Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Top 3 Foundation Review

Top 3 Foundations
So over the past, say, 3 years I have been obsessed with foundations, because according to myself I have horrible, horrible skin that needs to be covered.
Well in truth, I have okay skin. I dont have acne, or I dont have like massive pigmentation.
My skin concerns are redness (across the nose and cheeks), and an oily nose (not tzone, just my nose). I also have large pores. I never used to have large pores, only in the past year have I noticed that they're fucking huge.
My facialists view on my skin is that the redness is due to dryness and my use of skincare targeted at oily skin. I have now stopped using products to reduce oiliness, because this only produces more sebum!!! Apart from that she says my skin is *breaths* perfect.. Crazy woman.
I always buy foundation that is medium - full buildable coverage. Long lasting is always a must because Im quite active. S0 here are my Top 3

#1 Clinique Superfit Makeup
Price: $49
Benefits: Oil Free, Long Lasting, Oil Control,
Durability: Long lasting. It does not go cakey at all!!! However it does rub off onto my shirt if I switch tops before I leave the house in the morning. (Rimmel foundation does not do this)
Pros: Its a Clinique best seller!! With good reason. This foundation doesnt just "sit" on my skin, it blends perfectly. It keeps my shiney nose less shiney all day and doesnt sink in my pores. Also, I have problems sometimes with foundations "oxidizing" throughout the day into yuk yellows of bright pinks, this stays the same colour all day :) Whenever I switch from my MAC Studiofix I find that my skin has about 80% less pimples!!! ALso it feels like your not wearing much on my skin :) Love it!
Cons: I have yet to find anything wrong with this foundation!!! Except maybe its a bit Pricey. Lol stingy much?

#2 Rimmel Lasting Finish Foundation
Price: $18
Benefits: Long Lasting, Transfer Resistant, Mineral Enriched.
Durability: The best!! I go to work at 11am, finish at 4pm, head over to the gym, bootcamp for 1hour, come home, ITS STILL THERE. However, This does cause a problem when you actually want it to come off when cleansing your face!!! Ive found Loreal Dermaq Makeup remover works really well.
Pros: Stays on all day, no matter what I do!!! And it just looks flawess. As long as I touch up with blotting papers (thankyou, Body Shop) every 8 hours, I can wear this for as long as I like (Longest Ive tried this is over a 2day bender I did one weekend, friday day, friday night, saturday day, and it was there saturday night when I took it off!!!! Whaaaat!!!). Also the colour is PERFECT. And the Price is awesome!!!!
Cons: In my experience you have to blend faster than usual foundations. If I leave it on my skin for too long it gets harder to blend... It doesnt mention anywhere on the packaging that its not Oil Free, which is a shame because I prefer if my foundation is oil free, makes my feel better :P ALso, after I put it on my face and I use my fingers to blend the last bits in, I wash my hands and I have to use makeup remover thoroughly to get rid of it!!

#3 MAC Studio Fix Fluid
Price: $48
Benefits: Oil free, Long wearing, Buildable Coverage.
Durability: Not as long as the first 2. Well it does stay on the skin, but it makes my nose shinier than the other 2, and tends to flake off in dry patches.
Pros: Looks fabulous!! I dont even blend this foundation. I just squirt 2pumps onto my fingertips and rub it all over my face and it just blends itself. Maybe Im just lucky, But it just looks perfect.
Cons: I do believe this foundation is the reason my pores are so huge, and even if its not, it does nothing to hide them!!! But its probably because I havent found the right primer yet. Id stop using it, but its just looks so flawless!!

So basically, Clinique Superfit foundation is the overall high achiever. Rimmel Lasting Finish stays on your skin, not your clothes. And MAC Studio Fix just looks perfect, little blending needed.

Whats everyones foavourite foundation? And why?


Sarah said...

I'm a Revlon Colorstay fan, and I've also found some love in Estee Lauder Double Wear :)
I really want to try the Clinique now!!

Rin said...

I really want to try the mac studio fix fluid! Currently I'm using mac's studio sculpt, but now that the weather is warming up here I need something with a matte finish. Great review!

Jordy's Beauty Spot said...

I like mac studio fix fluid also!!
It's probz my favourite...
Speaking of Clinique, there will definitely be a review on the Clinique skincare. So far it isn't drying. I guess the face wash is a little but not the toner and the moisturiser makes up for that.
I have no used MAC brush cleaner before so i just thought i would try it out. I know there are cheaper solutions but when your a MAC junkie you just wanna try things out. :)

Sarah x said...

I love MUFE HD, Nars Sheer Glow and fave is Dior Forver xx Great post

Anonymous said...

Napoleon Perdis stick foundation haha, is honestly the greatest! Great thick coverage but only best used with the auto pilot :).

❤ »Twee. said...

Aw thank for the awesome review love <3
I really want to try Mac studio fix fluid :D

How long does the bottle normally last you?

JustJenny said...

i really wanted to try the rimmel foundation and now thanks to your review i will definitely buy it soon.
my favorite foundation is the revlon naturalstay foundation mixed with the NP set 3 memory foundation.

Cheryl♥ said...

I've never tried any of these foundations! I'm interested in trying the Clinique one! I use Revlon Color Stay (which I hear is a dupe for Studio Fix), MUFE HD and MAC Face and Body. My faves :)

Nicole said...

thanks for the review! i'm always looking for new foundations to buy. i really want to try the clinique superfit makeup!

LOLanne said...

i use the mac studio flix fluid... i think it's pretty good, although it's not a perfect match to my skintone, it's close enough anddd blends perfectly sooo no one notices it's actually a shade darker than the rest of me lol

you should try the mac oil control lotion as a primer! i blogged about it last week. it's one of my must haves :)

Stephanie said...

I love Rimmel. Not only their foundation, but their lip glosses are fab too. :)

PrincessKayFay said...

I use Rimmel Lasting Finish every day !! It's so affordable aswell, seeing as I am a bit heavy handed with it :) x

Anonymous said...

I love clinique superfit! almay TLC is very similiar (I love) its great for oily skin and really lasts a long time throughout the day

tramstabalaboopy said...

The Rimmel Lasting Finish Foundation becomes oily on my face, and it feels SO heavy! :3333333

Really good coverage though :)
Non-cakey, etc.