Thursday, May 6, 2010

OOTD + Rubi Shoes Boo Boo!

Goodmorning! Thank God Its Friday! :) Excited for tomorrow night, I'm planning on wearing those high waist shorts that I pictured in my previous post, but I'm trying to decide how to dress them up! I'm even thinking stockings? It'll be about 12degrees, so it's cold! But I don't think I'm overly keen on stockings/short shorts combo, left alone high waist shorts/stockings combo! Guess I'll man up and deal with the cold haha

Here's an outfit of the day from, yesterday? Or the day before? Uhhh, seems like my days are all running together!! Not a very exciting OOTD, jeans and Dotti military type jacket (last year).
Note the shoes! They're $20 from Rubi Shoes (hella cheap!) but you'd expect them to last atleast one wear, right?
Well they broke in town! When I was walking. Excellent. It was pissing down with rain aswell. I went back to Rubi Shoes (sans receipt) and they were like "What do you expect me to do about that?" I just blankly stared and asked for the Customer Service number and left.
I mean, I'd worn them once, as in that day. And they broke? And the SA was like "They're $20..." and I'm like Yes, But they should last more than 3 hours!

I'm a student, I don't have money to just buy another pair, and why the fuck would I want another pair of shitty shoes that are possibly going to break on me? ARE YOU KIDDING!

I've actually had like a black pair from Rubi Shoes before, for work (waitressing), which is walking up and down and up and down etc, and they never broke! After a few months of wearing them for 20 hours per week, my toe did start to make a hole, but like the sole didn't just rip off!

So over it, but I will be ringing up and complaining. They should have a better policy.

Look how crazy wavy the rain made my hair haha
I have a love/hate relationship with winter. It'd be more love/love if I had my lisence! I know, I could've had it about 3 years ago, I'm slack!

Has anyone been dissatisified with customer service/a product/company policy and complained??

If I do call up Rubi Shoes Customer Service, I think it's because I'm being spitefull, I mean honestly I really don't care that a $20 pair of shoes broke within 3 hours, it's just that I had to walk around town in them and to school! It's the "principle" of the matter haha or whatever the saying is!


Anonymous said...

I would definately call up customer service. At big w, I get people who have had shoes for up to a month and bring them in if they have broken.. as long as they have a receipt I will happily let them swap them for something else, or get a refund. The fact that the SA was rude is enough reason to call up!

Anonymous said...

I just had to work out what $20 was in pounds and thats £12ish, i only bought a pair of pumps from topshop the other day for £4 more than that and i would be mad if they broke so soon so yeah i would call and see if you can get anywhere complaining.

But as a general rule, i avoid wearing pumps like that if its going to rain that day as yeah they get wet and ruin, even though i havent had a pair fall apart on the odd night i have been caught out. Thats prob why the ones you wore at work lastet longer as you didnt get them wet :(

Krissy said...

You should totally call up customer service. Its just like you expect good wear from shoes whether theyre $5 or $20! I agree with the SA she probably couldnt do anything about it there but once you make a higher complaint they'll probably reimburse you or something! :)
Nice to see you back here btw hehe!

Charlie said...

if my conversion rates are correct, $20 isnt that cheap, ive had shoes for £3 before at Primark :/ you should have got more wear than that. sometimes if you complain they give you free stuff, so complain away :)

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For The Fierce said...

omg thats terrible. Fuck them

Make-up Addict said...

Gutted!! But they should last a little while! Not 3 hours...can't afford to be throwing money away every week (or should I say day?) on shoes.

And how RUDE was the SA?? Wow...You should have slapped her! Lol. I'd complain about her too while you're complaining about the shoes! xx