Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Sexy sexy Haul!!

Good afternoon my lovely bloggers!!!
So I went shopping today buttried on somne clothes and decided that everything I chose looked awful on me, I decided to give clothes a rest and just buy some nic and nacs. First store was Inglot.
In my last post I explained how the lady had colour matched me COMPLETELY wrong, so after receiving advice from all you ladies, I decided Id try my luck (and their refund policy) and go try to exchange the powder I bought from there the other day.

The assistant was so lovely and exchanged it!!! Very happy :) Turns out the previous assistant who sold me the far too dark #15 face powder was just lazy, as they had no #13 stock. But anywho, Went to the Marion store and got my #13

Kerastase, Chemist and Pink Ribbon
I also got a few other random things.
From left, clockwise around to Right, I purchased:
Nail hardening treatment... Shallbe revieiwing this!! Cannot be bothered checking the name, but it was only about $9.
Kerastase Nutritive Mask. This is a instense moisture mask for fine, damaged hair. Ive purchased this before and was very happy! Ive just finished a tub of their Protein mask (its the dark green container) and so decided to switch it up and go for a moisture one, because too much protein is a bad thing! It makes the hair brittle! SO remember to switch it up :) Was bout $53.
Kerastase Notcogenist. This is just a hair treatment where you spray it in and leave over night. Its a night treatment because everyone knows that the whole body repairs itself better during the night :) I purchased this because I wash my hair every second day, and so the night before I wash my hair Ill spray this in and hopefully it will make is less dry, or frizzy, or just more managable. Not looking for any miracles here! Was about $50 aswell.
I also purchased two lipglosses - One is my staple lipgloss, face of Australia lipgloss. It used to be about $5 but they've up the price to $10!! HARSH!! Nah its still excellent quality for such an affordable price.
The other lipgloss is just one I picked up from the Breast Cancer foundation table. It was only $5 and the lipgloss itself is shitty as. BUT its not about the lipgloss! Its about raising awareness (pretty sure everyone is aware of breast cancer though!) and donating some $$ for research so we can help find a cure, or more prevention, for this horrible disease (That has run through my family, my aunty AND her 30year old daughter got it, within 5 years of each other.. :( its jsut horrible... The daughter, my cousin, cant have children.. theyre looking into adoption)

Sony Vaio

How sexy is my new laptop!!! Typing away on it right now!!! The small keyboard is def something I have to get used to but its so freakin gorgeous!!!! Was $999 and the nice(HOT) sales assistant gave me a free carry bag lol But its ugly as.. Its like black with Yellow stuff on it.. and its like wetsuit material... vomits. Lol but its FREE!!
Its like the perfect size to fit into my handbag :)
So now that I have my own computer again, I can go on whenever I liked. Which means I will be responding to each and every comment I get! Not to mention reading blogs daily!!
Also, Ill have alot more posts. Not just hauls, but reviews on my fav products and what not.
Love love.
Ps. I love all my followers!! I never thought anyone would be interested in reading what I write! But thankyou so so much. <3


Jordy's Beauty Spot said...

that is SUCH a cool laptop! Pretty cheap, i love those tiny computers :)
Damn that lazy sales assistant ...

Anonymous said...

I think I'll live my shopping life through you now! I thought I was shopped too much :p

Great work on the Inglot, their price points are similar to MAC so it'd be stupid for them to not let you exchange.

Love the Vaio, I'm saving up for a MacBook next year!

Sarah said...

OH yay so glad they exchanged it for you! And that laptop is just so prettyyyy!!!

Juicygirl said...

Great haul Im loving your new laptop xoxo

xSplendidStar said...

Woahh the laptop is so pretty! Definately a good one for 'on-the-go'. I always wanted a Sony Vaio laptop but they're so expensive. Maybe when I'm in UNI I'll be able to get one. But now all I really want is a digital SLR camera :D hehe

Yeah you should get the Maybelline powder!! MAC is just too overrated and expensive >.< the only powder I like there is the prep+prime one because it leaves your skin silky and smooth but so does this Maybelline one. So it's a great dupe! It doesn't clog my pores so hopefully it doesn't to you either!


thesydneygirl said...

oh yayyy! i have a pink sony vaio too! woohoo! how awesome is it? hope you have a great day <3

thesydneygirl said...

p.s. the dior lip gloss i used looks extremely lovely - but realllly dries out the lips. not sure why.

it's dior addict - a pinky colour. gift from a friend. it's the small size.


Feelmore said...

Can't wait to see how you review the nail hardner and hooray that you love the kerastase nutritive mask because i've been dying to try it but wanted to make sure it was worth the money, first!

Nicole said...

so glad you got to exchange the powder! stores like that are usually good with exchanges, especially when the MUA was wrong!

Becky (everyday makeup) said...

awesome haul!! your laptop is really sexy. I need a new one :/

oh and im pretty sure they have avon/mark in autralia. Im not too sure but ill find out for you.

Marce said...

Nice haul! I'd love to try Kerastase products! OMG that Sony Vaio!!! <3 It is THE hotness!

❤ »Twee. said...

That's great that Inglot gave you an exchange :)


Marisa said...

I love that laptob! I've been wanting this in years, but I can only get it next year or in christmas maybe \: I'm loving the purple Vaio.. But I think I'm going to get the pink one :o