Saturday, January 30, 2010

FOTD + New Dresses

 Hi Lovelies!
This is my first FOTD since my Rhinoplasty, so be nice :)
I actually still  have bruising around my right eye, and a little bit around my left too. I've been reading all over the internet(how legit), and most bruising subsides within 2 weeks! and some people don't even get bruising!
I don't know why I'm not healing fast :S I mean, I'm not a smoker, I drink once a week, I eat okayish...

The results don't show until 3months post-op, but seeing as my healing sucks mine will probably take forever. Ugh. But I can see a difference already! I've been looking through pictures, and I don't have a hump, it's just the tip I'm not happy about.. But the doctor says it'll go down within a few months!

Apparently it's like 70% of the swelling goes down in 3months, and the last 30% within a year!

*I cant smile properly! I cant feel my nose, so like I feel retarded when I smile?

Clarins Beauty Flash Balm
Bourjois Compact Powder
MAC Studio Sculpt Concealor <3

Chi Chi "Burning Up" Blush

Rimmel "Portobello" Cream e/s
TBS Palette "Caramel Shimmer" e/s
TBS Palette "Plum Shimmer" e/s
MAC Phloof! e/s
Loreal Telescopic
Bourjois Volume Glamour
Rimmel White Kohl Liner

I also bought 2 new dresses today.

This one is from Myer. It's by Miss Shop (they used to make the best jeans, now they suck), It looks pretty dodgy hanging on the coat hanger, but I actually really like it!
I believe that my best asset is my boobs, and so I rarely cover them up in Summer (shhh), but with this I feel sexy enough in it that I don't even mind it's not low cut!
I like the 3/4 sleeves and the length of the dress is perfect!
Price: $59.95

This dress is from ICE, and I rarely ever find anything in there that I like, but I've been looking for a dress like this for ages! I can layer it with a blazer, or wear it over a bikini to the beach! <3 <3
The only issue is, is that the back is just crochet/lacey stuff! and it goes all the way down to your bum! I tried on the small, which was too big, and I walked out and asked my friend to get me a XS, I turned around and she was laughing that she could see my g-string! It was like bright yellow aswell! But the XS you can't see my underwear, but you can see my bra? But that's cool cos I have pretty bras lol
Price: $35.95

Are any of you major label whores?
As in, you won't buy anything from "cheap"(ice) stores?
What about accessories?

I know I used to be, but my brother had this friend, and she used to shop in every single store, even if she hated it! and she always looked gorgeous! and my favourite clothes of hers were actually from shitty places, not Sportsgirl or Myer, or even Supre, but like MCL and stuff!
Maybe I just have bad taste lol


bowsnhearts said...

No swelling that I can see...I love your new nose! It looks so right on you! I wish I can have a rhinoplasty in the future as well!

I buy from any store! As long as the quality is good!!

You are a very pretty girl!

Krissy said...

Wow Lorien you dont even look bad! In fact you are still looking gorgeous :)
In regards to the shopping thing, I shop everywhere and dont buy anything expensive unless its on sale. I guess Im a cheapo but I shop everywhere, hardly ever buy labels cos to me, they arent worth it and I know I can find something exactly the same for cheaper elsewhere :)

Beautyaholic101 said...

you look beautiful, your skin is amazing and your nose looks great too.

Charlotte said...

Your nose looks gorgeous! :) They've done a real good job, and the swelling will just gradually go down.
Pretty dresses too.

Lydia said...

You look so cute, and your nose looks perfect! It doesn't look very swollen to me, but I guess you can tell more cos it's on your face and not mine! Lol xox

Anonymous said...

Nose looks great babe :):):)!!
Also I love the black and lace dress :)!

LOLanne said...

i used to be a brand snob back in highschool and univ... when my parents supported my ass 100%.
now that im out in the real world though, anddd starting to see how much branded items really cost, im starting to venture out to the more affordable places lol... i.e. h&m and forever21... i dont picture myself buying anything from the really cheap places though buut who knows... being without the parents' $$ is hard lol


Sugar&Spice said...

you cant even see any swelling or brusing ... your nose looks perfect tho! I love the ICE dress, the detail on the back is lovely!


Jasmine said...

I think your nose looks great! And your pictures are beautiful!!

Love the crochet detailing on that dress!!

Sarah x said...

You look brilliant, just be careful and keep up with your meds and vitamins to help healing and you will be fine gorgeous x

donnarence said...

i think your nose is perfect.. and you look so pretty and natural with that look.. i adore the black dress.. :D

streetlighteyes said...

If I didn't know any better I would have sworn you'd not even had surgery. You look great & to think it's only going to get better :)!

I don't worry about brands. Never have & I probably never will. I will buy brands if something takes my fancy but I literally shop anywhere. Most of my favourite clothes are from cheap little clothing stores that you wouldn't even think to go in.


peachykeen said...

You look great hun!

Nicole said...

you look beautiful !!! i didn't know how fast a nose job could heal ! your skin looks glowey in these photos :)

Gaby said...

You have such beautiful and glowy skin (= Loving the blush!

Karen said...

Lorien you look gorgeous! I can't see any swelling at all. It turned out so well for you which is great ;) Gosh, I so need a nose job but I'm scared of the pain or it won't turn out the way I want it :\ But my gf had two nose jobs done and she looks fab.
I love low cut tops and dresses even though I have no boobs LOL. I see sailor type stripes everywhere - love them and I love the second dress too - looks so summery

Jeri said...

Your nose is gorgeous, makes you look so pretty, dainty and delicate ^^ It also makes your eyes look bigger too!

Aww pretty FOTD, I've been favouring natural, glowing looks like this lately. You pull it off really well. :)


Make-up Addict said...

Aw you look lovely! The new nose suits you :) I can't even tell that you still have swelling!

I buy wherever really. If I like it, I buy it. I don't buy because of the "brand". xx

Monika said...

Looks great! My friend had one and the cast left her skin all awful!

I love that Ice dress, I'm no label whore. If I like it, I don't care where it's from.

tina_mbc said...

I think you 're healing nicely (already see a difference from the post-op pics) and the results are stunning!!! :)
Personally, I 'd love to have a nose just like yours right now, but it's probably gonna get even more perfect in the next few months!!!


Sarah said...

OMG you look gorgeous!!! (But you did before too!) It doesn't look bruised at all, you can't even tell you have had surgery!!!
Love your dresses, especially the Miss. Shop one (I love a bitta Miss. Shop :)
I'm not a major label whore but I do like to buy from brands that I know are quality more than anything :)

Anonymous said...

u luk super cute wid ur new nose... have been reading ur blog for a while now.. never commented but ur super sweet luk compelled me to tell u.. "u rock girl!!" though ur nose wasnt bad earlier but u luk totally stunning wid ur new one... one favour though... can u gimme an idea about how big a dent this left on ur moms pocket..??


Cristina BarbieLuvsMac said...

aww your nose is adorable :)