Friday, June 4, 2010

New Nude Pumps +OOTD + Satin Indulgence

I had a ridiculously good day. No joke! It was amazinggggggg. :) sooo excited for tomorrow night! Don't you love when you realise that life is great? Happy happy happy :) haha

Anyways!!!! Here is part of the greatness of my great day :) New shoes. Not just any new shoes. New nude pumps! I have been looking for a pair like this for MONTHS. I found them last Saturday (when I bought the black booties), put them on hold, and then bought them yesterday. The only thing was, the Myers I got the first pair from didn't have any 8.5 (I'm usually an 8, but these were small sizes). Because I reeaallllyy wanted these to. fricken. die. for. shoes I decided that even though my outer two toes were squished to buggery, that yes, these shoes did fit.

So I picked them up from Lay Buy yesterday, took them home, tried them on, still didn't fit.

I decided to "wear them in" a bit, but after twenty minutes my feet hated me.

I took them back today, and asked them to ring other stores. First five stores said they didn't have any. But the last store did! 8.5 Tony Bianco Nude Pumps :) Happy happy happy. They were $139.95. I'm a tad bummed, cos on wednesday they had a 30% of all shoes sale. Grrr. But whatever, these are the perfect fucking shoes. <3
These shoes are perfect because they're not oober high (like some other deadly ones I own) like, don't get me wrong, I loveee intense high heels, but for town they're not really suitable! Also, because I'm short, when I have heels that are 14 cm, that makes me 174cm! which is waaaay too tall for me to feel like myself! I actually enjoy being short! 
Another reason I love them is because the toe is not too pointy (making my feet look weirdly hugee) and not too rounded (making my legs look weirdly hugee!).

I have retarded boobs. They're lovely and all, but impossible to find gorgeous bras that fit. One brand I openly love is Playboy. another, is Satin Indulgence. Today I went into Bras n Things and bought a bra/undie combo I've been eyeing off for ages!!!
Too cute right? I love Satin Indulgence bras because even though they don't come in 8s, the 10 is a really small fit!! The 10 is tighter than most 8s!! <33 Tha bra was $60 and the cuteeeee little g was $25. I don't usually spend $25 on undies, but these are gorgeous! and if I'm going to get a gorgeous bra like this, I will buy the matching undies!

Annnnnd. Onto my OOTD :) Simpleeee, but that's how I do
Ohhhh, also did a small drug store beauty haul yesterday. But I'll do that in another post :)

I hope everyone else is loving life as much as Iam :) love youuu.


paige said...

that bra is GORGEOUS!
love the nude pumps! i had your same problem, they are soo hard to find! i had to turn to eBay :)

and yes i am loving love as much as you right now. glad to see you're a happy camper =D


Laura said...

The nude pumps are gorgeous! and the underwear set is v.pretty.

I have serious shopping envy.

Fern said...

ohhhhhh my god I adore your shoes :) ha ha and I love your t-shirt xxx

Anonymous said...

Loooove those nude heels! Its best that you changed for the right size though, your feet would of ending up hating you otherwise

Dela Rome said...

Such beautiful shoes!! so elegant and chic!!

BTW I thought you should know, i ABSOLUTELY LOVE your blog. Never fails to interest me!!


Anonymous said...

I love the pumps! I have been searching for my perfect pair and I have yet to find them :( I have never heard of brand satin indulgence, but I will have to check it out beaucse I totally want that bra! lol

Cristina BarbieLuvsMac said...

nude pumps r hot!!

and to answer yur question. alcohol! hahaha jk idk im just used to itt... no gels or nothinggg...

MeetMeOnTheRunway said...

LOVEEE the Tony Biancos. Do you have DFO in SA? I'm from Melbourne and DFO is really the best for Tony Bianco. I went through a stage where I had about 35 pair of Tony Bianco heels, boots and flats because they were so reasonably priced. Their sizes are weird. Some of the shoes from them I had were 7.5, some were 8, 8.5 and 9! I've found that it just depends on the style of the shoe. I'm normally an 8 - 8.5 but with this brand, I always try on like 4 different sizes to make sure I get the best fit.

Am so excited to find a fellow Australian blogger finally!

From Anastasia-Evangaline

Alena said...

awww i love this nude shoes :) xx

Make-up Addict said...

Loooove the pumps!!

The bra is cute! xx