Friday, April 9, 2010

EOTD + Physicians Formula Baked Eyeshadow Trio

Recently I've been using the Physicians Formula Baked Eyeshadow Trio in Baked Sands for an everyday neutral look (EOTD below), and I've fallen in love with the colours! So I've decided to up my game and purchase another trio but a darker version, I went for "Baked Smokes". Basically these trio's have a base/lid shade (left), high light (centre) and a liner/crease shade (right). It's basically for those colour-retarded people who can't mix and match shades, like me! It's pretty full proof, they're easy to blend, and I spose they're alike a MAC "frost" type texture, but less soft.. The only downer I have on them is that they run out pretty fast! I haven't used them wet yet, but I'll do it tomorrow :) Maybe then it'll save some shadow seeing as I won't have to use as much!
On sale at Priceline for about $10 - Normally $15ish?

EOTD using Physicians Formula Baked Eyeshadow Trio in Baked Sands
I 've had this palette for almost 3 years now! and haven't actually used it until about a month or so ago!  I don't even remember purchasing this ever, maybe a friend gave it to me or something? I never even used shadow until about a year ago!
[click to enlarge]

I apologize for the dodgy pictures - It's half the camera's fault and half because I took the pictures after a 12 hour day! In a few of the pictures you can see the scar I have from hitting my head a few weekends ago, cannot believe it actually scarred :(
+ my eyebrows haven't been waxed in over two weeks because I'm scared it will open up my scar

Indoors + Flash

[click to enlarge]

Outdoors + No Flash


Anonymous said...

I like it :) I really like bronze shades and I have a similar palette by some random brand. Its strange how on the inside photos its looks quite sparkly but then in the outside photos it appears less sparkly! Anyway,, very pretty x

peachykeen said...

That looks so gorgeous! xoxo

Dani M said...

Very nice post! I like those shadows a lot. I have a coupon for that a little shopping just got added to my to do list! :)

For The Fierce said...

I love pictures with natural light from outside. The shadow shows up so much better, & they look great on you!

& its okay hun I dont see the scar! so your good. lol

Jasmine said...

very pretty! I've been meaning to pick up both of those since I've heard so many good things about them.

Caitlin said...

ohhh these look really really nice! I love Physicians Formula! xo

Rosie said...

I've missed your posts! so glad you're posting more these days!!

you've managed to do more with those pf shadows than i ever did hah, nicely done (:

more soon i hope?
xx rosie

Jeri said...

That's so pretty! It's all shimmery but natural at the same time! I love getting makeup on sale cos I'm a cheap bitch haha ^^
Damn that must have hurt! Haha now you got a bad ass scar :P

Anna Katrina said...

your eyes look stunning in all those shades!!

Anna Katrina

patukiii said...

hi hun! such a lovely looks!! :)

about MAC oil control lotion, I think it works for me. I'm combinated skin, and I apply the lotion only on my T-zone, then I put some translucent powder on top...and done! not shine & not oily zone!!

also if u have oily nose u can try the blotting papers to touch up ur nose during the day, it cost only £2, and they are really really good.

hope this is helpful!

Karen said...

Hi Lorien! The physicians formula trio shadows look really pretty - esp the darker shades since those are my favourites :) And you're so pretty in your EOTD!
About the shoe question, some brands do sell this kind of foam tape (the foam is thin and comes in a roll of tape form) and you can add it to certain parts of your shoe inside to make the friction less irritating. The foam is thin enough for even straps on sandals and you can cut it too. It's most likely better than a band aid that easily comes off so I know what you mean. And the foam is more discreet than a band aid...hope that helps :)

kimber doll said...

Those colors look great with your light blue eyes! Really pretty =)

Sarah said...

Hiya Miss!
Oh my your eyes look amazinggg and they are so blue you lucky thing :)
I couldn't even notice your scar I had to really look so don't worry!!!

NYX Milk for the waterline is exactly why I bought it too lol it works a treat and very easy to apply there!!!! And it makes a neat primer too :)

The postage from Crush Cosmetics is great and really quick- about a week (counting the weekend) which was pretty good!! And I love how cheap they are too so I think you would be right to try them out if you wanted to nab some UDPP : )

Marce said...

You have such pretty eyes! Love the EOTD and the pretty palettes you bought.

Geeky Mac Boy said...

I've never heard of this brand before but they sure do look pretty on you! I like the eyeshadow pics with the flash better. They glittery look comes up better! Later sweetie!! xox

paige said...

with cleo last month there was a coupon to get this product from priceline for free :) you just reminded me i forgot to go get mine!
looks gorgeous xox

Lily nail said...

nice make up !!
i have a giveaway on my blog come on see if you want !!

fernlaura05 said...

love your EOTD, its really natural but pretty :) x

Anonymous said...

you need to start posting more! i miss your posts!!