Tuesday, June 15, 2010

O/FOTN + dumbness

Okay, well I'm going to start this post off with an explanation! I don't know why, but likeeee, I just feel like I have to give one haha.
Basically, I'm just talking about how bloggers put pictures up from their nights out, and while I'd love to do that and make my blog more personal, it's like I can't! because I am a total cadbury. For those of you who don't know what that means (sure you allll do), it's just like after one or two drinks I start not only being intoxicated but LOOKING intoxicated! I look so dumb when I've been drinking!!! Here's some proof!
Therefore, because I don't really go to my friends for pre drinks and be like "hey, I write a blog, do you mind taking a photo of what I'm wearing?" I don't have anyone (except my brother) to take photos of my outfits! My outfits are boringggg anyways. Anyways, that's my explanation :)

These are my new heels that I bought last week :) Love them! they are SOOO comfortable! wore them out 2 nights in a row, which I never do because usually I have to switch shoes orelse I get the sorest feet! Ohhh, and see that white stain in the second picture? Yesss, I did get rid of it before I went out! facewipe + hair dryer :)
Ps. No, this isn't a very interesting post haha. I will do some reviews tomorrow :)


Mikaela-Jane said...

Your face makeup looks amazing! Your cheeks are so 'glowy!!!' Loving the shoes!

Onyx said...

You really don't look intoxicated in any of these pics, you look lovely! xXx

Dela Rome said...

LOL your so funny. you dont even look bad in any of these photos. you still look gorgeous even intoxicated!


Nat Elizabeth said...

Loving the heels!
Though HOW do you look dumb!?
Not true my love x

Rosie said...

you look supermodel beautiful in that second picture!!!
so glad you're back!


Lions, Tigers and Fashion OH MY! said...

cute post, you are beautiful! xoxo

Nicole said...

"hey, I write a blog, do you mind taking a photo of what I'm wearing?" hahaha, i know what you mean.

those heels are so pretty !