Friday, October 23, 2009


I jumped on the bandwagon and bought myself my first underaged lipglass!!! It really is such a gorgeous colour!!! Like a nice soft nude, with a bit of pink :)
The only thing Im worried about is that its kinda small.. Especially for $34 I paid for it.. I go through lipgloss like toilet paper.. Honestly, I use atleast one tube/pot per week.

Also, today I signed up for "Miss Military Bootcamp" at my gym!!! Starting next week :) 2 x 1hour sessions per week, for 6 weeks. On top of that, Im doing a kickboxing class once per week for 45mins, and my personal training for 30mins every friday aswell!!!! Gosh, Im gonna be sooo exhausted!! Hopefully Ill shred some kilos before summer! FIngers crossed :)

So Im a tad lost of what to post today, So I thought Id show you my lipgloss collection.
And a few more!! v
Ohh, and bought two things today from priceline,
A Models Prefer Pallete for the eyte and cheeks. Was only $6.99. They have such an awesome collection of palettes for such cheap prices!! Love this brand!!! I think this is the perfect pallette. In the right hand corner theres 4 gorgeous colours to create a smokey eye look, and in the bottom left and corner there's 4 additional colours.
Im not too sure about the dark pink, but the light pink is gorgeous :) I couldnt help myself and I put some on on the bus on the way home :)
ALso, after hearing a few excellent reviews on how the Avene Thermal Spring Water helps reduce redness, I decided to buy a small bottle of it. Havent tried it yet but Ill do a review on it soon!!


❤ »Twee. said...

Great haul love <3
and damn you have so much lip glosses X]

What colour did you get your funny glosses in?

❤ »Twee. said...

Oh forgot to add...Yeah the batiste dry shampoo work well :)
It smells good too hehe ^_^

Were did you purchase the lee stafford one hun?

I wanna try it out because you said it's a bright pink bottle haha I love pink ^_^

Rin said...

I love priceline! I've yet to buy my first mac lip product... I have plenty of non-mac glosses, though! I need to use them all up before I start buying new stuff. Boo!

You have an awesome blog, I'm now following. I'm also a fellow aussie!

xSplendidStar said...

Woahhhh so many lipglosses! Ahahaha I want to have some more :D only own one =_= I know disgraceful ain't it? LOL ohh I seen the Avene brand but it is more aimed at dry and sensitive skins. It's not very expensive so maybe I might try it but gotta wait for your review first! xxx

Nicole said...

underage has been on my wishlist for ages and for some reason when i go into mac i never pick it up! i think its about time!

so0o mane lipglosses ! :)

rika said...

omgg.. thats a loads of lip gloss ! :D
and i love those colours. its amazing :)

Gaby said...

What a nice collection ^^

Mimilainna said...

out of all the lippies in my kit i dont have underage, i hope it works good for you!

Mimilainna said...

I forgot to tell you last time but I LOVE your name!