Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Mini Haul + New Wayne Cooper Bag + New Sportsgirl Thigh High Boots

So I was going to do a FOTD along with my new bags and boots, but got lazy! :) So here's just a few quickies I bought when I went shopping at the local Tar-jayyyy with my mum this arvo.

Le Tan Fast Tan Instant Tanning Mousse in Deep Bronze
about $10-$15
Iam quite pale! For reference, Im a MAC nc20. After going out a few times with my friend from a sunnier state than my own, I decided I should tan up so I don't look so creepy next to her! I've used this before, for about a month last year I was obsessed with tanning!
 But I couldn't find one that didn't turn orange (because I have pale skin, alot of tanners can go orange!), and that faded evenly (as even as a fake tan can fade!).
Anyways, I've tried heaps. But won't get into them all, as I am planning on doing a post just on the fake tan products I've used. This one is my favourite :)
*Note: I only use one coat!! Followed by a "daily tanning moisturizer".

Rimmel Lasting Finish Foundation in Soft Beige
about $17
This is my HG foundation, except I usually get it in Ivory, the shade lighter. But because I realised that I probably needed a foundation  that matches the fake tan! Works alot better than applying bronzer imo.

Modelista Highlighting Powder
under $10
Bought this because it was something like 30% off? and I think the packaging is tacky, but cuuuute :) Kinda like Tigi Bedhead products!

Yaaay. Finally got my Wayne Cooper bag off of lay buy!! I hate being povooo cos it means I can't afford to buy things out right!! Bought it from Myers for $199. Bit peeved, cos like a week afterwards they had 30% off bags! Uhhh. Anyways, I love it :).

Also, took my Sportsgirl Thigh High Boots off lay buy aswell :) they're $230 from Sportsgirl. I think I may already be over them? Don't know.. Cbf trying them on haha

Upcoming Posts (Hopefullyyyy.)
Skincare Mini Reviews - Hits and Misses (imo)
Makeup Mini Reviews - Hits and Misses (imo)
We Love Sounds in Pictures

Hope everyone had a great weekend! Pretty sure it was a long weekend all around the world? Don't know though! :)


LOLanne said...

" decided I should tan up so I don't look so creepy next to her!"... hahha you made me LOL at this


Rosie said...

would you mind doing a review of the foundation? im in the market and would love your input!

tina_mbc said...

Yay, you posted a photo of the thigh high boots...! Very hot shoes, great choice! :)