Wednesday, October 7, 2009

September Favourites + Mini Haul

Hello there!
I can't believe I have not even written up ONE post this month! Ive just been super dooper busy with work and friends.
My first October Post will be my Favourite items from September!!
[click to enlarge pictures]
  1. Heels
  2. Twilight Series! I only have the last 3 books because I saw the movie for the first book and so decided to pick up where I left off! and OMG the books are sooo much better than the movie!!!! Loved them:)
  3. Chichi Body bronzer. Love this. its freakin' gorgeous! Looks great in my room, and great on my body. I use it on my legs and chest when I go out. It gives it a slight faux tan look and some sparkle :)
  4. Dolce and Gabbana perfume. Its winter here in Aus and so this is so gorgeous. In summer I prefer light scents, nd this perfume is so not light! Its gorgeous to feel sexy on cold winter nights.
  5. Rimmel Lift and Renew Powder foundation. This is my HG powder foundation - Better than MAC! The only thing that doubts this powder is the colour selection.. ONly 4 or 5 colours to choose from in the range! Dodgy.
  6. The Body Shop Vanilla Oil Perfume. Smells soooo good! Theres a Lush version too that Id die to try out but its like$60 whereas the TBS version is like$20. Ill stick to what I know and love for now :)
  7. Starry EyesLiquid Eyeliner. Yay! All glittery and gorgeous! From Sportsgirl (their coool makeup collection!) I love coated my top lids in this on weekends! Sparkle my way throughout the clubs. Its a tad childish, but who am I kidding! Im no adult :) Ugggh speaking of that, my bday is soon. the big 1-9-!!!!!! ahhh.
  8. Face of Australia lipglosses. $4 each! Great value, great product! But they've been discontinued! Ugh this ALWAYS happens to my HG lipglosses :(
  9. NARS blush. Yum yum yum. So sparkly and gives a gorgeous glow, be it day or night!
  10. Benefit Valley of the STars. Great little kit. I mostly use the eyeshadows when Im at my bfs house cos he finds it weird when I bring a bucket of makeup to his house to get ready to go out. He wants to seemore of my "natural beauty" AHAHAH laughable.
  11. This is a "vintage" necklace! Lol My mum found it whilst cleaning out her room the other day and decided Id love it. Which I do! Apparently its cheap metal but I pass it as gold. Lol

BELOW As you can see below I use HEAPS of the Rimmel powder! Still going!

Im really disappointed because Ive been using the ModelCo Lash + Brow Growth Activator and it hasn't given me any results yet! I started using this product on the 20th of September, it says that I should see results after 2 weeks, it has been just over 2 weeks now, and no improvement in my lashes have been noticed :( So I shall be doing a FULL review on this product in 2weeks to see if there's a substaincial change in my eyelashes at the 1 month mark.
Yesterday I also bought a few things :)

  1. MAC powder sponges(???) - about $8. I use these instead of the sponge that comes with the Rimmel foundation.
  2. Rimmel Stay Matte foundation - Was about $15, got a free powder with it! Haven't used it yet but cant wait till the weekend so I cna give you all a quick review.
  3. The Body SHop Shea Butter Shower gel - $12.95. Ive used this the past few days, Ive managed to skip moisturizing after the shower and my skin doesnt crack as it usually does! Not sure if it comes down to the moisturie properties in this shower gel or just plain luck! It smells yummy :)
  4. Rimmel stay matte powder foundation FREE with the purchase of any Rimmel foundation. Love freebies! Ive been using this in the morning after applying my liquid foundation. It doesnt seem to make my makeup last any longer though. But I loveee Rimmel foundations!
  5. Room oils from Dusk - $6 each. Bought Vanilla annnnnnd some other one. Lol sorry too lazy to look! I think everyone should either have scented candles or oils in their bedrooms. Makes it so much more homey :) And my boy loves to come into my room when it smells yummy.


Sarah said...

Ohhh The Body Shop Shea butter range is sooooo good!! I love it! And perfect for those cooler months when your skin feels dry and icky! And how good is Chi Chi :)

xSplendidStar said...

Ohhh I have the D&G perfume too! But my mum always comes to my room to put it on =_= lol, she might as well take it since I ALWAYS forget to sprit some on even though I really like perfumes. Loving the heels btw! <333

Nicole said...

which nars blush is that - i love their blushers :)

great post :)

Gaby said...

The body bronzer package is absolutely cute! & the necklace is goregous (even though I can't cleraly see it... too small!)


Yami said...

great haul :]

Yami said...

yay for makeup!

JustJenny said...

wow thats a great deal with the foundation wonder where you got it?

Anonymous said...

I found that the stay matte foundation and powder weren't the best and didn't end up covered well at all. Lol maybe it's just my skin, but yeah.