Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Sportsgirl Eyeshadow Haul + FOTD

I went into Sportsgirl the other day, tried on some sexy as knee high heeled boots <3 put them on laybuy and was about to walk out before I realised I hadn't checked out their make up section (I always do this before I leave Sportsgirl!) in a huge silver bowl they had all their eyeshadows and I (being a bargain addict) was immediately attracted to red stickers that were pasted on the casing!

Turns out that the eyeshadows, instead of being the marked $4.95 (down from like $7-8 or something?) were actually only 65 cents... How could I resist!!!

So I walked away with five eyeshadows for $3 something!!!

 As you can tell, they're all neutrals, I can't really pull off colour! (Although I'm currently trying my luck with navy blue) Anywaysss, here's a FOTD I did using the new colours :)

I used 3 of the 5 colours;
- "Back Up Dancer" Light colour, all over lid to brow bone
- "Super Natural" Medium Brown with Gold, middle and outer lid
- "The Break Up" Darkest Brown, outer v

I then used a shimmer white from a Benefit Palette I have to high light the inner corners and also the brown bone :)

And I used my new Chi Chi Shimmer Brick on my cheeks :) and also a Pink Blush from a Christmas Edition  Body Shop Palette.


tennillex said...

those eyeshadows look good, i like the look you did with them! your so gorgeous. have missed you xxx

Krissy said...

WOW 65c! thats freakin crazy! the must be desperate to get rid of them haha!

Sarah said...

What a bargain!! I never look at Sportsgirls makeup, I so am next time that's insane and they look absolutley gorgeous on!!!

Fifi said...

Now THAT is bargain! Love the look you did with the eyeshadows and OMG cute cat!! :D

tina_mbc said...

Beautiful eye makeup hun and love that last photo of u and your kitty! :)


veronicaa said...

Seriously addicted!
Can't stop reading your blog <3
You are so like me with make up!
Xoxo Veronica
Passion for Fashion