Friday, April 9, 2010

EOTD + Physicians Formula Baked Eyeshadow Trio

Recently I've been using the Physicians Formula Baked Eyeshadow Trio in Baked Sands for an everyday neutral look (EOTD below), and I've fallen in love with the colours! So I've decided to up my game and purchase another trio but a darker version, I went for "Baked Smokes". Basically these trio's have a base/lid shade (left), high light (centre) and a liner/crease shade (right). It's basically for those colour-retarded people who can't mix and match shades, like me! It's pretty full proof, they're easy to blend, and I spose they're alike a MAC "frost" type texture, but less soft.. The only downer I have on them is that they run out pretty fast! I haven't used them wet yet, but I'll do it tomorrow :) Maybe then it'll save some shadow seeing as I won't have to use as much!
On sale at Priceline for about $10 - Normally $15ish?

EOTD using Physicians Formula Baked Eyeshadow Trio in Baked Sands
I 've had this palette for almost 3 years now! and haven't actually used it until about a month or so ago!  I don't even remember purchasing this ever, maybe a friend gave it to me or something? I never even used shadow until about a year ago!
[click to enlarge]

I apologize for the dodgy pictures - It's half the camera's fault and half because I took the pictures after a 12 hour day! In a few of the pictures you can see the scar I have from hitting my head a few weekends ago, cannot believe it actually scarred :(
+ my eyebrows haven't been waxed in over two weeks because I'm scared it will open up my scar

Indoors + Flash

[click to enlarge]

Outdoors + No Flash

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Clarins Colour Quench Lip Balm + FOTD + Uggies :)

Yesterday I exchanged a Clarins moisturizer because, after using for 4 weeks (hoping it would get better), it broke me out horribly, but because the moisturizer was $78 and my regular Clarins moisturizer was only $45 I had a few extra dollars to spend. So I purchased this lip balm :) It's less sheer than what I usually go for, but I actually don't mind it. I won't be repurchasing because it's not ultra moisturizing like my regular $10 lip gloss, and it's too dark for me; However, I do reccomend this as it is a beautiful colour! Even though it isn't "solid" like most lip balms, it does dry less shiney than a gloss :) But still has a subtle sheen which is really nice! So if you're not ready for lipstick but don't like have sticky glossy lips, then this might be for you :) It's approximately $26  - I'm shocking with remembering the prices! haha
The above picture was me trying to be all arty haha I was taking it as though I was reading the back sorta thing -Here's what the packaging says about this Lip Balm:

"Fresh, Luminous lip balm in fruit-inspired colours with a sweet fruity aroma and taste. Deeply replenishes lips with soothing moisture for lasting comfort."

Love the scent, taste and colour but like I said before, it's not moisturizing enough for me - but my lips are SUPER dry

Below is my face of the day :) I'm having difficulties with my camera, buttt I was trying to show you the glow on my cheeks, but it didn't show :( ANyways I'm using Chi Chi blush in Burning Up and Revlon Bare It All in 245 Peachy Tease which gives me a really nice glow :) I'll try to get better pictures!!! Still sorting out the settings.....

Mitchdowd Boxers are the BEST! from Myers :D have had these ones since Year Nine, so about 5 years!!!
And each winter I get myself one or two pairs of Cotton On Ugg Boots :) for only $24.95!!! They;re horrible quality and get smelly and dirty and break apart in about a month or two, but like for under $25 and they're way comfy....

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

New Shoes :)

Betts had a "Buy One Item, Get The Second Item Half Price" promo,so I decided to take advantage of it! I'm 99% sure that it's still going aswell! So Aussie girls should def make the most of it :) Also, Zu is having the same promotion! And has the cutest (or tackiest? I'm unsure) studded and diamonds clutch!

This pair also comes in dark/moss green, burgundy red, and a deep tan colour, but I chose blue because at the time I was wearing a bright floral dress and these looked AMAZING!! These are probably some of the shortest heels I own, but they're so comfortable - They're also the only non-peeptoe pair I own aswell!
$79.99 - down to $40 :)

My camera is refusing the take good photo's of these black pair, but they're a dark black, and they're not washed out at all! They're too cute! I love straps on heels for when you need to walk fast on a night out without losing your shoe lol
$109.99 (or something close?)

OOTD + Nipple Piercing Opinions?

Hope everyone had a wonderful Easter!!! I didn't even eat chocolate (well, no more than usual) but I still managed to put on weight?

I'd like to apologize for the pictures, I've never had like a decent camera at all, and my last camera (that has taken 90% of the pictures on my blog) was OKAY until it dropped into the mug of water and went fuzzy! So today I got a new one, took it home and took photos, noticed they were shotty photos, so decided to return the camera, but I had chucked out the receipt in the bin just outside the place I bought it from - TARGET - and they wouldn't let me exchange it because I had no receipt! Even though the guy who served me remembered me from an hour before!!!! So mad.

If anyone has the SANYO IZ-S1275 please tell me which settings are the best!!! Ugghhh

Anyway, my OOTD was taken with my camera phone! I have an LG web slider and it's picture quality is fair dodgy! But I need to update with something! I really used to enjoy blogging, so hopefully I'll get back into it
But the good thing about phone pictures is that they take 2 seconds to upload!!!

Black Supre Skirt
Cotton On Loose Fitting Tee
Betts Gladiator Sandals

I got my nipple pierced on the weekend haha I don't know if it's tacky or not, the concept of it is I guess, but I'm not the sort of girl who gets it pierced and tells everyone about it and whips it out to show it off! I haven't showed anyone! I've noticed however, that when I tell a male friend that I have it pierced the first thing they ask is "Can I see it?". Ewww. No.

Does anyone have their nipple pierced?
Or any opinions from anyone?

Thursday, April 1, 2010


I have been missing in action for almost a whole month! It's bad, I know!

It's not just blogger that I've been slacking on, I'm also way behind in school - I'm seriously on an "E" for Maths! Ah!

I will be blogging after Easter, my friend ruined my camera by drunkingly dropping it into a Schutzenfest mug filled with water.. But she's buying me a new one, soon.

Last weekend was totally heckit for me, I ended up at the Emergency Room at the Royal Adelaide Hospital at 3am on saturday morning after hitting my head on a desk! I had a couple of stitches, which were taken out today, but I now have a lovely black eye and there's still blood in my eye!
Gross, I know! All my foundation is like gone and I'm all spotty cos I've been going out way too often. Next term I'm stopping like everything! On weekends I'm planning on staying home with a study group :) Mmmm.. Perhaps!

Eww and yuck, this is from another night, I'm the blonde in the dark blue dress with a silvery goon sack on my knee!
It's horrible!
I'm seriously considering a brace?

Easter Holidays started today, so I will definitely be posting more!
The good thing is, is because I've been away for so long, I have loads of things to blog about!

Happy Easter Lovelies x