Friday, August 28, 2009

Supermarket Hair Products

I was at the hair dresser yesterday (blowdry pre-party) and I was discussing which supermarket hair brands were bad, and which ones were okay to use.

Do Not Use:
Any of them! Apparently most of the brands you find in your local supermarket aisle use a product called Silica which just coats the hair and inforces product build up without actually nourishing your hair!
However, She (as in Lydia, my hair dresser) mentioned that there are a few quality bargains! She suggested the L'oreal and Schwarzkopf; saying that basically their cheaper versions of the salon quality hair care is just technology that isn't as advanced as the higher priced ones.

But Im still not 100% convinced that Ill stop using the so called "bad" products - They just make my hair feel so lovely!!

Has your hair dresser mentioned the pros and cons of supermarket brands?

Whats your opinion - Is it worth spending practically double the amount to get "salon quality"?


Marce said...

Drugstore brand shampoos leave my hair feeling great! I'm not sure, but I suppose that both the salon as well as drugstore have nocive chemicals in them. I just prefer paying less, thanks. :D

Mimilainna said...

i havent been to the hair dressers in so long, i'll have to remember to ask next week!

Cristina [BarbieLuvsMac] said...

yesssss my hair dresser (justin lol) yells at me wen i dont use my philosophy!!

Victoria said...

My hairdresser says a similar thing. She says definitely don't use Pantene or Fructis or anything like that because all they do is coat the hair.

I use Clynol which she gets me from the wholesalers and it is reeeally good. It has literally transformed my hair and cheaper stuff just doesn't do the trick.