Sunday, January 10, 2010

Piercings: Retainers for Rhinoplasty

For my Rhinoplasty operation on Tuesday (1 day away!) I have to take out all my jewelery incase my heart stops and they need to use those zapper thingos that you see in movies.. Basically if I live my jewelery in, cos the bars are metal, I'll get electrocuted.

Nape Piercing
Anyways, with my nape piercing (check it out here) because it's a staple bar (looks like a staple) I'm too sooky to take it out myself, so I went to a piercer. He's so hot! He has 3.8cm fleshies! ahhh and FOUR lip piercings. num num num.
He took it out, didn't really hurt, although I could feel the staple-ly bit scratch my inside skin (??) when it was being dragged out.
I didn't notice till I got home that it bled a little.
Here are some pics lol

Here's the staple bar that I had in.

As you can see it's dirty, yuk. When I get it put back in I'll clean it with salt water once a week.
My nape piercing is still an awesome piercing, and I love it. Even if they didn't have plastic retainers to put in, I would've taken it out for the surgery, and then got it re-pierced a few weeks later.
I recommend this piercing to everyone, cos it's awesome. (My opinion, don't care if you don't like it)

Tragus and Navel Retainers
These are the retainers for my Tragus piercing (ear) and my Navel (belly button). Didn't really have much choice over the balls, it was eiither clear or these weirdo designs lol Doesn't really matter though, because I'll put in my metal bars straight after surgery.

Navel Ring and Scars from Previous/Failed Piercing
A few months ago I got a surface piercing that went horrizontally across my navel. It's a shitty picture, but you can still see the scars from where it was. It turned bad and you can read about it here.
I've had my belly pierced since I was 13 :) It's my fav piercing, usually I get sick of piercings and take them out, and I did take out my belly ring, but only to change the bar, but ebcause it was fairly new, it grew over! That was about 3 years ago, and I got it pierced about 3weeks after it grew over.

This is just a way funny picture bellow, my legs are like bowed in, and my boobs look like my back? lol seriously.. Waaay out of whack in this pic lol
Ps. Note how you can still see the scars from the horizontal piercing? Even from that far away? They're kinda obvious.. I like them though :) Scars are fun! I have a cool one underneath my boob, and have nooo idea how I got it!


thedicegirl said...

I never knew dr's wanted your piercings out during surgery incase of your heart stoping and you getting electrocuted because of the metal!! Lol i thought it was because incase your peircing ''fell out'' and accidently got sewn inside whatever they are doing to you. When ive had surgery/medical procedures they just stick blue tape over them which on my lip looked pretty silly lol!

I got to take my lip piercing out soon though and you make me miss my navel ring, mine grew out :(

Jordy's Beauty Spot said...

Hey lorein
I am so excited to see how your nose jobs turns out!!
You have to tell us all about it!
The scars will fade over time and that neck piercing makes me neck hurrrtttt. haha your so brave!!

I gave you a shoutout in one of my YouTube videos :)

Jordy's Beauty Spot said...

It's towards the end, just in case you didnt want to watch all the other stuffies.

Beautyaholic101 said...

Oh yay 1 more day im so excited for you lol cannot wait to see the final results. I want a Navel piercing so so bad but im too scared cause my friends have gotten it and they say it hurts real bad.

caseybby said...

I never knew you had to take the piercings out for surgery.. I just never thought about it I guess. haha.

How badly did the surface piercing hurt? I only have my navel & eight holes in each ear. I wanted the bottom of my navel done as well, but my piercer said i didn't have enough skin there and it would need to be a surface piercing. :/

Lorien BeautyLove said...

@caseybby - the surface piercing hurt bout as much as the navel :) the only difference is, cos its a surface bar, like a staple, when they put the jewelery in you can feel is more than when you got ur navel pierced.. and also healing is alot difficult with surface piercings!!! so if you had troubles with your ears or navel, i wouldnt suggest a surface!! :) x

peachykeen said...

Good luck hun, I hope that everything goes well and you're pleased with the results! xoxo

peachykeen said...

I've nominated you for an award :) xoxo

Charlotte said...

It's a bugger taking your piercings out for surgery, I didn't want to but had to in the end.
You have to take your nail polish off aswell?

Good luck for tomorrow and the next couple of weeks :). I'll be looking forward to seeing piccys.


hs2rts; miss. annebabes said...

goodluck hun !
hopefully nothing goes wrong & make sure to keep us updated so we don't fret that something might of happened.. lols

Sarah said...

Oooh you must be getting so excited!! Hope it all goes well for you and they don't have to "zap" you :P Just kidding of course! You will be fineeee!!! Take Care!! x

GlossQueen said...

Good luck tomorrow xx

Fre$h as $he Wannabee said...

YIKES!!! I totally wanted to get a Nape piercing but im sooo scared! that look bad ass :) cool blog gurly

makeup=love said...

Good Luck, Lorien :)


MissVonDurce said...

that shit is ill <333
I've got 12 piercings myself, over the years I've just been obsessed.

Goodluck with everything <3

Charlotte said...

Hope your sugery went well.
Also, I've nominated you for an award! :)

Lorien BeautyLove said...

@ miss.annebabes - Thankyou for wishing me luck! Im sure its what pulled me through, Im recovered now :) Lol
Will be posting pictures of the FINAL results next wednesday!! :) x

*Holley* said...

This makes me want to go get more piercings! I've wanted my tragus pierced for years but have been such a little chicken. I got my belly button pierced when I was 15 but a few months later it caught on a blanket and TORE out! I have a lovely scar now and never got it re-pierced. :(

GoldielocksBeauty said...

You are so slim, gorgeous figure! i have 7 piercings, i love them, totally addicted. My new obsession is tattoo's now i think. xx