Friday, October 9, 2009

Wish List + Haul 19/10 + OOTD

Its springtime here in Australia, which means Im able to get out of my dull winter clothes and buy a new summer wardrobe!

Sportsgirl Lust Haves.

  1. Twist Bandeau $19.95
  2. Floral Bralet $69.95 - SOLD OUT! ugh.
  3. Printed Bandeau $79.95 - Sold out aswell.
  4. Sienna Floral Dress $129.95

Peeptoe Shoe Lust Haves.

  1. Miss Hyde Park $299 - 14cm heel! :)
  2. Miss Palm Beach Tan $275
  3. Diamond Stud Shoulder Bag $119
  4. Folded Clutch $89

Dotti Lust Haves.

  1. Chantilly Broiderrie Dress $69.95
  2. Starlet Strapless Dress $69.95
  3. Diamonds are Forever Tulip Skirt $59.95
  4. Kitsch Cami $49.95
  5. White Studio Bag $39.95
  6. Sequin Frame Purse $29.95
  7. Distressed Tube Leg Jean $69.95

ALSO For all the AUSSIE girls out there,
I thought Id add links to my favourite online clothing stores!
Peeptoe Shoes

Yesterday I went shopping in town and bought a few things.

  1. Body Butter $5
  2. Inglot Pressed Powder $30
  3. Australis Lipgloss $12
  4. Revlon Mini Nail Polish $6
  5. False Lashes $12 (on sale at Priceline)
  6. 3 for $20 Undies from Cotton On Body
  7. Funny Lipgloss from Inglot $5 each
  8. Ipod Classic in Silver $324
  9. Dior Lipgloss in Clutch Pink $48
  10. St Ives Anti Blemish Scrub $4
  11. Grey Shorts from Cotton On Body
I only purchased the travel sized St Ives scrub because Im always sucked into beauty products that everyone raves about, but they end up doing nothing for my skin!!! So Im going to try this out for a week before I purchase the full size!!
Eeep. Forgot which colour I purchased but I am so mad! Arrgh.
So I went into Inglot the Rundle Mall store, and asked if I could have some help choosing a Pressed Pwoder in the right colour.
She held one up to my skin tone and was like "Yeah this is it."
And Im like cool.
Then she went back to the stand and was like "Uhh, actually, Do you want to go a bit darker?"
And Im like "How much darker?"
And she just tried the foundation on my neck and was like "Yup! This is perfect! Matches your neckline"
And Im liek okay whatever, Like shes the professional, right?
I purchased it. $30. No biggy. $15 cheaper than my MAC powder,
Went out that night and my sister was like "Wow you have like a black face"
Ughhh. So I looked in the mirror and I had like some bad fake tan thing going on!!!!!!!
So I needyour opinions, please girls!!!!
Do I have any right to return the powder? Seeing as she sold me the wrong colour? Or is it my fault for trusting a professional and taking her advice, and then it back firing on me?
Should I just leave the powder alone, and take it as lesson learnt????
And here's just an outfit of the daaaay. Lovely lovely.
Im wearing the Revlon nailpolish in this piccy :) Its gorgeous ay!


Sarah said...

Wow great haul! I loveee Peeptoe shoes too!
I would try and return the powder for sure!! Just explain what happened and I'm sure they will understand- worth a shot anyway :)
That top looks gorgeous on!

❤ »Twee. said...

Your outfit is gorgeous hun :)
Whoo you got the funny glosses & about the Inglot pressed powder you should totally get an exchange or refund or maybe you can redeem it with another item?

It's really no point letting the powder just sit there, I would at lease go back and try =)
But then again when I purchase my inglot foundation I had them tested it on me first and I also brang my bestie along to see what she think about the colour. Maybe you can ask your sis to come with you if you do decide to go back :)

I hope this help <3


Anonymous said...

You should take it back and see how you go if you bought it from a standalone store. I had the same thing with MAC and they happily exchanged my concealer with a receipt after I was all 'yeah that's great' but realised later it was too dark for me. See how you go! Good luck

Cheryl♥ said...

I love your style! Especially all the floral pieces you picked out... too bad they are sold out. I wish I was going into spring not winter grrr

Phoebe said...

If you've only used it a couple of times i think you should be able to - it's worth a try anyway cos you don't want to findout later that you could have changed it and didn't.

I love Sportsgirl, can't wait to shop there next year!

Velo said...

love those stuffs <3

Nicole said...

you totally should go back and return it! thats their job, they are supposed to be trusted and know better than us. this happened to my sister with a mac MSF and they took it with no problem.
i do not have an inglot in my area though so dont know what their return policy is.

so jealous that it is spring by you! im all huddled up in a blanket right now lol.

LOLanne said...

who cares about your nail polish ... my eyes went straight to your boobies LOL
youre too gorgeous :) you bring out the lesbian comments out of me lol

Anonymous said...


Juicygirl said...

wow what a great haul missy blogs super cute too xoxo

Lorien BeautyLove said...

@LOLanne - I cant comment on your blog! :( So upsetting you have some awesome reviews and posts!!!One review, the MAC Oil Control lotion review is awesome... Heres my reply, hopeyou read this!

"I love all MAC products, like 50% of my makeup is MAC! :) Id absolutely love to try this product, but Im so skeptic about products that claim to control shiney oiliness, because my nose is just THAT oily! Un controllable! uggghhh!!! I spent $70 on Dr Brandt Pores No More after reading rave reviews, and it did NOTHING for me. Maybe when Im all cashed up Ill pruchase this :) x"

Feelmore said...

The striped twist bandeau top is soooooooo cute! Excellent choice!

Feelmore said...

Oh wow, you are so pretty!