Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Haul: What I Got For Christmas + Rhinoplasty Soon BAH

Only 6 More Days Until I Go Into Surgery!!
For My Rhinoplasty.
Holy Cow
This Is Actually Happening.
Cant Wait To Show You All The Results!!!
Ill Probs Post Some Post-Op Pics To Get Some Sympathy

Anyways, Here's What I Got For Christmas :)
Teeny Tad Bit Late, Eh?

I Basically ASKED For All These Presents, Didnt Get Many Suprises :) I Like It That Way Though, I Hate Being Disappointed With Presents, And Then Having To Pretend I Like It.. I Find It Really Hard!!
My mum paid for my nose job for Christmas. Bless her :P


Cotton On Bag
I love this! Ive wanted this for AGES! This was one of my surprises :) Its like a cheaper version of the American Apparell Bags! Fuck paying what AA is asking ay!
*Its xmas morning so Im still in my pjs lol

Redken Extreme Shamp and Cond
My hairs like retarded, and Ive been using supermarket brands for a while with no change, so thought Id up it and use some proper stuff. Ive used this before last year, and it worked. Its chock-a-block with proteins though, so I gotta be carefull! Shall be reviewing soon :)

Cotton On Panties
Weird much getting gstrings from rellies?

Stripped Cotton On Bed Shirt
Fingers crossed they dont actually expect me to this wear this out of the house.. Im wearing it as a nightie :) Its way cute

Yeah, just some false lashes :) Havent tried these yet.. Im trying to find the PERFECT pair of day time falsies :)

I also got $200 from the lazy rellies LOL and some Clarins gift sets and a "The Body Shop" eye and cheek palette, But will do another post for that... :)

Ps Im so peeved off at beauty youtubers! They make applying e/s so EASY! Ahhhh


JustJenny said...

the cotton bed shirt is so cute!
my pjs are always hella crazy
i've tried probaby 5 pairs of the beauty case lashes, they are cute but i find the glue a little hard to use, i just use a different lash glue :)

bowsnhearts said...

I am excited about your rhinoplasty too! I am one of those timid ones who dream about a rhinoplasty but never have the guts to do it! Or the cash!

Cristina BarbieLuvsMac said...

i love the stripped shirt and the bag! so cuteee! you actually made me get the balls to go forward with my rinoplasty too!! i been reserching doctors and stuff! my mom made me promise not to go on dr 90210 haha!

but ive had alot of those shoe since i was 12! so ive been "collecting" shoes for almost 8 years now but thank u :) i try not to splurge on shoes i keep em cheap. only splurge on bags lol

Aleksis said...

I still think you're gorgeous and your nose is cute, but I am excited for you nonetheless! Omg how sweet of your mom!! I could barely get my mom to buy me clothes let alone any surgeries!!

tenxx said...

the beauty case eyelashes are amazing, i often use them :)

look forward to more of your posts soon!
good luck with your surgery, i wish you the best! xxx