Friday, January 8, 2010

Photo Tagged

I got photo tagged by the lovely lady at Swtest2Lips and also by Jordy at Jordys Beauty Spot. These are 2 of my favourite bloggers! So I was happy to be tagged by them both :)
Definitely go check out each of their blogs, also Jordy has a new YouTube (I cbf getting the linkage, but if you go to her blog there will be a link!), Shes inspired me to make a YouTube account, and Ill definitely be getting around to getting some videos and what not! Im still waaay new to YouTube!!
Anyways, Thankyou so much girls! :)

The Rules
  1. Open your 1st photo folder
  2. Scroll to the 10th picture
  3. Post the photo and story behind it
  4. Tag 5 or more people

This was at some place near Marion Bay, which is a few hours away from Adelaide (Australia) about 4months ago?
I went camping with a few of my friends.
This picture is fairly significiant, not because of the people I was with (even though I love them all!), or the date I was there, but because Im wearing short shorts and ugg boots lol
I always where short shorts and ugg boots!!!
I know that people think its skanky/bogan/tossa-like-behavior but its just so comfortable lol
My 2 fav items of clothing are short shorts and uggboots! So putting them together is just common sense, I dont care what it looks like haha
ANyways this was at a playground when we were driving back.. With my friends jumper on :) I love guys hoodies!!

I write so much lol

Ill try not to re-tag people who have already been tagged!
Which'll be hard cos this tags been going on for a while now!
(Ps. Sorry if I dont know your names :)!!)

There are so many other bloggers Id have loved to have tagged, but they've already been tagged, so its kinda pointless? :)


Anonymous said...

I kind of like the look of denim shorts and uggs, always see the celebs wearing them that way and if you feel good who cares haha!

Dont your feet boil wearing them in Aus though???

Thanks for the tag, havent done this one before- looks fun :)

Anonymous said...

OH plus make sure to post your youtube link up when you get going :)

tenxx said...

naw cute.
deff do youtube vids, i'd love to see them xxx

LOLanne said...

i know a looooot of people who hate on people who wear uggs + short shorts... i can see why some poeple would though... theyre both super comfy!

since it's super cold in here thouh... it's more like short shorts + tights + uggs. not gonna lie, i rock these ALL THE TIME!