Friday, January 8, 2010

Stick To What You Know & Love

There are alot of products out there that I love (Studio Fix Fluid, Bourjois Blushes, Rimml Lasting Finish, Maybelline Lash Stilhetto, Crabtree & Eyelyn La Soure Hand Therapy, Cremesheen Glasses, etc), but the products that Ill be mentioning below are my absolutely favourites.
Although Iam all for trying new products, with these I usually don't switch up (unless there's a product with really reviews!), I always have one of each of these products all through the year.

Australis Mineral Inject Lipgloss
Okay, so after this post I promise Ill shuttup about this gloss! lol Ive written about it here, here and here. These are the ones I have at the moment, I have one in each of my main bags/makeup cases! Including the ones pictured, I have bought about 15 of these. Most of them in Lambarda (the light pink) and a few in Contempary (nude colour) when they didn't have Lambarda haha. I guess Im a creature of habit.
Basically I love this because its moisturizing, gorgeous colours, and it's cheap!

Kerastase Nutritive Masquintense
I have thin hair, I get foils once a month, and I use a ghd every other day. So you can imagine what sort of condition my hard would be in! This treatment totally saves it! Ive gone through 3 of these in the past 18months, I basically buy one whenever I can afford it. I highly recommend this product to people with thin/highlighted hair like mine! It definitely helps ALOT. Leaves my hair feeling soft, and also once Ive finished the whole tub (takes months) my hair is noticably stronger and healthier!
Iam purchasing the shampoo and conditioner in about a week, so I can't wait to be using the whole program!
It is rather expensive (AU$50 a tub) but it works so well, and lasts for ages!

Loreal Telescopic Mascara
Love this stuff! Like the Australis Lipgloss, Ive raved about this product alot! I get so many comments when I use this mascara, even from my mum :) She actually buys this for me because she sees that it works! And for my mum to actually notice is a miracle cos she's "as blind as a bat" according to my dad lol
The colour is way intense, and it lengthens so well.
Its the best lengthening mascara Ive ever come across. It doesn't do much else apart from lengthen and masks your lashes dramatic. So if you're looking for a mascara to hold curly (it does this okay) or volumize then this isn't for you! But it definitely is for me! :)

MAC Mineral Skin Finish in Soft and Gentle
This is the only skin finish that Ive tried (whenever I got to the MAC counter they're out of basically every other colour grrr) so I wouldn't say that I'm pro with skin finishes! But I absolutely love this! I'm all for a glow on my cheeks and this does it!
The first time I used it was absolutely hilarious cos I was in my friends bathroom and it had way different lighting to where I usually do my makeup (my room) and so I couldn't actually see the shimmer or colour much!!! Anyways So I packed it on alot and went out for dinner at about 5pm so it was still light, and everyone was like "Wow Lorien, wtf have you done!" I was like a little shimmer bunny hahahah IT was so funny.
Im not saying to go lightly with this, I actually put a far amount, but like make sure you have good lighting, and if you don't, just go careful.

Im almost finished with this!! I use it like every day, so no wonder it's almost gone. This is my second one this year :) I first discovered it innnnn February? or March.. :)

Tigi Bed Head Head Rush Shine Spray
This stuff is God! I don't use serums because my hair gets weighed down heaps easy, and I've tried other shine sprays (omfg, the worst is Loreal Elvive Nutri-Gloss Daily Gloss! It says you can use it on dry hair, but to spray it lightly, I did and it made my perfectly Ghd'd hair all wavy again! uuggggh! I tried it on damp hair like it says aswell, but it just made it greasy? Yuk!), anyways this stuff is beautiful. I'll have to do a review on this later, show you some pics with my hair normally, and then with this stuff on it.
My brother uses it, my mum, my friends, everyone. Its brilliant.
If you spritz some onto your skin you can see the pigments in it. If my skin wasn't sensitive, and if I was one of those people that like multi use products, Id spray it onto my body for a sheen lol
It holds hair well without making it stiff, and makes it glow! Love it.

Tresemme Heat Tamer Protective Spray
Ive been using this for about 5months now. I've gone through about 3 bottles. I definitely do need a heat protectant for my hair, and I was using some serums/creams, but like I said, they weigh down my hair/looks greasy within 24hours. So I need something light, but still protects my hair from the dreaded (but lovely) GHD.
Not only does it do those 2 things, but its also vitamin enriched so it helps nourishes my hair too! It also helps to hold the style, which was really important when I had my extensions because I was curling it quite a bit!
It's a supermarket product, so it's easy to purchase and is in expensive. I see no reason why I should try something different!

