monday, February 22, 2010


I've said this before, but I'm really lacking in inspiration for posts!
I went into town and bought this clutch from Live for $40
BORING, I know haha I think I'm probably going to maybe be buying a really pretty dress tomorrow! It's from my Forever New and it's on sale for $99 It's just that my boobs look big in it, but squished? Dunno, it's weird!
I'm bringing my brother into town so I can get his opinion on it! My friend and the shop people said it looked nice, but my brother always gives an absolute honest opinion! and he's like gay so he knows what suits and what doesn't haha

and OMG the salon that my eyebrow waxer works at, isn't there anymore!!! IT's closed down!!! and my eyebrows and like fully spastic at the moment cos it's been like 3weeks! and I went on Vogue Forum for eyebrow waxer recs in Adelaide, and basically everywhere else has changed hands or whatever.

so my hair's yellow, my eyebrows are fuzzy, and I got to school late! not a good day!

Friday, February 19, 2010


Hey guys,
I'd just like to say that I'm sorry for all these boring posts Ive been posting.. I have like a bloggers-block and can't think of what to write about, and when I do think of something to write about I can't be bothered cos I'm too tired from school!!

Last night was the Fringe Opening Night where these is usually a really good street party, but last night was so lame and the majority of people there were like these 15 year olds in heels getting drunk and bumping into each other.

I can't stand town, I'm 19 and I look like I'm 16, but the youngest guy that offered to buy me a drink was 23 years old!! uhhhhh.

Sorry about the quality of the pictures, blogger has made tham super dooper blurry! The first picture is what I actually wore, and the second picture is what I was going to wear (black top, black shorts, pink heels) I decided to go casual cos I cbf going clubbing afterwards! I just went to the Woolshed and RoseMont and talked and played pool :)
* please excuse my bra showing!
If a guy approaches you and starts talking to you, and offers to buy you a drink, but you are not interested in him at all, should you decline?
should you accept the drink, because he obviously came over to talk to you because he wants to hook up, therefore he's just using you, so you may aswell use him? even if you don't plan on hooking up with him?

does that make any sense?

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

OOTD: boring

haha I'm so baby-faced for my ageeeee!!! It was another hot day today, and I saw people in jeans, heels and floaty tops! Im like AHH how can those people do it? I'd feel suffocated in jeans on a day like today, and my feet would sweat like crazy and the heels would just drop off! I don't get it!

Shortie Shorts BUDGET Haul

Supre is having like a massive clearance of shorts at the moment! I know that the majority of Aussie girls think Supre is cheap or tacky or whatever ("Supre SLuts" ???) but they seem to be the only denim shorts that fit me perfectly! I'm not ashamed to admit that I love their basics like singlets and t-shirts, and I use their plain black tights for excerising and for my work uniform when I was a waitress.

I would love to be able to afford all of my clothes from places like Sportsgirl or Globalize, but I can't spend $50-$100 per singlet! Even if Icould, most of my basics would be from Supre anyway! The size range it awesome, and even though they fade quickly and get distored, they're cheap so you can buy a new one every few months anyways!

Anyways, The first two shorts from Supre were only $5 each!!
The one on top is a xxxs black pair, then the blue pair is an xxs, and the bottom black pair is xxs, yet they all fit perfectly? but they have like difference between like 5cm-10cm.. WEIRD
The denim pair below was $38 and the black stretchy pair were $10 :)

The black singlet with sequened detail is a Billabong singlet from Jetty Surf for $49.95. That's probably the max I'd pay for a singlet or tee!!! and the grey over sized t-shirt was only $7.50 from Supre :)
I have a collective haul from weeks ago but I cbf uploading all the pictures!!! and hauls get boring after a while!!! so I'll post a OOTD/FOTD using some stuff that I bought in this post :)

Does anyone know the brand Hurley?
It's like a skatey type brand? Anyways, Ive been obsessed with their hoodies for years (they have xs which are tiny! most surfy/skatey hoodies are too big for short people like me) and now they do TRACKIESSSS!!!!

I know in America trackies are fine, but for European people, would you been seen out and about in trackies? Like wear them to school??

Thursday, February 11, 2010

American Apparell Hoodie + MAC Fix

 $61 from American Apparel.

I bought my second Fix + !! I have stated in previos posts or in comments on other bloggers pages that I didn't like this, but I've started using this with just powder foundation, and omfg it's brilliant!
I'll do a post about my powder foundation routine :) I used to just use powder to set, but now I'm using it as my all over foundation!! Total powder convert!
It's only $27, which is so reasonable! Rose Water from Jurlique is $37 and you don't get as much!

How does everyone use their MAC Fix + ?

To set?
Blend powder?
for more Intense Eyeshadow?

