Monday, May 24, 2010


Helloooo :) I had an absolute fabulous weekend! my feet caiiiinnn though! I definitely have to invest in those clear sticky things that you put in heels! Well a while ago I bought some ripped Hurley jeans, but because my camera wasn't working I wasn't able to share them with you! So here's just a little post about a few of my new itemsss,
Hurley Ripped Jeans $120ish?

Myer Pleather Cropped Biker Jacket $99.95 bargainnn!

Supre Red Jeans $10 ..... Ahhh, have to comment about these! I bought them today at the Supre clearance and I know they look tacky, but they look decent on! They fit nicely, but dunnoooo. I'm going to wear them tomorrow and see how many looks I get haha I'll get back to you all about if I can pull them off or not

Any ideas what to wear with them!?

Tights with Seam/Black Sheer Stay Ups $40.60 for both.

Equip Bag - Great for town! $19.95

I also have to do a post of my new dresses and whatnott, and I also bought some new makeup :) just drugstore, like Chi Chi and Maybelline! and 65cent Sportsgirl Eyeshadows!!

What does everyone think of Thigh High Heeled Boots? Be kind because I put a $230 pair on lay buy today haha Hopefully I get them by Saturday!!

Ohhhh, I also put a Wayne Cooper bag on lay buy. It's so hot. Soooo. Hot.


Sarah said...

Oooh those jeans are gorgeous! LOVE THEM! You so have to show us some photos of them on- loveeee the jacket too! I so want to go winter shopping now!!! Shame it's like 32 degrees here :(

Anonymous said...

With the red jeans i would just wear a plain black or white tee or tank top- thats how i wear mine

Geeky Mac Boy said...

Hey there!! :-) Nice haul. The jeans and purse are really cute.

Hope you're doing well. Oh and I finally reach my first 100 followers and am celebrating by starting up my own giveaway. he he

Fern ♥ said...

Ahh I love coloures jeans, I am always tempted but never know what to wear them with? Black or White top? :) xxx

tina_mbc said...

Those ripped jeans are so cool! ;)

The red pair is super cute too, personally I 'd wear it with neutrals, for me the red/black contrast would be too bold!

And... you can't go wrong with thigh high boots, they 're so hot and actually easier to style than what one would think! :)


Make-up Addict said...

I'm in love with the ripped jeans! I need a pair like that!

I like thigh highs but it depends on what they look like xx