Thursday, January 21, 2010


Hey everyone!
Just updating everyone on a few things..

Firstly, bout my nose. I got the cast off on Tuesday (few days ago) which CAINED! Im astound at the things the doctors dont tell you bout Rhinoplastys. It felt like someone was ripping duct tape off my face! and when he took the actual cast off, I swear my nose was gonna go with it! I actually said "Can we have a break?" half way through cos it hurt so much! Then I got 2 external stitches taken out of my cheeks, and I still have like 10 disolvable ones inside my nose.
ANYWAYS would love to do a FOTD but its way swollen, and still bruised! But believe me, as soon as I can put makeup on (still can't touch my nose, too sensitive) I'll be showing you all.

Secondly, came into my room today and my favourite Inglot e/s was broken :( But it was on my dressing table? not on the floor? I don't know how this happened!! It was my favourite Inglot e/s, I have like 5 of them.. I hate all of them, except this one, the others aren't pigmented enough.
Anyways, what should I do? Is it still use-able??

On a happier note, I did a swapsies with my sister today. Her friend gave her a lipgloss the other day, and she wore it this morning, and came into my room, and I asked her if that's the new gloss, and she was like "Yeah, I dont like it, makes me look washed out"
So I, very kindly, offered to do a trade with her! She can have my Rimmel eyeliner (which she steals) and I can have the lipgloss :)
Its probably the most pigmented gloss I have. Usually I go for sheer, with a bit of colour. But like with this one, the colour you see in the tube, is the colour you get on your lips!
I love it :)

Lastly, I got the new Cleo magazine today and it came with a free Maxi dress. I am 160cm (tiny tiny) and apart from Nicole Richie, I dont really think small girls can pull Maxi dresses of?

I wonder why all my pictures are turning out all spastic? They looked fine before they got uploaded! ah wells :)


Jeri said...

So sad to see your Inglot broke! You should look at my how-to on my blog, I show how to repair a broken e/s so it's like new!
Can't wait to see your nose, hope you heal well and quickly :)

Jeri said...

Thanks for the comment, glad I could help! :) You can get isopropyl alcohol from most pharmacies, I just went in and asked for it. Let me know how you go!

Purple Crown Princess Cosmetics said...

Hey hun thanks for following. I look forward to hearing more about your journey with rhinoplasty. I hope that didnt sound wierd ;-)

Charlotte said...

Hope the healing process doesn't take too long, looking forward to seeing your new nose :).
That lipgloss is a pretty colour.

Nicole said...

you can fix the eyeshadow! you just need some alcohol. youtube it. i have broken 2 MAC e/s and fixed them both :)

bowsnhearts said...

I think you can still use the eyeshadow. Or you can add moisturizer to it and make it creamy.

I hope you are healing really well. I can't wait to see your new nose.

I tried on a maxi yesterday as well and it didn't work for me. Haha! I am 167cm!

Hayley said...

Ooh i'm gonna get me a cleo mag me thinks :)
Pity about your e/s. I had that happen to me too, but when i 'fixed'it, it didn't work the same. I just put it in a little jar and smooshed it up and use it like a loose e/s. It's a little messier but it works :)

MissVonDurce said...

aww I hope your nose heals soon hun!

Caitlin said...

I hope that your nose is better soon! That gloss is so pretty! I've never really paid much attention to the Napolean cosmetics!

tina_mbc said...

Hope you 're healing well hun!
I 'm pretty short too and I too love how Nicole Richie can pull off those maxi's...Oh well, I 'm sure that all we need is her...accessories, lol! ;)


Musicalhouses said...

Oh man, good luck with your nose, I hope it heals well! And yes you can fix your eyeshadow! You can repress it with rubbing alcohol, or if not, you can just use it as a loose pigment :) Either way, it's usable, so don't waste it :)

Sarah said...

Aw nooooo I hate it when eyeshadows break :( I know there is a way of fixing them but I don't know the exact scientific procedure lol but you might be able to Google it!!

How are you and your nose feeling!!? Hope you are on the road to recovery and feeling much muchhhhh better :)

Ohh thank you so much for your comment!!! Hair products and regime huh ;) I most certainly can do that just for you!!! I use alot of specific blonde products so I would be happy to dedicate a post just for you :) Consider it done!!! (This week sometime I promise!) x

peachykeen said...

I've tagged you on my blog :) xoxo

Rosa Adores... said...

i think your eyeshadow is still usable... just youtube on how to fix it, i think you use alcohol or something.

i hope your nose isn't hurting too much! :(

Lexi Colby said...

feel better! xxxx