Friday, October 30, 2009



So my brothers bestfriend whos a girl called Clare asked to borrow one of my bras one day.

I said Yes.

To let her BORROW it.

She didnt come around for a week, but the next time I saw her, She was wearing my bra.

She didnt say anything, And neither did I.
I figured she'd take it off before she left my house, and return it.

She didnt.

I asked my mum to ask Claire to return my bra.
Clare said Okay.

Another 2 weeks passed, And Clare came over to get stoned.
She was wearing my bra again.

I asked my brother about it, and he said it wasnt his problem, and that Clare was going to keep my bra because it made her boobs looked good.

SHould I go to Clares house and ask for it back?
SHould I get over it?
Or should my brother get it back for me, Seeing as Clare and I do not talk?

Advice please!!!


Aleksis said...

The next time she comes over just tell her "Hi Clare, I really need my bra back and if you don't give it back you aren't welcomed here" And honestly if your brother has a problem with that he's effed up...that's your brother, she's just some stupid skank that would probably steal his clothes if he were a female...ask your brother "How would you like it if one of my best friends stole your sneakers or bong...whatever" IF she doesn't return your bra (and I know this is stooping kinda low..) I would try to steal something of Hey...eye for an eye, know what I mean?


Sarah x said...

Simple, next time she is round ask for it back - especially right then if she has it on just hold out your hand and wait for her to give it back. If she refuses then get it off her! It's yours for gods sake not hers!

Sarah said...

lol oh hun this made me laugh- sorry but what kind of person steals someone elses bra!! Like how desperate can you be lol I would tell her you want it back asap and then disinfect it! And if she doesn't return tell her you will call the cops- okay tad dramatic but I knew someone who phoned the police over a missing scarecrow, true story!!! I'd defin. confront her about it!!
And awww that is so sad about your hair extensions- you have gorgeous hair without them though :)

Cheryl♥ said...

i nominated you on my blog. :)

xSplendidStar said...

I think you should definately ask her directly the next time she comes to your house. I swear can't she go buy her own one? I have never heard of 'bra-borrowing' every woman should have at least 3 or something. But yeah definately ask for it directly. Hope everything works out.


Anonymous said...

I thought this was a joke at first- how strange!!

Maybe tackle her again about it when she is over at your house next time? Or if it isnt one of your fave bras and you can easily replace it then maybe get over it and vow to yourself to never let her borrow anything again (may be the arpproach with the less hassel)!

So weird that she has stolen it from you but still wears it so that you can see it, not very subtle. I dont really know the answer, what a dilema :/

❤ »Twee. said...

You gotta say "BITCH DROP THEM BRA >:("

just kidding...yeah definitly ask for them back hun!

I hope you get it back soon sweety <3


rosierosierosie said...

WOW! that girl sounds like a waste of space. i love my bras and would DIEE if someone wouldn't give one back. how rude and immature.

Beauty Bible said...

Make some kind of joke about being low on bras and that ur needing urs back, say its ur favourite or somefin and then give her the friendly (death threat) that she either gives u that one back or she can pay for it... if ur brothers lyk most guys i dont think he will be any help, but dont let it go, she'll think she can get away with more stuff if ya do. Good luck, let us no how it works out!! :)

Lu said...

I think you should make your bro do it. Tell her that it was for her to BORROW, not keep! I can't believe she would steal someones bra lol! Tell her where you got it and tell her to buy her own! x

Paula said...

Okay, first of all, who asks to borrow your bra??? That is just weird! Second of all, you should totally JUST GO GET IT! You don't even need to ask, because it's yours!

J.Ms.Marie said...

Just tell her you wold appreciate it if she gave you your bra back. Tell her it's one of your favorites, and apologize if she thought you meant she could have it, and ask for it back. Don't offend her. It's like they say, a soft answer turns away wrath. You don't have to tell her she's not welcome in your house anymore, just nicely ask for it back, you can even make a joke out of it.

Sher said...

wow thats so rude! Id be straight forward with her this time since she didnt get the hints. Tell her she abused your kindness and that you would like it back asap! I hope you get it back without a fight!

Sarah said...

P.S. I have an award for you on my blog too!

LOLanne said...

the next time she comes around, i would just TELL her (not ask) to take it off before she leaves the house.
... buuut knowing myself though, i would just shut up about it andd buy myself a new one :( lol i'm such a doormat sometimes


Cheryl♥ said...

I nominated you for an award on my blog! :)

Anonymous said...

You definitely need to go and get it! I would be so mad!

I love your blog, its so fun!

Anonymous said...

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