Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Skincare/Jurlique Review

My skin was perfect until up about 5 years ago! So since then Ive been trying every skincare brand out there! Its not until recently that Ive been 100% happy with my daily skincare regime. Here are the products I use;

Clockwise from Top Left: Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser, Body Shop Chamomile Gentle Eye Makeup Remover, Jurlique Daily Exfoliate 4.3oz, Jurlique Daily Exfoliate 1.4oz (Free! with purchase of the 4.3oz version), Jurlique Intensive Recovery Mask, Jurlique Soothing Herbal Recovery Gel, Jurlique Calendula Cream.

So Ive been introduced to Jurlique; This company's products are plant-based, I decided to use this after using Clean & Clear foaming facial wash, toner, and oil controlling moisturizer. I didnt mind Clean & Clear's moisturizer, however the other 2 products broke me out so bad. My skin was so tight! And my whole forehead was covered in pimples :( It was horrible. Ugh. Bad memories! However, Jurlique has definitely turned all that around for me! I've also had one of their Aromatherapy Facials which was so indulgent. Love love.

Jurlique Daily Exfoliate
Okay, when I first purchased this I was hesitant about using this daily. However this product is so gentle! It smells and looks edible. It looks like you're pressing you're breakfast cereal onto your face lol. It does take a few days to get used to the "Press, Release" motion compared to most exfoliants where you scrub your face silly. This is a product that is great for all types of skin! Especially sensitive.

Jurlique Intensive Recovery Mask
Id love to be able to say GREAT things about all of the Jurlique products Ive purchased but honestly, this does nothing special for my skin. It feels wonderful but when I gently take the mask of with cotton pads after the dedicated 10mins, my skin looks the same. For $55 I expected a bit more! I can just say that atleast I didnt get the ($90) larger tube! Phew! However, Ill be using this tube till the end! Facial masks are lovely and relaxing! 10minutes all to myself :)
Jurlique Soothing Herbal Recovery Gel
At first I thought that this raved about product was just another item I didn't need. Instead of buying the product the lovely assistant at Jurlique (Rundle Mall, Adelaide) gave me a weeks supply of samples instead. Oh she was clever! Im hooked. For $70 for the smaller size (which I have) it may seem expensive, but you only need a tincy tiny bit! It makes my skin feel baby soft! And has also helped with my un even skin tone. Loves it!

Jurlique Calendula Cream
The last of Jurlique skincare regime, but definitely not the least! Since I was about 6 years old up until I was 13 I had eczema. I don't have it anymore, But I have redness on my cheeks and nose (I really pale - Mac NC15, So any irritation shows through!). This has calmed it down! I don't look like Im embarrassed all the time! :) It looks extremely thick when you bring it out of the tube, but when you warm it up betwee your fingers before you apply it to your face it sinks into your skin in under 5mins! Definitely a fav.
God sent! Love this stuff. Its something you'll either love or hate. Because of my sensitive/combo/annoying skin this has become a saviour to me. Even since I was 13 Ive been using this on and off. Ive used everything from the expensive "high end" skincare brands, such as Clinique & Biotherm, to cheapo stuff like Clean & Clear, Neutrogena and Formula 10.0.6 but Ive always returned to Cetaphil! And it's only like $15 for a huge bottle that lasts f o r e v e r.

The Body Shop Chamomile Eye Makeup Remover
I pile on my eye makeup alot! And cetaphil does it's best to take it all off, but its a challenge. So I pour some of this remover onto a cotton pad and gentle wipe away the remains! My facial skin is very sensitive and makeup remover wipes and most other makeup removers hurt my skin :( So this is definitely a fav!

Burt's Bees Lip Balm
For my lips! In winter they just get so dry and sensitive, its horrid! This Honey lip balm does wonders! And it's only $6.95!

Tea Tree Oil
For my pimples! The ones I told you about just before. I bought the Clearasil spot pen and it did nothing but dry out my skin - But left the actual pimple! So then I tried Neutrogena 8hour pimple cream after hearing great reviews, and although it took away the redness and reduced the size, It left my skin dry and tight. So I was looking through my pantry and so a tiny bottle of Tea Tree oil, read the label and found you could use this for pimples! So I got a cotton bud, dipped it in the oil and put it straight into my skin. Ouchie! Stung a tiny bit, But the next day the pimple was GONE. Honestly, it vanished. Its also nice knowing that Im not putting on any un-needed (Is that even a word?) nasty chemicals on my face.

Mr. Peppie came to say Hi! :)

My Skincare Routine:

AM Routine
Wet a flannel with warmish water and wipe over face
Apply cetaphil and rub gently
Wipe off with the flannel
Pat dry skin with clean towel
Apply Jurlique Soothing Herbal Recovery Gel
Apply Tea Tree Oil with a cotton bud to any pimples
** Most people use the Herbal Recovery gel at night, But I prefer to use it during the day because my makeup just glids over my skin so easily!

PM Routine
Wet a flannel with warmish water and wipe over face
Apply cetaphil and rub gently
Wipe off with the flannel
Apply TBS (Body shop) Chamomile Makeup Remover to cotton pad and hold over eyelids, then gently press away
Squeeze out 1.5cm of Jurlique Daily Exfoliate onto fingertips, Warm Between fingers, then apply to face using the "Press/Release" motion (Sort of like patting someone on the back but far gentler - lol)
Gently remove with flannel
Apply Jurlique Soothing Herbal Recovery Gel (Ughh long title!) to dry/attention seeking areas
Dab cotton bud into Tea Tree Oil and apply to pimples
Warm Jurlique Calendula Cream between fingers, Dab onto skin
Viola! Finished :)

Has anyone tried the Masks from the SK-11 range? Id love to try them! But theyre too expensive to try and not love :( What about LUSH? Ive heard some bad things uh-oh but also some great things too! Hmm.. Trying to hunt down a GREAT skin mask!


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omg i love that cat its so cute and chubby! lol

Holly :) said...

tea tree oil is the best for spots! I swear by it xx

Nicole said...

cetahil is such a great product. my dermatologist recommended it to me for my incredibly dry skin and it did wonders!

i had no idea it cleared up acne until i started reading all of these blogs!

vanessita6xx said...

Heyy!!Im your new *follower* hehe i love your blog keep up the good work!! OMGoshh that Burts Bees lipbalm is my LIFESAVER lol i love it too!! check out my blog www.vanessita6xx.blogspot.com if you get the chance !! muah xoxo peace

Lorien said...

Hey girls thanks for the comments :) xx

Michelle (Lipstick Rules) said...

I've just started using Cetaphil after I got fed up with 'expensive' skin care. And I love it! I also love the Burt's Bees lip balm.

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