Tuesday, June 29, 2010

loreal hair product haul + de lorenzo rejuven8 the ends

as always, im trying to help my hair :) i style it almost every day and it has been through alot (ive gone from black to brown to blonde to brown to red to blonde to blah blah blah!!!) it needs help! anyways, here are some products i bought today, some ive used before, some i havent!

i initially went in just to purhcase the loreal shine blonde shampoo. i adore this stuff, it makes my hair feel soft and helps tone down the brasiness. other "blonde" shampoos (usually a purple colour) leave my hair feeling brittle. its about$25 per bottle. i have used the conditioner in the past, but if you're only using it a  few times a week to tone down brasiness, you don't really need to purhcase the conditioner! (imo)

however, i then decided i may aswell try a new treatment, because they had a "buy 2 loreal products, and receive 15% off" promotion on. the lady who was helping me suggested a buy a pack instead - 3 products for under $50! (worth on average, over $90).

the initial pack came with 3 products: the shine blonde shampoo, the shine blonde conditioner, and a "thermo smoothing milk for natural control".

the lady was nice enough to swap the shine blonde conditioner, for the "absolut repair" mask that was in a different pack! she also gave me the option of a serum, instread of the thermo milk. but i went with the thermo milk :)

so basically in the pack i received the shine blonde shampoo, absolut repair mask, and the thermo milk.

i used the absolut repair mask today (shampooed, towel dried, left on for 3 minutes, rinsed) and it's made my hair quite soft! haven't used it enough to give a proper review, but it doesn't weight down my naturally thin (and non naturallt damaged) hair. so far, so good.

i followed the treatment by applying some of the thermo milk to my towel dried hair :) however, i didn't blow dry it. can't give a review on this just yet! but like the treatment, hasn't weighed down my hair, or made it feel greasy!

the other reason i went to hairhouse warehouse today was to but the de lorenzo rejuven8 the ends cream! in the past ive used up 2 tubes of this (the first one was my brothers, i stole it haha), and it's amazing! it smells delicious, and it's the cheapest and most effective ends serum ive ever used! it's only $18.50 for this tube, and it came with "25% extra" haha. if you have dry ends, you should definitely give this a go. can be used on wet or dry hair!


M∆DISON† said...

You should get into Moroccan Oil Shampoo and Conditioner and their hair serum.

Laura said...

I think im going to try that shampoo. I currently use L'Oreal's silver shampoo which is the purple one, does leaves my hair brittle too. Always have to follow with an intensive conditioner.


Nioxin Reviews said...

Even the price for L'Oreal product bit expensive than other hair product but I still love and trust it.