Monday, May 10, 2010

Playboy Bra Collection + Update +Recs??

I'm so un inspired and un motivated by what I should be filling my blog with these days! There's like a tonne of pictures from last weekend, and I really wanted to post them because I love hearing about other people's weekends, but Cristina from BarbieLuvsMac (Who doesn't love her blog!?) shared too much information with bloggers and now some (as in a couple of jealous people!) have turned against her and been saying bad stuff to her, and so she's stopped blogging! :( Devo'd!
 Anyways, so the point is, is I don't want to discuss what I do on weekends, because I know not everyone has the same sort of life style that I do! and some people may be against it, or whatever! Anyways...

I'm obsessed with Playboy Bras!! I know that "Playboy" as a brand may be seen as tacky/slutty or "demoralising" but their bra's fit me so well! I'm a size 8D/DD - depends if there's padding involved ;) - and like seriously, try finding pretty bras that are 8D!! Impossible!! I also think their bra's are kinda cuteee :) So last week I purchased matching bra/undie combo (I know not a very good photo, hard to take photo's of bras!)
Bra $70
Bottoms $30 (Cant believe I paid that for underwear... Dummb!)
I also purchased a bunny kit! haha bit of a impulse buy! It was $49.95 and I just think it's way cute! I loveee going to dress up/pimps n hoes parties, so this kit might come in handy :)
And here's my lovely collection of my other playboy bras :)
I know it's weird having a post about bras! It's not like I'm going to post like all my bras haha last post I told you about how my brother borrowed a camera from school? Well I took a picture of the black/white stripped playboy combo, and got creative and tried taking pictures of the other ones :) I was a tad bored!

My mate had an assignment to just take lots of photo's of anything! He took like a bazillion of myself, my mum, my cat, his friends, streets, buildings, EVERYTHING, got annoying! But yeah here's a photo of me he took, it didn't really turn out how he wanted it to though lol
He's gay by the way, so he's very creative and he see's girls differently and everything! He's basically like a sister, but a very judgemental one!

I have alot of Clarins Skincare Product Reviews coming up! I'm obsessed with their Hydra Matte Lotion :)

But I'm looking for a good rec for a hydrating serum! not moisturizer, just serum!

Ohh, and have to show you my new $100 pleather jacket from Miss Shop at Myers :)


annebabesx said...

omg i love shopping for undies and bras and stationary.. i can ages in bnt and officeworks LOLS


where did you happen to get the bunny set ?

Aleksis said...

Those bras really are so cute! I'm going to have to take a look. Also I am in love with Fresh anise day serum, it isn't advertised as a hydrating serum, but I feel it is. This serum sounds like exactly what you are looking for though..

Peter Thomas Roth
VIZ-1000™ 75% Hyaluronic Acid Complex
What it is:
A super-concentrated hydrating serum.

xo said...

Mmmm I am also devastated that Cristina stopped blogging :( sucks when people are jealous!
I say fuck them ! If I want to post about my life and what I get up to then that's my call, no one elses. If I post about my weekend getting wasted, throwing up and doing it the next day all over again and it offends someone! Tough fucking titties ;) my blog my life so my fucking rules!

Those bras look so comfy and super cute ! Lol at the bunny kit hehe I may suss getting one for myself, got a pimps and hoes party soon *woOp*

P.S you have super amazing legs, soooo jealous in a non-judgemental way hahaha

Hope your well


Yolanda said...

I'm intrigued! What was said on her blog?

paige said...

i did not know playboy make bra's for big boobs! i am a 10e, well actually an 8e but according to the lady at bras n things 8e's dont exist. it is SO hard to find cute bras for bigger boobs, people with a cups get all the nice ones. so unfair. im definitely gonna try playboy out!

blog about your weekends, i love reading those posts :)
and i think you should find the motivation to blog because i lovee reading your posts =D

xox paige

paige said...

btw, love the last photo with your legs up in the air. looks fantastic!

Charlie said...

um, wish i could afford $70 for a bra, christ.



Sarah said...

Ohhh don't worry about what other people think of your posts- it's your blog honey bunny, you post about whatever the heck you wanna!!!!!!!!!! I love seeing photos of parties/nights out!!

Those photos are seriously sassy- I love the second one! Would look amazing with some crazy photoshopping :)

Jordy's Beauty Spot said...

I love the last pictures, they are very creative. I LOVE PLAYBOY BRAS TOO!! THey are really comfortable and very supportive. who cares if they ae seen as tacky/slutty. they fit and are comfortable, to me thats all that matters.

Anonymous said...

I love that bra! very vintage pin-up looking-ish

Ok where/what brand are those red heels?! super hotttt I love em!

Miri said...

I love playboy underwear! Its actually rather comfy and comes in alot of cute styles/colours/patterns!
I think everyone has a secret love for cool underwear ;D


Geeky Mac Boy said...

Hon I personally think they look super cute. I wish I looked as good as you. Yea don't worry about what others might think about Playboy lingerie. They're probably just jealous that they can't model in them as well as you can!! <3

Make-up Addict said...

I know, I'm gutted that she's stopped blogging too! As everyone else seems to have said, fuck em! It's YOUR blog, you write about what YOU want :)

The bra's are cute! Nothing slutty about them! :)

Haha...I love the pics that your friend took! Love the shoes :) xx

Lions, Tigers and Fashion OH MY! said...

oooh I I have a rug like that too aren't they the best ;) xoxox

Anonymous said...

I feel you pain trying to find nice bras that actually fit as I'm also an 8D/DD. Even more difficult is finding maternity/feeding bras in that size...
To paige, BNT don't know squat,a gf of mine is 8H. She gets quite a few bras from
not sure how many 8Es they have but worth a try...