Tuesdays OOTD + FOTD

This was Tuesday's OOTD/FOTD, I had Maths and Chemistry so I decided to sorta like dress a bit "smartish" :) lol..... Hence the vest!

[click to enlarge]

It was 40 degrees that day, fuck the heat wave!!! and I had woken up at 6am, makeup on by 6.30, taking pictures at 7.30am, and my nose was already oily! I love summer, but my oily nose gets like a trillion times worse in dumb weather like this.
This was my eyemakeup.
I wanted to use the navy blue(bottom right), but instead, cos I wasn't focused, i dipped my brush in the dark green (top right)!! I tried putting navy ontop of it, but didn't really work, so I just stuck to the green lol
Australis Palette $12ish


In Year 12 (which is the last year of high school, I'm not sure if other countries call them "forms" of something?) in English, for an essay, is a limit of 1000 words too short?

I have an assignment, and 1000 words is the limit, it just seems so short! I have 1200ish, but thats with editing! Like how are people supposed to be creative if there's a really small limit! UGH. That's why I hated school, STRUCTURE! If I want to write like 3000 words I should be able to!

My teacher, who hates me (cos Im in a "pose" and apparently haven't grown up and should think about how other's "perceive us"), is like, "If it's even one word over 1000, I won't read it.".

FOTD with my kitty catty! + Mini Haul

Hey Guys,
Today I didn't go to school because I had Maths and Chemistry, it's really over whelming because I missed the first week of school, which meant I missed about 5hours of work on both subjects! I'm behind, and I went to class on Tuesday, but I just got so frustrated that I didn't know the basics cos I missed out on the orientation week! ugh. So Im going to the tutorial centre tmoz and they'll teach me everything so I'm up to speed!!

Anyways!!! I called up my friend and decided to go shopping instead. It was a weird day, like 35+ degrees, but it rained? So I was in thongs and a dress, carrying an umbrella, and slipping all over the concret! I'm not sure what would've been more frustrating; slipping all over the concret with frizzy hair, or going to Maths and Chem class.

I didn't buy much at all, just these sandals (or "flip flops" as Natalie from Beauty Has No Label calls them LOL I love how different countries have different words! like we call rubber sandals "thongs" and thong in England means g-string; pretty sure?)
 And this dress from Supre. It was only $15, score!!
 Ima wear this dress with thes new shoes I bought from Betts a few days ago...
... So cute :)

But this is cuter!!!

This is my gorgeous kitty cattennn Noonie! I absolutely love her, even though she's overweight, way selfish and only friendly when she feels like attention.
Sorry my face is like munted in all of these, but I was like laughing half the time! She's too cute! Look at her face she wants to get away! hahaha
 She has a foot fetish!! hahaha No joke, I didn't like poke her with my foot or anything, she was just like rubbing her face in my foot WTF!
Just some other non-noonie pictures :)

Monday, February 8, 2010

FOTD + OOTD + New Shorts and a Top

This was actually yesterday's makeup and outfit, but I got lazy and cbf posting it! (: sorry for my slack-ness!

It was 40degrees (celcius!) in Adelaide AUS today, and so my nose is like shiney shiney shiney! But My cheeks and lips are supposed to be as shiney as they're pictured! Just my nose is meant to be matte haha
So please excuse that! I couldn't be bothered applying powder, cos pretty much when I get home from school I take off my makeup, so all of it was about to come off right after I took these pictures!
 Rimmel Lasting Finish L/Foundation
Rimmel Renew & Lift P/Powder

Maybelline Blush in Precious Pink
Sportsgirl Get Cheeky Cheek and Eye Shimmer Blush

Inglot e/s Trio in #21
MAC e/s in Phloof!
Face of Australia Liquid Liner in Black
Rimmel Soft Kohl Liner in 071 PureWhite
ModelCo Kohl Liner in Black
Covergirl LashBlast Waterproof Mascara in Black

Obviously, 40+ degree weather called for short shorts and a singlet! The shorts are Insight (I think??) they're like blue, Ive had them for atleast 3 years!!! They're my favourite, I have no intention of throwing them out, no matter how dated they get! and a plain dark grey Supre singlet :) Exciting stuff!
I have like a huge haul, but I cbf uploading all the pictures into one blog, it might get a bit tedious for you guys. So Ima just like add in one or two items into the next few posts that I do :)

Supre Denim Shorts, $40-50. I love the rips in them! Theyre like the shortie shorts version of ripped jeans! The pockets cober the skin under the rips, but Im thinking of removing the pockets so you can see my skin LOL nah Ill leave them the way they are (:
 Cotton On Tee, $24.95. I usually don't like Cotton On because of the sizing is weird, usually the tops are too big, but even when they do fit, I'll like wash them once and it'll go spaz..
This tee doesn't fit very well lol but the cut out at the back is just too cute!