Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Haul: 25/8

Yesterdays Shopping Trip :)

Simple Black Tee with a Small Front Pocket from Bardot, 3/4 Length Cardi also from Bardot + 2 make up palettes from Gloss.

The two palettes I bought are really great! The bottom one has 48 colours! and the top one has cheek, face and eye colours! They were both less than $10!

The so called "Recession" hasn't exactly changed the way I shopped at all, however I never go past a bargain! And I don't believe in the whole "You get what you paid for" idea. I think there are a lot of great low cost brands out there! You just have to try and buy to sort the actual too good to be true brands vs the quality bargains!

I also gave one of my close guy friends this as an apology because I said something really mean and it was all tense for a few days! He forgave me and we hugged it all out :)

Ps. The green bag is a personal joke!
What has everyone bought lately? Any good bargains!?
Love love. xx

1 comment:

Pau said...

that cardigan is gorgeouss! :)
i love it! and those palettes are great too! good bargain!!