Sunday, July 4, 2010

creme d'nude (back to mac) + red earth haul

ive been able to empty seven mac products! i get through mac foundations (powders and liquids), "boy bait" cremesheen glosses, and their "soft and gentle" skin finishes pretty quickly! but things like eye shadows, blushes, and lipsticks i usually take my time!

this is what i traded in:
and this is what i received through the "back to mac" promotion (six empty mac containers = free lipstick) ... uhhh, so i dont actually have a picture of just the new creme d'nude picture, but below is a picture comparing "myth"(closest to front) and "creme d'nude"(behind).
here are some swatches of "creme d'nude"(left/top) and "myth"(right/bottom). i prefer creme d'nude, hands down :)
and here is what i got from priceline from the red earth clearance/sale:
oh, and the mac "creme d'nude" lipstick is obviously there also haha.

the three eyeshadows i purchased were (clockwise from top left) burnt caramel(friken gorgeous colour), stormy night (used this today in my FOTD, post up soon :).) and iced brownieeeee - this eyeshadow was broken, and because it was sealed i didnt know that it was broken. i opened it on the way home and was like sdchjbvuirebuieqb. and went back to priceline, and they said cos it was clearance it meant i couldnt return it or even exchange! ffs.

i really wish i could do a post that didnt involve me complaining about shitty customer service! i am dooooomed.

oh, and they were $5 each, EXCEPT for the iced brownie! which was $10 - lucky me, the broken one was twice as much as the not broken eyeshadow! haha

anyways, i bought an eyebrow kit, my first ever eyebrow kit! i dont even have an eyebrow pencil, i have like tweezers, but thats about it :) its in blonde, and it was like $25+ or something? but i got it for $18. it has two colours, i use the darker one, and an eyebrow "Setting wax". so far, i like it :)
there isn't like a before or after, but here's me quickly just using the eyebrow kit :) its my first time, and i know it's a messy job, but i really like the way they turned out! hopefully i get the knack of it pretty quickly :)
ive never taken pictures of my eyebrows? before so yeah didn't know which angles were most flattering hahaha and except for mascara, not wearing any makeup! ewww. ahh haha


Krissy said...

I love seeing your empty gives me motivation to actually get through all mine! LOL! Great haul btw, I love red earths clearance stuff at priceline! about time they reduced the price.. that stuff is usually so expensive!

❤ilvoeshopping❤ said...

I envy you! :) havent finished a single product..

my goal is to finish at least one MAC l/s that i have...


tina_mbc said...

Agreed, love Creme d' Nude too, that light glossy finish, without it being frosty at all is lipstick heaven...! ;)