Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Lush Eau Roma Water: Useless?

I first discovered Lush in 2008 whilst I was living in Brisbane.
I didn't really have much interests in it then, and I don't have much interest in it now.

I mean, the bath bombs are kinda cool, but it's disappointing when the bubbles only last not even a minute. And the shower gels smell great, but they leave my skin feeling dry. The face masks seem nurturing because they look like someone's made the stuff in their own back yard, but they've done nothing for my skin.
It could just be that I'm used to the harsh chemicals and what not that's in today's societys body products.

Honestly, for me, the only good thing about Lush is the fact that they don't test on animals, and that most of their ingredients for their products are natural. Even though I spy SLS in the Snow Fairy! De-Dow.

I've only tried a couple of products, but what I've tried I've been disappointed with. I don't think the Lush craze will last much longer.. There are cheaper alternatives out there, or you could just make it yourself.
They do have a good concept though!


I just poured my Eau Roma Water into my Natio Face Mist (empty) spray bottle, because the Eau Roma Water wasn't doing much as a toner on my skin. So I'm just going to use it as a mist :) The bottle it came with doesn't mist over the face, it kinda just shoots out in a general direction.

It's usefull now :)

Ps. Snow Fairy is the best scented shower gel ever created!

What is your take on Lush?
Products you Love? and Hate?

 I understand that 99% of you will love Lush, and hardly anyone will agree with me :)
However, there are bloggers out there that haven't jumped on the Lush bandwagon!


Rosie said...

YAY!! finally a blogger who isn't lush-obsessed. i don't really care about shower gel and on top of that i DO NOT WANT TO SEE PICTURES OF YOUR SOAP, how mundane and weird!! hahah i don't care that passionately but sometimes i get so bored when allll i see are lush halls/reviews.

Anonymous said...

All that store does for me is smell nice hahaha.

Anonymous said...

When i was trying to decide which toner i wanted to get from Lush i looked at that one and it didnt seem like it did much, im pleased with my tea tree water though!

There are still some additives in some of their products, espesh the packaged stuff so it lasts longer but generally its FAR less than what you get in other brand products.

Right now i just get what i need from lush- fresh farmacy + tea tree toner, anything else i cant really afford right now as i see it as a luxury store so im more lush practical than crazed these days :)

Tina said...

I don't like lush soaps at all, they dry my skin out so bad and make it tight. :( The only 2 things I like are the solid perfume "Honey I washed the kids" and the body butters "king of skin" and "The Soft Touch" they work pretty good for me.. no need for lotion.

p.s. I will try out more of the solid perfumes... :)

LOLanne said...

hahaha im definitely in the ZOMG I LOVE LUSH bandwagon lol

i have combo/oily skin andd lush's dark angels cleanser + tea tree toner + enzymion moisturizer = matte heaven for me :)


Nicole said...

i only just got into lush and i was a little surprised at some of the scents of the products. only very few products smell yummy to me. for some reason i thought dream cream was going to smell nice and it smells like hemp to me lol. but so far i enjoy the products i have purchased. definitely not something i would order off line from, unless i have purchased it before

bowsnhearts said...

I haven't tried Lush at all. Because every time I walked by the store, the overwhelming scent stopped me from walking in.

Christina Tal-Qurru said...

I agree with you about a lot of the things at Lush. I work there, but to be honest I dont feel like anything is really outstanding, except for a few products that I truly believe are awesome (Such as ocean salt). I think a lot of it is just meant for pampering yourself, because you dont NEED a bath bomb. But some of my fav products are Retread Conditioner, Silky Underwear, Ocean Salt and Love Lettuce. Maybe some of those would work for you!

Yi said...

I had this Eau Roma Water a while ago...nothing really impressed me..I just felt i wasted my £££ general im not a huge fan of Lush..haha