Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Shortie Shorts

So today was the warmest day Adelaide has had for 3 months!!! So I decided to celebrate this (because I loveeeee warm weather!) by applying a spot of fake tan, thank you Nivea Summer Beauty, and cutting up a pair of Dotti jeans into short shorts!

There is one little problem with these semi-home made shorts.. I had to cut through the pockets so they'd be short enough! So this arvo I was walking from my neighbourhood visiting a friend and only had my lipgloss and Mobile. So I put on my lipgloss (I do this religiously.. my boyf gets annoyed cos my lips are always "sticky".. How suss.) and then shoved the lipgloss in my pocket and kept walking, then something hit my leg and I was like WTF!? and looked down to see my lipgloss. Anyways, so great story right! Haha :)
Oh and I have run out of the foundation I used for when Im "tanned" - MAC NC20.. Yupp! thats right, NC20 is tan on me! Im defnitely albi :)
Ps Once again sorry about the pictures! My camera goes fuzzy without a flash, So I always have to use flash! Ughhh and the flash makes my face like whiter than it usually is. Oh wells! :(
Pps Thats my bro's room.. Uggghh is anyone jealous of the mirror he has!? I wanted one :(

I havent had my HG mascara - Loreal Telesopic - For almost a month now! Due to my 'lack of funds' aka NO JOB! So I sneakily added it to the shopping trolley because I know my mum has a hard time saying No to me infront of other people (The check out chick.. Who giggled when my mum accidently swung her keys in my face lol :( ouch). Hopefully Im not the only one that uses my mothers weaknesses against her for my own benefit! :( Oh wells, This is the best best BESTEST mascara in the whole entire world! Ive used it since I had decided to rip of false eyelashes, and with the false eyelashes came some of my real ones! This mascara makes it seem like that incident never happened! Thanks Loreal :D
Here's some other things I got:

Clockwise from Top Left: Swisspers, Vanilla Cupcake with Lovehearts (was only 70cents!), Cadbury Cherry Ripes, Loreal Telescopic Mascara, Schwarzkopf Oil Nutritive Repair Butter Treatment, Woolworths Select Body Sponge and the Cosmo September issue!
I also got a new Belly Ring! :) Its a gun with blue diamantes!!! Pow Pow!


Ps Going to do a review on the Schwarkopf hair treatment tomorrow! Ive always tri the Schwarzkopf shine treatment in the same range and didn't particular like that one, so hopefully this one will be a tad better! Stay tuned :)


vanessita6xx said...

Hey girl!! I love those shorts you made, they came out so well! When i tried to make some the other day it was a complete FAIL e.g one leg waaay shorter than the other hah!! Oooh you should DEFINITLEY try that Bourjois FalseLash effect mascara its AMAZING!!!Im obsessed lol i bought 3 more incase i ran out on holiday!! Oooh if you like Too Faced you should check out my new post, its clear that im addicted too!! hehe love your blog by the way hun xoxo write back!!

Glamorous Beauty said...

I agree the shorts you made came out great. I like your haul, the cupcake looks delicious.

Jenn said...

The shorts looks so cute! Great story about the pocket too! xx

Toothfairynotes said...

the shorts look cute and great on you!

Have a great week!

FernLaura. said...

Love those shorts. Nice haul. Your blog is great XOXO

VanityMakeup said...

Love what you did to the jeans!

I followed you :)

Erica said...

youre gorgeous, my lopve! so jealous youre in australia, wil hopefully come out three one timee xxxxx

Anonymous said...

I wish i had legs to pull off short shorts!
Your a jean cutting genuis!
I've never tried the Loreal Telesopic, it's now on my shopping listt (:

Anonymous said...

Love the shorts! Super cute =D

Lorien BeautyLove said...

Thanks everyone!!! Its good to know that I didnt ruin a pair of jeans haha xx