Wednesday, May 5, 2010

High Waist Shorts + Favourite Cheek Combo + Favourite Foundation Combo + Favourite Oil Blotting Sheets

I have been going into town (clubbing? don't know what people over seas call it!) every weekend, and it seriously wrecks me !! I'm one of those people who start getting ready at 5pm, Pre Drinks at 7pm at friends, Town by 11pm, and I won't get home until 10am the next morning!! Blaaa, so I spend the weekend recovering instead of doing my homework or blogging :(

BUT I've managed to finish a whole term in school! I'm so proud of myself, as you may have notice I start things, but never really finish them!! I was doing 4 subjects, but I dropped Maths, so now I'm doing 3, the good news is is that I'm aceing them :D

If you read my last post, I was explaining how my friend dropped my camera into a mug of water and I had to get another one, but the new one turned everything green! I pretty much refuse to use it because I don't like the green tinge, but my brother brought home this all hi tech and spesh camera from school, amd omg if he knows I've been using it he's gonna cut sick haha
I took this photo with the camera that was dropped into the mug of water LOL as you can see it works, but with like a special effect-y type look (reminds me of the special settings like Sepia, etc) I turned the dropped-in-water-camera on last week and it kinda works! So I;m gonna take it out this weekend and take some mad photos!

I bought some really cute high waist shorts yesterday from Supre. I know that some people think that Supre is tacky, but quite frankly it's the only store with my size! I know that I look chubby in pictures and stuff, but yeah at Supre I'm at size 3xs in everything, and there's always beautiful clothes in Globalize but THEY NEVER FIT! It's so frustrating.
Anyways, so here are the shortttsss *drum roll*
 They were only $35. I'm going to wear them out this Saturday night, I'll take loaddssss of pictures (on mu wicked cool water-stuffed camera) and I'll upload them :) But I'm going to ask my friends first, cos like I mean I'd be cool with them posting pictures of me on websites, buuutttt, I'll ask just incase they're funny about it!

Usually I don't have much time to put much on my cheeks at all, and I've never really layered different blushes or bronzers, usually it's either blush, blush and high light, or just my MAC MSF in Soft and Gentle !! But lately I've been using MAC bronzer in Refined Golden and NARS blush in Deep Throat.
I apply the MAC bronzer first (I always shove a bit on my t zone, but not much cos it has small glitter pigments!!) and then I apply the NARS blushh!! It looks amazing, if I do say so myself :P I'll do an FOTD when I have a decent camera! The bronzer looks dark, it is, but if you apply it with a light hand and slowly build up it's absolutely AMAZING! I'm an NC20 (albiiiii) for reference.

The Body Shop Oil Blotters have been my saviour for yyears. I'm obsessed, no joke, OBSESSED. I've tried every single oil blotter out there, and these are just amazing.
So you could imagine how freaked out I was when I rocked up to the Body Shop with only about 10 sheets left and a big weekend ahead, and they told me they were to be DISCONTINUTED!
Luckily, the assistant was miss-informed, the other oil blotters (one with powder and the plain one without powder) were being discontinued! PHEW!
I have an oily nose (no, not tzone, just nose!) and instead of layering powder to get that horrible cakey look, not to mention that after 12 hours of dancing you get that horrible orangey tinge? well instead of that, I just used an oil blotter every 2-4hours, and touch up with my MAC compact every 6hours!! Love Love Love Love Love Love Love LoveLove Love Love LoveLove Love Love LoveLove Love Love LoveLove Love Love LoveLove Love Love LoveLove Love Love LoveLove Love Love LoveLove Love Love LoveLove Love Love LoveLove Love Love LoveLove Love Love LoveLove Love Love LoveLove Love Love LoveLove Love Love LoveLove Love Love LoveLove Love Love LoveLove Love Love LoveLove Love Love LoveLove Love Love LoveLove Love Love LoveLove Love Love LoveLove Love Love LoveLove Love Love LoveLove Love Love LoveLove Love Love LoveLove Love Love LoveLove Love Love LoveLove Love Love LoveLove Love Love LoveLove Love Love LoveLove Love Love Love <33. They're only $4.95 as well! MAC oil blotters are what, like $20 - $30!?

It's Winter in Adelaide right now, and with a new season comes a new foundation routine! I haven't changed up my powder - I love my MAC Select/Sheer Powder in NC20 - but I continually switch my liquid foundations!! I was using Clinique Superfit for most of the Summer, but for Winter I've switched to Rimmel Lasting Finish Foundation in Ivory.
It's not really "switching" because I have used this for about 2 years almost, on and off! I always get compliments using this foundation, and it's absolutely perfect! Looks flawless, and stays put!!
It stays put, yes I just said that was  pro, but removing it takes a tab more effort than my other foundations, I just have to repeat my cleansing (Cetaphil) once more, and I always make sure I use my Clarins Toner afterwards to make sure eveyrthing's removed!
Also, the colour range is dismal. It has about 5-6 shades, I would like to go to the second shade (I'm the lightest, Ivory, at the moment) but it's too orange! It's a fab foundation, but they need to expand their shade selection!
I'm going to do a separate post about the Clinique + MAC vs Rimmel + MAC foundation routine!!

I've so missed blogging, and honestly want to keep posting!! Ohhh, and incase my followers think I've forgotten them - I haven't!! I've still been reading blogs, I just haven't been commenting often because my computer is so slow!! I have a brother and with that comes with downloading music, and other stuff. Not cool!! Ewww. I should probably delete that from this post, but I won't haha


tennillex said...

3 XS, fuck your small woman!
haha party party lately, nice :D
missing your posts but xx

Charlie said...

yeah its clubbing :) why, what do you call it? where are you from?

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peachykeen said...

those shorts are super cute! :) keep partying girl ;) xoxo

Sarah said...

Ooh SO glad your back :)
I have a cousin who is so teensy tiny that she only fits into Supre too, but she loves it because its so cheap, so don't you worry about what other people think (they're prob just jealous they can't fit into the sizes... God knows I am lol ;)
Oooh and cngrats on your school- that is fantastic!!!!
Can't wait to see more posts from you gorgeous gal! x

Anonymous said...

If you leave the camera out some where warm all the water will dry out and it might be ok, it looks like its getting better anyway! That happened with a mobile once and i had to put it under the hand dryer in a club :( it worked after but it was never quite the same again so you will prob still have to get a new one at some point sadly.

I cant believe that Rimmel finish actually stays on your face though :/ when i tried it it got all around my top collars when i took them off- not cool at all and i dont even have oily skin where foundation just slips off like some people!

Make-up Addict said...

Loving the shorts! I wish I could wear high waisted shorts but I'd look awful in them! Lol.
Missed your posts missy! xx

Jordy's Beauty Spot said...

LOL im sure your brother wouldnt get too mad if you used his camera..haha :D
I really like the idea of you taking pics on your nights out, it would be really cool :)
Ahhh those The Body Shop blotters are such a good deal!! I need to find them!!!
I own the MAC ones but hoenstly i woudl expect a bit more from them..theyre too rubbery and dont do much.

Phoebe said...

I loved Supre when i was over in Australia, especially their basics tshirts - great fit.
We call it clubbing in England, or going outout!