Monday, June 21, 2010

20/6 + 21/6 E/OOTD

Tad uninspired. I thought I was getting back into blogging, guess not :( I've been takings photo's, but the photos never turn out how it actually is in "real life" !!! Cannot wait to get a new cameraaaa!

I used a really cheap palette for this look! Well, th silver shadow came from the cheap palette. It's a "models prefer" palette, and it has 8 eyeshadows, and 2 blushes (one light pink, one very dark pink - I used the light pink for my cheeks.) The silver shadow from the palette is actually kinda amazing! It's heaps pigmented, but the staying power is average. Pretty sure I paid a couple of dollars for the whole palette!!!

The black shadow is a Revlon quad e/s palette I bought agggges ago.
And the eyeliner is my favourite, Face of Australia liquid liner! It's under $10!!! goes on easily (I'm retarded when it comes to liquid liner!), and lasts all day :)

I went out to dinner wearing thisssss.
It's so extremely hard to take photos of the wholeeee outfit!! I would use my timer, but it doesn't work ever since my camera was dropped in water!
Ohhh, and today, some random chick came up and asked where I got the boots from :) They're from Rubi Shoes!! they were like $60ish?

I'm using Maybelline Lash Stilhetto in these pictures, and I'm not all that impressed with this mascara! The first two times I used it, I was madly inlove with it! But now I reckon I'll definitely be going back to my beloved Loreal Telescopic!

I'm getting my hair done tmoz :) It is sooooo brassy right now!! Haven't had it done in like THREE months! I was trying to grow it out, but the regrowth is just ridiculous!


Carrsky said...

Love your eyeshadow! I hate trying to take good make up photos, it's hard! xx

veronicaa said...

You look great :)
Xoxo Veronica
my passion for fashion

tina_mbc said...

Beautiful eye makeup hun! :)


Miss*Kimmy said...

Love those skinnies with the boots, and the shimmery eyeshadow is perfect with your blue eyes!

thesydneygirl said...

you look so pretty! x

tennillex said...

your looking amazing as always pretty x

Helena from BrooklynBlonde said...

love the look!