Rimmel Renew and Lift Pressed Powder
I've written about this stuff before, and practically use it every day with my foundation. I have troubles with pressed powder, because I have normal skin everywhere, except for my nose. My nose is insane! It's like oily oily oily!! Ahh, drives me nuts! Anyways, so usally with pressed powders (Hello, Inglot!) the foundation on my nose, yup just my nose! oxidizes and turns ORANGE. Proof this is with some of the FOTDs Ive taken over the past few months.
ANyways, I don't know why, but with this foundation that doesn't happen.
I use the ivory colour, and it suits all my foundations. It makes my makeup last longer, and the fact that its "mineral enriched" gives me a smile knowing that not only does my skin look gorgeous, but I'm helping it too haha.
I've tried the Rimmel Matte pressed powder, but that looks cakey on my, oxidizes my nose, and yeah don't like it!
It's not expensive, but it's really good quality. It comes with a applicator (spongey thingo) but I use the MAC suede puffs you can buy from the MAC counter for like $8 for 2!

What are everyone absolutely favourite products?
Hair products, beauty products, skin products....


Jordy's Beauty Spot said...

It's completley fine to talk about Australis lipgloss in "Lambarda" because that is a gorgeous shade, a total HG item. You got my hooked!!
I agree that the Kerastase is worth it because wouldnt you rather something that works and lasts a while but is kinda pricey or something that sucks and you have to buy often but is cheap. It evens out.
I think i might have to check out Loreal Telescopic, since you were right about Lambarda and it worked for me.
And that Soft and Gentle because the way it is set out looks weird? Or is that just the pan covered in the product? But you are right it is a fantastic MSF, super glittery. But sometimes it makes me look oily :( I just need to have a really light hand when applying.
I have really fine hair that gets weighed down easily too, mainly because i get hilights.

WOW this comment is long
haha but you are one of my favourite blogs.

Anonymous said...

TIGI hair products are a definite way to go if you're looking for a great brand.
I modeled for them about a year a go and noticed that each of their sprays smell amazing and made my hair look fantastic!

As for a pressed powder, I've used Australis fresh and flawless pressed powder for the past six months (think I picked it up for $8 or something stupid like that. Works amazing!
Also had trouble with Napoleons camera finish powder the first time I used it (possible due to a bad skin day), but has worked absolutely brilliantly every other time helping my foundation stay put and giving a very flawless finish without a caked powder look.

Sarah said...

Those Australis lip glosses are the best! But I think everyone else in OZ has caught on because I can't seem to get any!!! It's crazy!
I share your love for the Tigi Bed Head spray, and it smells soooo good!!
P.S. I have an award for you on my blog :)

Geeky Mac Boy said...

That Loreal mascara may be something else I may have to try out sometime. I'm already falling for Loreal's Voluminious line of mascara. The gloss looks so fab too and I've been getting into pinky lip colors lately.

This may be a stupid question but what exactly is 'Skin Finish'? I've heard that term many times but not sure what it is. Is that a type of powder? Judging by the color it kinda looks like a bronzer. *shrugs*

tenxx said...

i think i'll have to try out the Australis lipgloss! for sure.

my fave makeup would have to be the Mac studio finish powder & liquid, i only recently got it but it makes my skin look amazing!!!
hair products would have to be the matrix shampoo's, Lushs BIG, and fudge hairspray.

nominated you for a lovely blog award, go check it babe x

Nicole said...

Bed heads super star is one of my favorite hair products, as well as straight sexy hair straightening balm.

as for makeup i love my msf natural, loreal telescopic, and my MAC 2n lipglass!

Gaby said...

Thanks for sharing your thoughts about that Tresemme Heat Tamer Protective Spray. I've been eyeing it for a while now, but I wasn't quite sure about it... but now you make me want to try it!


hannahbabeyxo said...

Thanks for the reccomendations! (:


Cristina BarbieLuvsMac said...

i wanna try that deep conditionerr! i get foils every month too and strighten/curl my hair everyyyy day (i need to stop) lol

Anonymous said...

I love the Australias lipglosses thankyou for like raveing about them aye :) buuut my lipgloss says the colour is "Lambada" there is no r on my label? is there an r on yours?

*Holley* said...

Ooo great stuff! The only one I've tried is the headrush (which I use almost daily). I definitely want to try some of the other things you listed!!