Sunday, August 30, 2009

Haul: 31/8 Lush

I love showing people what Ive bought! Usually I just tell my friends & family about it and they just get bored! Its so nice having a blog where everyone loves hearing what others have purchased! Thanks to all my lovely followers (almost 50! Cant wait!) xx

So today I bought a few goodies!

Here are the clothes

How cute is this dress!? Ugh I love it! It was $109 from Globalize (Best shop in the Universe!) Im planning on wearing this to the Royal Adelaide Show! I loooveee the show!

This is a dress from Supre, was only $30! Bargain!

It has a lower back, so Im going to have troubles finding a bra for this - Oh well, showing the back of a bra isn't tacky, right? Lol Well I hope not!

And some shorty shorts! $32 from Supre! Which adds another pair of Mini Shorts to my ever-expanding collection :)

I also went to Lush.. Everyone on here Raves about Lush, So I thought I might try out some of their products... I bought "A Crash Course in Skincare" Face Mask, "Eau Roma Water" toner and a "Think Pink" bath bomb and the Lovely Lady who was helping me out also gave me a sample of another face mask (forgot its name! Catastrophe something???), how kind!

Has anyone used these products? Whats your fav Lush product?


Aleksis said...

Great haul...I love your @ telling your fam about your purchases and they get true! I have yet to purchase anything from LUSH unfortunately. I just moved and there is no LUSH anywhere near me...


Cheryl said...

I love your haul! They are all stuff I would wear! I'm an avid fan of short shorts. My collection is expanding as well! Love the blog

PrincessKayFay said...

Love your haul! Ooh and my favourite LUSH product is the shiny hair shampoo, its like a bar of soap and it has little glitter specks in it! It's gorgeous! Ooh and from the soaps I love RockStar, it smells divine, like sweets! xx

Marce said...

Nice haul, the dress in the first pic is sooo cute!
I haven't tried Lush, there's none in Argentina. I do remember going into a store when in Australia, and the smell intoxicated me! LOL

Glamorous Beauty said...

Nice haul. Congrats on having 50 followers.

Eugenia said...

a girl can never have too many short shorts.. i live in FL so those are a NECESSITY!

Pau said...

lovely haul :)
those dresses are gorrgeous!!

Cristina [BarbieLuvsMac] said...

freaking loooove the shorts!!!

thesydneygirl said...

i LOVE shorts and singlets - so simple and sexy! YAY! i am happy that i have come across yet another fellow aussie in the blog world =D first day of spring, yay!!! lets hope we have lots of sunshine! xxx

Tali said...

Love the shorts!! OMG! xx

Anonymous said...

I discovered lush only a few months back after my birthday when my friend bought me the rockstar gift set and got a bit addicted after that. Its totally changed my skincare routine! And i dont know if its been the total cure (because vitamins and what not have helped also) but since useing fresh farmacy and the tea tree toner i have faaar less spots occuring and my skin is the clearest that it has ever been!

Was the Catastrophe (cosmetic??)face mask the blueberry one? What did you think? That was the last one that i tried and it seemed to really calm down the redness in my face that i had at the time but not as good for spots as Cosmetic Warrior was when i tried that but that smelt awful lol!

makeup=love said...

I absolutely love the first dress! You must post photos of you wearing it!

Ooo... I love the other dress and shorts too!! Sometimes Supre have lovely dresses, and that grey dress is one of them :)

Hope you're having a great day!