Monday, May 31, 2010

HOTD + FOTD + OOTD + New Chi Chi Shimmer Brick

Stuff I used:
Maybelline Lash Stilhetto Mascara
Prestige Gold Eye Liner
Inglot Eyeshadow (Base)
NP Set Liquid Veil in Moscow Pink
Benefit Hellow Flawless Powder Foundation
Chi Chi Shimmer Brick in Rose
Loreal Eyeshadow
Sportsgirl Eyeshadow (Eyeliner)
This is my new Chi Chi Shimmer Brick. It retails from Target for about $20, but I was lucky enough to buy it on sale for half that!! Bargainnn. I absolutely love this. I bought it in "Rose". I absolutely love to have super shiney cheeks (don't care if thats tacky!), and it's great because it's buildable and gives a nice glow and gorgeous colour! Also, the top stripe (lightest colour) can be used as a brow bone/inner corner highlight :)
** As you can see in my FOTD, if you have some pimples, it will make them more noticeable! BUt that's like all shimmer/illuminators!
Usually I get full head of foils, but I haven't coloured my hair in about 3 months!! I really want my hair to grow, and so not only have I stopped bleaching it, but from today I have stopped straightening it! (except for weekends)
My hair dries insanely. It's all frizzy, not curly, not wavy, not straight? it's a mess! So I decided to bobby pin the hell out of it! I haven't perfected it yet, it's uber messy, and I need to loosen up the sides a bit, but you get the look I was going for! Any hair care/style tips would be appreciated!!
The above pictures were obviously taken when I hadn't dressed yet! Hence the no braaaa!! But this is what I wore today. I reckon it's a tad emo ish hahahaha The singlet was an "over sized" singlet, but I do not DO over sized! So I took it in with a sewing machine myself :) V. proud of myself haha


paige said...

such a cute outfit. i dont do oversized either but i am not skilled enough to take my own clothes in! was it hard to do?

tennillex said...

your look amazing, your facial features are like perfect! ♥
i really like the colour that shimmer brick brings to your cheeks, suits you heaps well.
your neck piercing looks hot & so does your outfit haha xxx

Aleksis said...

You look gorgeous! You should do more FOTD's. I am getting that neck piercing soon...did it hurt like hell?? lol

peachykeen said...

that shimmer brick looks amazing! lookin' hot in that outfit too :) xoxo

Hollywood said...

You look AMAZING , really gorgeous and I love how you contour your cheeks =)

Krissy said...

oh my you are soooo gorgeous lorien! you look like a doll!

as if that outfit is emo!! lol i love simple tee/cardi/jeans outfits... very fail-safe! :)

Nat Elizabeth said...

And wow I like the piercing

Make-up Addict said...

Aww you look gorgeous and I love shimmery cheeks too :)

By the way, I nominated you for an award on my blog :) xx

veronicaa said...

I am so in love with your blog!!!
SO happy I found it, so creative and inspirational!! Following for sure <3
Where are you from???
Xoxo Veronica
Passion for Fashion

veronicaa said...

I want that top!!!!
Love all your outfits!
Xoxo Veronica
Passion for Fashion

Olivia said...

Gorgeous look! I love the t-shirt :) xx